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Anastasiia Kryzhanovska Photo

Anastasiia Kryzhanovska

Anastasiia is a content marketer and manager with a strong IT background, passionate about storytelling and SEO. She likes creating high-quality content and helping others develop their skills. Besides work, she loves traveling, extreme sports, and reading fantasy books.

Milana Lelović Photo

Milana Lelović

With seven years in the software industry, Milana has honed her skills in HR, finance, and business management. Armed with degrees in political science and psychology, and a Master's in Data Analytics and Management, she's committed to elevating HR to a central strategic role in organizations.

Paul Chin Photo

Paul Chin

Paul is a writer, brand storyteller, and content strategist with more than 20 years of experience. Drawing upon his creativity and ability to explain complex topics in plain language, he makes it his professional life's mission to free the world from meaningless buzzwords, tedious corpspeak, and uninspired clichés. He has a background in IT and helps brands and publications of all sizes create informative, engaging, and entertaining content.

Sabeeh ur Rehman Photo

Sabeeh ur Rehman

Sabeeh is a Senior SEO Specialist and Content Writer with a strong IT background. He has helped numerous businesses improve their online presence and attract organic traffic. He develops SEO strategies, creates engaging content, generates leads, and stays up-to-date on the latest digital marketing trends and best practices.