Get the Best Email Client for Windows 10

Email Management

Best Email Client for Windows 10: Top Choices for Your Desktop

What if you could optimize your email use up to 50% and spend all those saved hours on your work or personal affairs? One way to do this is by using a proper desktop email client. Here, we offer a...

December 10, 2021

Email Management

How to Block Emails: A Concise Guide to Blocking Unwanted Emails in Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo

Online stores and e-commerce websites are notorious for sending emails about the “hottest deals” of the week and “best offers” they shouldn’t miss. And knowing how to block emails might be...

December 6, 2021


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Email Management

Is Your AOL Mail Not Working? Try These Troubleshooting Solutions to Fix Common AOL Problems

Is something wrong with your Yahoo account? Well, you're not alone - the email with the purple exclamation point has been a source of confusion for millions of...

December 2, 2021

Mailbird Features

Meet the Grammarly Integration in Mailbird: Write Emails with Confidence

Good news is always worth sharing, and we’re thrilled to tell you that Grammarly is now integrated with Mailbird and available to all our...

November 16, 2021

Email Management

Merge Gmail Accounts: A Guide to Consolidating Google Email in One Inbox

Wouldn’t it be nice to use all your Gmail accounts in one place instead of constantly switching between tabs and making sure you’re emailing from the right one? You could save a lot of time...

November 9, 2021


Work-Life Balance for Entrepreneurs: How to Work in Tune with Your Needs

Has your life been reduced to long working hours and caffeine? For many entrepreneurs, success means dedicating themselves entirely to their businesses. But, since the path to success isn’t paved...

November 2, 2021

Business Insights

How to Write a Sales Email [+3 Powerful Templates to Boost Your Engagement Stats]

In this article, we’ll cover everything from learning how to personalize sales emails to what goes into making a compelling call to...

November 2, 2021

Email Management

The 5 Best Mac Email Clients Reviewed: What to Choose in 2022

Having more than one email account is sometimes necessary. But are all these accounts convenient to manage? Combining emails isn't a straightforward option with most of the providers and requires...

January 1, 2022

Email Management

Email Tracking: What, Why, and Top 5 Tools

How many times have you sent an email and then waited and wondered what happened to it? Did it fall through the cracks or did the recipient just choose to ignore it? Would it be appropriate to follow...

August 27, 2021

Email Management

Thunderbird vs. Outlook: A Detailed Comparison

In your search for an email solution, you have probably come across a handful of modern email clients — like Mailspring and Mailbird. Both offer a unified inbox and a simple, user-friendly...

August 11, 2021