Here are the secrets to taking control of your inbox.


Inbox is your private space and customizing it enhances your experience especially when you have to spend a lot of time in it. From choosing your inline reply color to the custom icons for your account, Mailbird’s personalization features are bound to take your email experience to the next level.

Customize your account icons

Text formatting for better writing experience

Conversation view for visual clarity

Zoom adjusts the default font size to just the way you like it

Pick your in-line reply color to flawlessly format email replies

Customize your email signature for every email account

Create your own Quick Email Compose shortcut

Mailbird apps – Dropbox, Evernote, Facebook, WhatsApp, Contacts Manager, Asana, Google Docs, Calendar, Veeting and more.

Multi-language support


There has never been a mail program this optimized for speed. Our team sweats out every millisecond and mercilessly cuts out every unnecessary step.

We’ve managed to create the fastest email app ever, both in terms of processing speed and workflow speed. Quick compose and response to cut down on emailing time inline action bar to organize everything in a flash, seamless offline access to manage your email from anywhere. And that’s just scratching the surface.

Unified Inbox in Mailbird

Group all email accounts in one with Unified Inbox Plus. No more switching between different email accounts.

Advance touch support. Swipe and tap on touchscreen devices to manage your email.

Keyboard shortcuts for speed and productivity.

In-line reply to better organize your replies

Quick Email Compose shortcut to compose email from anywhere

Multi-account support for IMAP and POP3 accounts (Limited for Lite, unlimited for Pro)

First email speed reader (max 5x/day for Lite, otherwise its a Pro feature)

Drag and drop files as attachments

Organize your emails with Folder/Label support

Quick Action Bar in Mailbird

In-line action bar to take quick actions

Profile picture search – search all email communication with a person by clicking on their profile picture

Quick preview of attachments (max 5x/day for Lite, otherwise its a Pro feature)

Keep your inbox clean and organized with Snooze. This allows you to only have emails you are ready to handle in your inbox, rather than leaving them there until you are ready. Snooze allows you to stay organized, prioritized while removing unnecessary email distractions in your inbox.


We respect our users’ privacy and therefore Mailbird was developed to never scan the content of your inbox or other personal information. When you use Mailbird be rest assured that your messages and content are for your eyes only.

The best technology by industry standards for message handling of top email servers up to and including TLS 1.2

Successfully tested with emailprivacytester.com


In the digital age when you need to be connected all the time, Mailbird makes it simpler for you by adding third party apps that you can use directly inside Mailbird. It even helps you develop your professional network by integrating a one click ‘LinkedIn Lookup’ feature.

LinkedIn Lookup





Twitter app in Mailbird sidebar



There is no other email company that will give you this much time and attention. Our team puts you front and center and is there when you need them.

  • We listen and honor your feedback and even take your feature requests though our support page. Have an idea that you want to share with us? Submit it here.
  • We keep an updated change log so you know what’s being worked on to see continuous software progress.
  • Our support page is filled with all the information you need and you can always access it by clicking ‘?’ help icon at the top right inside Mailbird.
  • Couldn’t find a solution on our support page or need some help? Just shoot an email to [email protected] or start an instant chat with us by clicking on the chat button at lower right corner of this page.