Effective Inbox Management: Are You Using the Right Email Tools?

Posted by Anastasia Kryzhanovska on April 21, 2020

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Anastasia Kryzhanovska

Anastasia Kryzhanovska
Senior Content Manager

Published on April 21, 2020

If your work involves communication — even if it’s just with your colleagues — it’s very easy to find yourself buried under a pile of notifications, events, messages, requests, and new tasks. Then you spend your time checking, sorting, and replying to all these emails only to discover you’ve wasted half of the day already with other tasks withheld. And then you dread the next day of work knowing you have to deal with those emails again.

It’s a common situation today, and some easy inbox management tips may help you not only sort out your emails more efficiently but boost your overall productivity at work.

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10 Tips & Tools to Incredibly Boost Your Inbox Management Experience

1. Use Folders to Organize Emails

Use folders to organize emails

A powerful feature that will help you significanlty improve your inbox management experience is folders. Use them to separate all your projects and different types of incoming messages. 

In Mailbird, you can create folders and nested folders/sub-folders to keep your inbox organized. All you need to do is select Settings and go to the Folders menu where you can add a new folder. You can also add a filter to send emails from specific addresses to that folder.

2. Manage All Your Email Accounts in One Platform

Manage all your inboxes in one platform

People who have several email accounts spend quite a lot of time signing in, checking emails on each one, and opening multiple browser tabs. Plus you need to have different passwords and security questions for each account and remember all of them.

A better option is to have all your email accounts unified on a single platform. Managing all emails in one place saves you time and makes you more productive — you won’t miss a single important email or task, and it’s easier to find information.

With Mailbird, you can have not just all your accounts in one platform, but also a unified inbox so you can view literally all your important emails without having to switch between accounts.

3. Unsubscribe From Formal Email Lists

Unsubscribe from formal email lists.

People often subscribe to newsletters and promotional ads. Maybe you just forgot to untick a box when buying something or it genuinely seemed like a fun, useful subscription, but it’s this sort of mail that clutters your inbox the most. Unsubscribing from the newsletters is a good way to limit distractions and focus on the messages that count.

There are two easy ways to unsub in Mailbird. The first is by using the Unroll.me integration. It will automatically bring up a list of newsletters you receive so you can decide which ones to keep and which ones deserve a farewell.

The second method is to do an advanced search for the word “unsubscribe” (include the trash folder in your search), open an email, and click the link at the bottom to stop receiving the newsletter. You can also do a filter for the address and delete all messages that are still in your inbox. 

4. Snooze Low-Priority Emails

Snooze emails for better email management

A lot of people snooze their alarms because they want ten more minutes of rest. Once you hit “snooze” on an email, it will give you however much time you need to finish up the tasks you are working on. You can also set an email to snooze until a particular date when you need to follow up on that message. Snooze helps ensure you don’t forget any emails, in any case. 

Mailbird has a few preset periods in the Snooze feature, such as later today or the following week, but you can also choose a specific time and date. After the internal timer has finished, you will get the snoozed message at the top of the list in your inbox.

5. Reply Inline to Save Time and Focus

Reply Inline to Save Time

Inline Reply can be the most efficient way to draft an email response if you need to respond to different parts of an email message. For instance, if you receive an email that poses five different questions to you in bullet point form. You might use Inline Reply to type out your responses underneath each bulleted question.

The problem is that replying inline can get confusing. Your responses can blend into and get lost in the original email. This issue is particularly problematic if you have an email chain going and multiple people are replying inline in their responses. With Mailbird’s twist on Inline Reply, it’s easy to color-code your inline responses and tag them with your name. You can use Mailbird to customize the color in which your inline responses will appear.

6. Let Your App Take Actions With Rules and Filters

Rules and filters for better email management

You can delegate some of the email inbox management to your email app by creating rules out of filters. The rules make categorizing incoming mail into different folders an automatic process.

For example, you can set your Mailbird app to filter messages from a colleague and send them straight to a project folder they’re involved in.

