File sharing just got big in Mailbird. Say Hello to Degoo!

With our latest launch on Windows 10, we have also implemented a new, awesome App called Degoo. Degoo is a free data backup service that gives users automatic, secure online backup. This comes in extremely handy anytime you have to send large files in an email…and we must say, it totally rocks! Thanks to the … Continue Reading

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Why choose an email client for Windows 10?

Your Email Weapon of Choice? Now, we can look at the second part of the email problem which is the actual email weapon of choice. Alan Henry from Lifehacker wrote a great piece to answer a big email question, “Should I be using a desktop email client?” So the conclusion … Continue Reading

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5 Email Features to Help Alleviate Your Business

It’s Definitely Time for Change Outlook is one of the most widely used email clients in the business world. The integration with the Microsoft Office suite means that this mail client has been entrenched in the business environment. With the many different sizes and shapes of today’s businesses, we investigate … Continue Reading

best communication apps for Windows 10

Best Communication Apps for Windows 10

Universal Windows Platform (UWP) is the new initiative by Microsoft aimed for app developers to make one app that would work on wide range of devices. Most of the apps are still adapting to UWP concept but there are still many in the app store that shines on Windows 10. Since you’re already … Continue Reading

Mailbird - alternative to Windows 10 Mail app

Alternative to Windows 10 Mail App

Windows 10 is out and without a doubt it is the best Windows version so far. With its wonderful new features like Cortana and Spartan web browser among others, it also shipped with a default Windows 10 Mail app. Since Windows 10 launch we were anxious to see what freshness it would bring … Continue Reading

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Mailbird – Best Email App for Windows 10

Finally, Mailbird for Windows 10 is Here! …and has been delivered to millions of PCs and devices of patient users all over the world already. Microsoft has announced it to be the best and most beautiful Windows yet, that makes you a master at multi-tasking and adapts to you and your behavior … Continue Reading

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From Productivity Hole to Productivity Hub: The Data

Last week we released our first blog short titled: The Problem With Email to get our feet wet in one of the most important tools that somehow finds a way to plague our productivity. As a part of our trending discussion on email and productive communication, let’s continue by taking … Continue Reading