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How to Recall an Email in Outlook: Easy Steps, Common Issues, and Solutions

It happened again—you clicked the Send button before you wanted to. The good news is most email clients support the "Unsend email" feature. Let's figure out how to recall an email in Outlook,...

November 24, 2022

Email Management

Best 2022 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Productivity Tool Deals

So, you’ve got a few items in your cart at one of your favorite web stores ready to purchase on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Now, what about saving money on apps? Tech companies are offering...

November 21, 2022


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Email Management

5 Best Windows Live Mail Replacements in 2023

Whether it’s due to lacking an audience or gaps in development, some email clients simply wither away and eventually disappear. It happened to Mailbox, Turnpike, Microsoft Entourage, and even...

November 16, 2022

Email Management

How to Get a Google Calendar Desktop App for Windows: Obtain Direct Access to Your Agenda

Having to open your browser just to look at your calendar isn’t very user-friendly or efficient, right? It's not only wasting your time, but it may also bring you distracting notifications as you...

November 4, 2022

Email Management

7 Best Out of Office Message Examples for Your Auto Reply

Before heading out for that much-needed time off, it’s imperative that you set up an out-of-office reply. In case you feel stumped, this post is ready to inspire...

October 28, 2022

Email Management

Is Superhuman Worth It? The App’s Pros, Cons, User Reviews, and Fair Alternatives for Windows and Mac

This article offers a detailed description of the Superhuman email client with its pros and cons, as well as five decent alternatives and more affordable tools that can provide you with a similar...

October 18, 2022

Email Management

Best Alternative to Windows 10 Mail App in 2022

Though it has major improvements compared to Windows Live Mail, the new email client still has drawbacks with its user experience. If you are not completely satisfied with the application, there is a...

October 17, 2022

Email Management

Searching for the Best Postbox Alternatives? Check Out Mailbird!

While Postbox is a popular email client, it doesn’t satisfy all tastes. If you’re tired of the software crashing on you, the lack of technical support or you simply don’t get a good enough...

October 14, 2022


Parakeet – Create Outstanding Email Copy in Just a Few Clicks

Do you dread writing an email from scratch? Does the daunting blank space of the Compose window turn your mind into a hollow void as well? At last, there’s a solution for...

September 16, 2022

Email Tools

7 Best Gmail Alternatives That Take Privacy More Seriously

Looking for an alternative to Gmail that better respects your privacy? Read this post for an in-depth look at 7 of the best...

September 6, 2022