Mailbird loves Dropbox

mailbird and dropbox integration

The famous file sharing app Dropbox, loved by millions was among the first to be integrated in Mailbird and all of you have enjoyed this integration so much. However, with 2.0 we wanted to make it deeply integrated part of your user experience which led us to the native integration with Dropbox.

Let’s take a look at two main ways of how Dropbox will make your life simpler in Mailbird.

Directly attach files from Dropbox

Once you’ve activated Dropbox app in Mailbird, you’ll see a small icon next to file attachment icon at the bottom of Mailbird’s compose window.

dropbox icon in Mailbird compose window

And in quick compose window.

dropbox icon in Mailbird quick compose window

You can use it to attach files from Dropbox without any hassles of drag and drop.

dropbox window in Mailbird compose window


Manage Dropbox files

In the full Dropbox app window, you can manage and share files without needing to go to your browser.

dropbox full app window in Mailbird


If you haven’t activated Dropbox yet, do it now and start managing your files better.

  • DiGatto

    It’s cool thay you have implimated so many apps. But many people could not use ur app, because you do not have calebdar. It’s not possible to add meeting to work calendar which is not google.