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Mailbird Features

Mailbird Calendar: How to Effectively Use a Calendar to Boost Productivity

How often do you use a calendar? At least once a day, that’s for sure. You get up and check the date, do a mental recap of the day’s agenda, or open your diary and see what tasks are scheduled....

April 1, 2020

Email Management

The Best Way To Unsend Email in Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo

It happened again. In the rush of an overloaded day, you accidentally pushed the wrong button – and highly sensitive information went the wrong way. Not only is it awkward, but sometimes it might...

March 3, 2020


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7 Tools to Turbocharge Email & Work Efficiency in 2020

How many times have you found yourself under a pile of emails that take hours to sort through? How often do you struggle to quickly find an important message or forget to follow up after an event?...

February 26, 2020