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  • Clean Email Best Email Client 2024

  • G2 Award High Performer 2023

  • G2 Award Easiest Admin 2022

  • Clean Email Best Email Client 2021

  • lifehacker Most popular Mail alternative 2020

  • Windows Report Editor's Choice 2019

  • 🔥 NEW FEATURE Customizable workspaces Customizable workspaces Personalize Mailbird with a background of your favorite movie, a timeless painting, or an inspiring landscape.

  • 🔥 NEW FEATURE AI-powered email authoring AI-powered email authoring Conquer writer's block and use ChatGPT to generate natural-sounding, human-like email in seconds.

  • 🔥 NEW FEATURE Unsubscribe & block senders Unsubscribe & block senders Focus on important messages by blocking senders and keeping spam from littering your inbox.

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Customizable backgrounds for every mood

Are you feeling spirited and adventurous? Or are you focused and in a perfect state of Zen? Whatever your mood, we have a stunning background to match any style and personality—you can even upload your own photo.

Personalize your workspace and say goodbye to the ordinary.

Customizable backgrounds for every mood

Integrate your favorite apps

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  • Google Calendar Integration with Mailbird Google Calendar

  • Whatsapp Integration with Mailbird Whatsapp

  • Dropbox Integration with Mailbird Dropbox

  • Twitter Integration with Mailbird Twitter

  • Evernote Integration with Mailbird Evernote

  • Facebook Integration with Mailbird Facebook

  • To Do Integration with Mailbird To Do

  • Slack Integration with Mailbird Slack

  • Google Docs Integration with Mailbird Google Docs

  • WeChat Integration with Mailbird WeChat

  • Weibo Integration with Mailbird Weibo

  • And more integrations! integrations And more!

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