7. Use Unified Calendar to Add Emails for Follow-ups

Schedule followup emails for effective email management

Remembering to reply to emails can be a cause for anxiety, especially if you don’t have to give a quick response. Sometimes, you’ll have to follow up within a week and you can snooze the email until then, but you can also schedule the response for a later date in your calendar.

Mailbird comes with a native calendar that opens in the sidebar. You can use it to schedule follow-ups for your emails by adding dates to your calendar, and you don’t even need to close the email or open a new app.

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8. Create Templates For Your Responses

Create templates for your responses

Not every message requires a well-thought-out and personalized response. Some emails only require a “thank you” or “I will get back to you” note to check in that you got the message. Some need a more detailed answer, but it will be the same message over and over again. Then why not template such responses?

Mailbird integrates Google Keep and Evernote so you can keep response templates there and always have them handy.

9. Send Emails With Action to a Task Management Application

integrate productivity apps with your email client

One of the key tools for increasing productivity is a task management application. Mailbird integrates with Wunderlist, Asana, and Todoist, which are all great to keep track of your tasks and deadlines and stop using your inbox as a to-do list.

Now, with such integrations, you don’t have to go to the app and create a task manually. You can forward your emails to the task manager, and it will automatically do the work for you.

10. Aim For a Zero in Your Inbox

Inbox Zero for Effective Email Management

A good way to accomplish Inbox Zero is to practice taking action with every email you get: snooze, send to an appropriate folder, archive, or send to trash all messages you don’t need or don’t have the time to read at the moment. And deal with the ones you do read accordingly right after you finish with them. Practice unsubscribing from unnecessary newsletters in addition to that, and you’ll get a near-perfect inbox.


Checking through an array of messages in your email inbox with lots of promotional ads, spam, and unread messages that have accumulated over time can be a daunting task. However, using these simple tips together with Mailbird’s productivity features and integrations you can boost your efficiency not only in email inbox management but in most of your processes at work.

Mailbird is an amazingly convenient email app that puts email control at your fingertips. Download, try out its amazing features and enjoy a brand-new multi-email platform with an easy and fun-filled experience!

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Anastasia Kryzhanovska

Anastasia Kryzhanovska
Senior Content Manager

Published on April 21, 2020


6 thoughts on "Effective Inbox Management: Are You Using the Right Email Tools?"

  • Using the Right Email Tools? Currently I am and it is not Mailbird!

    The missing “TOOL” is FILTERING.
    There seems to be a stead fast reluctance to add this “TOOL” to Mailbird.
    When Mailbird is enhanced to INCLUDE FILTERING, I am sure you will be well rewarded with new customers!

    • Avatar
      Christin Baumgarten says:

      Hey Al, thanks for your feedback we really appreciate it.Filtering is on the roadmap we will let everyone know, once we have a better idea on when it will be implemented. Thanks so much for your support and have a great weekend:-)

      • pathetic response… even if this were implemented, I would not switch… your chance passed months ago…

  • Avatar
    Marek Wójcik says:

    Custom labels for emails – this absolutely MUST HAVE for effective inbox management. How long do I have to wait for this?

  • Avatar
    David Rich says:

    I’m still waiting for rules-based filtering. I’m still sticking with mailbird, but every now and then I get annoyed enough to go looking over the competition for an alternative because this essential feature is missing – I hope mailbird comes up with it before I find another option, because I do genuinely like most of what it offers, and I don’t really want to go through the migration process.

    • Avatar
      Eric Johansson says:

      I keep trying to use mailbird as well but the filtering is a big issue. My server backend uses zimbra. Zimbra has server-side filtering system which means I use the web client to access the underlying ZImbra features and only use mailbird for basic email functionality.

      It’s really a shame but it looks like the trade-off we have for email clients are either bare-bones commercial in which we pay for lack of features or feature full open source clients that aren’t supported any better than the commercial products.

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