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Parakeet – Create Outstanding Email Copy in Just a Few Clicks

Do you dread writing an email from scratch? Does the daunting blank space of the Compose window turn your mind into a hollow void as well? At last, there’s a solution for...

September 16, 2022


How to Navigate Out of Entrepreneur Burnout and Avoid Relapse

The web is sagging from the abundance of advice on how to prevent burnout. Awesome. But what if you’re already in flames? Let’s go over some suggestions on what to do when you feel all those...

September 2, 2022


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Finding and Implementing Work-Life Balance Strategies

When work is your life and your home is your office, how do you balance your personal well-being and your career? A few work-life balance strategies may...

June 17, 2022


Mark Ellis: “What Productivity Means to Me as an Independent Creator”

There’s absolutely nothing worse than ending the day with a bunch of items left on your to-do list. This happens to all of us. It still happens to me, occasionally. But “occasionally” is the...

March 11, 2022


Windows 10 Best Tips and Tricks You Have to Try

Windows 10 has been around for ages now, and millions of people will keep using it even though Windows 11 has come out already. Microsoft went back to the basics by re-introducing its start-up menu...

November 21, 2021


Work-Life Balance for Entrepreneurs: How to Work in Tune with Your Needs

Has your life been reduced to long working hours and caffeine? For many entrepreneurs, success means dedicating themselves entirely to their businesses. But, since the path to success isn’t paved...

November 2, 2021


14 Expert-Approved Email Productivity Tips to Master Your Inbox

Let's end that love-hate relationship with your inbox today. We spoke with 14 world-class email marketing experts who shared practical email productivity tips you can use to master your inbox like a...

September 13, 2021


Inbox Zero — A Myth or an Effective Email Management Method?

Email users struggle with information overload heightened by the number of messages they receive at work, and an almost equal number of marketing newsletters pour into their inboxes each day....

December 30, 2020


32+ Essential Email Facts Everyone Should Know

Have you ever wondered, “Who invented email?” or, “Who sent the first email?” Sometimes these questions pop up, and you must know the answer. Well, you’re at the right...

December 28, 2020


What Is the Best Time to Send an Email in 2023?

With the current and ever-developing marketing tools, the possibilities to get your brand’s message across to potential users are enormous — chat bots, influencers, and the good old...

December 25, 2020


Best of Both Worlds: How to Organize Your Day at Work Two Ways

Are you frequently rushing around trying to make it somewhere or catch a deadline? If you feel that you are constantly running late, unable to keep up with your obligations, then you should think of...

December 2, 2020