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Why Mailbird Is One of the Best Email Clients for Windows 10

Posted by Christin on July 19, 2020

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Published on July 19, 2020

Are you looking for the best email client for Windows 10? There are dozens of open-source, free or premium email services for Windows on the market — Microsoft Outlook, eM Client, Claws Mail, Opera Mail, Nylas Mail, and so on.  So why do millions of people use Mailbird instead — for personal as well as professional purposes?

Because Mailbird is way more than just another desktop or Windows email client. It has unique features you won’t find on any other desktop or web browser-based email client. In addition to email, Mailbird acts as a command center for your business by integrating with several other communication and task-management tools.

Mailbird also has the advantage of being highly customizable. You can play around with several features, inbox settings, and other integrations until it’s just perfect for your unique needs.

What Makes Mailbird the Best Email Client for Windows 10 users?

Unlike default email clients for Windows, such as Microsoft Outlook, eM Client and the Mail app, Mailbird is designed to be easy to use, set up, and customize.  You can be up and running with your existing email accounts in just minutes. Mailbird even detects server settings automatically so you don’t have to tinker with any IMAP settings, even when you connect multiple email providers or accounts. This makes it better than other email services. 

Better yet, you will enjoy going through your email inbox even more with Mailbird because it allows you to change everything about it to match your needs and style. With dozens of features and integrations, Mailbird is one of the best Windows email clients available for your business. 

Top Reasons why Users Say Mailbird is the Best Email Client for Windows 10

Respond to Emails Like a Boss

Let’s admit it: replying to long email threads, especially those with multiple questions, can be extremely confusing, regardless of which email service you use. You may end up replying to the wrong email address, hitting “reply all” on a long email chain, or missing out on answering an important question.

An average employee receives around 120+ emails each day. So mistakes like this are bound to happen sooner or later. But what if you could eliminate these mistakes altogether? Mailbird email app users can do it with our in-line reply feature.

In-line Replies

In-line replies guarantee error-free replies. So what exactly is that? Let’s say you are just back from a long vacation. You find a “welcome back” email from a co-worker waiting in your inbox with an invite to an event. Now, her email has three questions.

Usually, you would craft a reply with all your responses bunched together. However, such a reply can be incoherent or even confusing. You might also forget to answer a particular question.

With an in-line reply, on the other hand, you can place your answers directly underneath their questions.

Here’s how it looks:

Mailbird's inline reply email feature

Using in-line replies when you are talking about multiple subjects makes it super simple for the recipient to understand each response. Your responses are automatically noted as yours — with your name and everything — when typing in-line responses. Our in-line reply feature helps make email communication more effective. Used in the right situations, it can save you time and avoid confusion.

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Follow-up Reminders

Follow-up reminders are one of the most useful features for marketing professionals. On average, marketers send around 7 to 8 follow-up emails per campaign. Given the number of follow-up emails that need to be addressed, some of them may slip through the cracks. That’s when follow-up reminder apps like can save the day.

Use the add-on with Mailbird to schedule follow-up reminders through emails.

How to schedule email

Do More with Attachments

Mailbird has specific features that make it easy to use for dealing with attachments.

Attachment Search

Another reason you should choose Mailbird over other email services is that you can easily search attachments. Forgot that design image you sent your colleague the other day? Or looking for that important PDF white paper you read ages ago? Instead of rummaging through your inbox, just run a quick search through the Attachment Search feature on Mailbird. Simply enter a partial file name and the feature runs through all your attachments to find the most relevant one. This is one of our most user-appreciated features.

Mailbird attachment search

Attachment Preview

Afraid to open an email attachment from an unknown email address? Avoid the risk of downloading files from any email app that could have viruses by using the Attachment Preview feature.

This Mailbird feature allows you to take a look at a .pdf, .doc or .jpeg file without opening it. This feature also comes in handy for looking at large files without downloading them.

Drag-and-drop feature

When adding attachments, just drag and drop your file onto the composer window to create an attachment. You can even send the attachment in-line by dropping it directly in the email. This is one of our users’ most-used features.

Attachment management

Apps for Attachment Handling

Dropbox App

We teamed up with Dropbox to help you deal with large attachments. Simply link your Dropbox account with Mailbird. Once you’re linked, you will be able to see a Dropbox icon at the bottom of the composer window. Access your Dropbox files directly from Mailbird and add them as attachments to your email.

