multiple email

The Ultimate Guide to Multiple Email Account Management

How many email addresses do you have? A personal account and a work account? Maybe a spam account to give to cashiers when they insist on getting your email? Email users around the world have 4.4 billion email accounts. And it’s safe to say that most users probably have multiple … Continue Reading


6 Secrets to Avoid Spam in Your Inbox

Spam: the bane of every email user’s existence. These pesky messages somehow end up in your inbox, regardless of how many times you delete them. Don’t let your frustration get the best of you! Instead, follow these guidelines to beefing up your cyber security, and reducing the amount of spam … Continue Reading

Undo Send

The Best Way to Unsend Email

Ever wish you could Unsend that last Email? Have you ever sent an email only to realize you sent it to the wrong person? Or, maybe you’ve sent an email referencing an attachment you forgot to include? Spelling errors. Grammar mistakes. Wrong name. Wrong attachments… It’s easy to feel a little anxious about … Continue Reading

Mailbird Updates you may have missed

Our developers are working super hard, like, really hard to make email not so bad anymore. Many improvements are made and updates implemented, which usually come unnoticed. Some of these include an improved avatar (aka profile picture) search for all your important contacts. Another is an improved drag and drop … Continue Reading

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IncrediMail Windows 10 Email Client Alternatives

There have been growing reports of IncrediMail (now Perion), a popular Windows email client, are not working well on Windows 10 machines. It appears that crashes, bugs, and more issues related to supporting new Windows 10 updates have cropped up recently. There are also several reports of malware that have … Continue Reading

New Years Resolutions

Mailbird’s New Years Resolutions

Before the New Years countdown hits 0, it’s common for us to start thinking about what we want to do different or better for the upcoming year. Therefore we put together a nice list of new years resolutions. Whether you reach them or not, it’s always great to set new … Continue Reading

Email Security

5 Facts on Email Security Threats

In the digital age, even with a growing number of online communication tools, email remains an indisputable classic. With the increase in email usage over the decades, hackers saw a profit opportunity compromising cybersecurity with intricate and diversiform network threats. When it comes to email security, most users don’t have an … Continue Reading