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Growing Your Career with Mailbird – What New Hires Can Expect?

Growing Your Career with Mailbird – What New Hires Can Expect?
Growing Your Career with Mailbird – What New Hires Can Expect?

At the heart of Mailbird lies a transformative spirit. Beyond our dedication to revolutionizing communication for individuals and companies alike, we’ve cultivated a work philosophy that's every bit as innovative as our products.

Embracing the world: Mailbird’s remote-first philosophy

Imagine working from a quiet beach in Bali, a bustling cafe in Copenhagen, or the serene mountains of South Africa. This isn’t just a dream, but a reality for many of our Mailbird team members. As a company that's entrenched in a remote-first approach, our Mailbirdians—scattered across five continents—have the freedom to contribute from literally anywhere on the globe.

Mailbird’s onboarding: A testament to our remote excellence

Given our expansive geographical footprint, it’s no surprise that our onboarding process breaks the traditional mold. But why have we chosen this path? Simple. Because it works.

Our commitment to excellence in managing a diverse, global team is evidenced by our two Stevie Awards in 2023. We were recognized for the "Best Use of Bob for Creating a Winning Global Company Culture" and "Achievement in Managing a Remote Workforce," affirming the effectiveness of our approach:

  • Access to a boundless talent pool: Untethered from physical and geographic confines, our hiring criteria is based purely on merit and alignment with our rich company culture—not where you live.
  • Unparalleled work-life balance: We believe time is invaluable. By eliminating commutes and traditional 9-to-5 schedules, our team members can seamlessly integrate work with personal passions and pursuits. As long as deadlines are respected, your time is your own!
  • Strategic scalability: By abandoning traditional offices, we're agile. We can redirect funds that would have gone to rent and infrastructure, and put them to better use: refining our product and investing in our people.

A warm welcome: Before Day One at Mailbird

  • After formalities, such as contract terms and signings, are taken care of, we dive straight into pre-onboarding through our intuitive platform, Bob. It's not just about paperwork; it's a preliminary introduction to the Mailbird universe.
  • Throughout this phase, our HR team acts as your compass, guiding and assisting you.
  • Behind the scenes, our team gears up, priming tools ranging from Gmail and Slack to role-specific software. This ensures you have everything set up and at your fingertips from the get-go.

As you take flight, you’ll find:

  • A warm virtual embrace from our HR on Slack, a reflection of our close-knit community.
  • A structured introduction phase, which includes simple tasks, team introductions, and guided learnings.
  • With Bob’s systematic onboarding flow, you’re introduced to Mailbird’s culture and way of doing things in digestible bits, ensuring clarity without overwhelming you.
  • Because we're committed to continuous growth, we eagerly await your feedback at the end of your onboarding journey.

Here’s a snippet from our recent hires:

Paul, Content Writer:

“For someone joining a new team or company, it's very easy to feel like an outsider at the beginning. But I never felt this at Mailbird—even on Day One. Everyone’s always been friendly, helpful, and all-around great to work with. As a successful freelancer running his own business, I wasn't JOB hunting on LinkedIn, I was TEAM hunting. I was looking to join and contribute to a company that shares the same values, culture, and professional principles as mine—and Mailbird truly meets those expectations.”

Jalita, Head of Design:

"I love Mailbird! Having worked at a few different places, I must say that you really have a unique work culture. Many places strive to achieve this but fail. I feel that everything that was presented to me is exactly like that in reality, or even better. I love the flexibility, the focus time, all the friendly colleagues, and all interesting projects that we get to work on. Finally, I have found a workplace that understands my working style! Happy days, and thrilled to have joined."

Adrian, Senior C# Engineer:

“I'm quite happy with how onboarding worked. Some things, like getting to know my colleagues better, just need time until I get up to speed. ????”

Behind the scenes: Tools that power us

Although you'll receive a detailed introduction to our tools upon joining, here’s a quick overview of the technology that bolsters our productivity and fosters a positive work environment.

  • ClickUp: Planning, managing, and scheduling all our projects and tasks.
  • Slack: Our primary tool for messaging, communicating, and collaborating.
  • Bonusly: Celebrating and rewarding our achievements.
  • Bob: Seamlessly managing all our HR needs.

Taking flight with Mailbird

From ambitious beginnings to a global footprint, Mailbird's trajectory has been awe-inspiring. If technology’s your passion and you cherish an environment of trust, diversity, and innovation, then the next Mailbirdian tale could be yours. Let’s write it together!