Dropbox Mailbird email client integration

Degoo App

An alternative to Dropbox, Degoo is a free data backup service that gives users an automatic, secure online backup. After installing the Degoo App in Mailbird, you will be able to see the app icon in the composer window. Drag and drop large files to the Degoo icon to upload and attach them to your email.

Mailbird email client Degoo integration

Customize Your Experience

Mailbird has a lot of features with which to customize the user interface just the way you like it! It’s another reason why many people say that Mailbird is the best email client for Windows 10 they have ever tried. 

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Background Colors & Themes

One click is all it takes to change the entire Mailbird email client color scheme. Love a book character or this particular mountain view? Well, now, you can upload your favorite photo as a background theme!

Background themes

Here are some more cool custom photo themes you can try out.

Give your eyes a rest with the full dark theme. It’s perfect for pulling an all-nighter.

Best Windows email client dark theme support

Custom Layouts

Small screen? Three columns? Preview? No matter how you prefer to check and manage your inbox, Mailbird can suit your needs with its custom interface feature. This enables you to have the ideal workspace for your screen size.

Mailbird email client layout options

Personalized Signatures

Mailbird personalized signature tool

Email signatures are underrated. They are primarily an online business card. A well-designed signature can help drive traffic to your website and promote your brand. Create professional email signatures with Formswift. Just fill in your contact details and choose a design, and this app generates a cool signature you can copy.

More Custom Options

Customize the email notification sound in your email accounts by uploading any audio you wish. Be notified of new emails by the Super Mario coin sound effect, a lightsaber, or even the entire Star Wars theme! You can also edit your welcome message — we suggest some motivational quotes before you start your day.

Declutter Your Mail

Unified Inbox

One inbox, multiple email accounts — Mailbird is easy to use and manage emails from multiple accounts with its unified inbox. It also makes it easy to understand which account the email was sent to and which email account you are sending from when replying or composing. Multiple email accounts are shown with your name and email address linked.

How do you know what email comes from which email accounts? Unified Color Indicators. Distinguish your multiple email accounts with hundreds of color options.

Account color indicators

Note: Try turning off your two-factor authentication if you are experiencing any issues when connecting Gmail accounts. Keeping two-factor authentication switched on may interfere with the connecting process.

Snooze Feature

There are two kinds of people — those who like their inbox down to zero and those who mark emails as unread in their inbox so they can get to them later. It is just a matter of your outlook towards email inboxes. Keeping this in mind, we developed the Snooze feature.

Mailbird email client Snooze feature

Don’t have enough time to respond to your mail? Do it later. Snooze your emails and get a reminder to get back to them tomorrow, next week, or whenever. Snoozed emails are automatically sent to the Snooze folder — perfect for those who prefer a clean inbox.

Manage Your Contacts with Ease

We understand what your contacts mean to you. These crucial contacts keep your business and personal connections thriving. That is why we spent a year perfecting our ridiculously awesome contacts feature.

Contacts Syncing

Here’s how Contacts Syncing works. Import all contacts from your multiple accounts in Google and Outlook. The Mailbird email client imports contacts from Outlook and Thunderbird email accounts at the click of a button. Agree to proceed with permissions. And within 20 seconds all your contacts should show up on your screen.

Linking Duplicate Contacts

After the sync, you might find some duplicates. Simply link those contacts together to unify them into one entry.

Mailbird Contacts manager

In some cases, you might find contacts that are not 100% identical. For example, a contact may have differently spelled first names in two entries. You can go to the unified contact and check the first name you would like to display in the contact.

Copying Contacts

Just like Outlook, Mailbird allows you to create contact groups. You might want to copy certain contacts from one of your email accounts to another email account. To make ease of use a top priority, we have worked to allow you to drag and drop contacts to any contact group or email account, using the “copy contacts” feature in our email app.

Mailbird contacts manager

Save Time with Nifty Shortcuts

What makes Mailbird one of the best email clients for people in a hurry? Shortcuts. Lots of them.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Fly through your inbox with dozens of keyboard shortcuts. Open and close windows, report spam, archive, compose, send emails, and more with a few touches. We believe the Quick Compose shortcut is the best one. Just hit Ctrl + Alt + Space, and the Mailbird compose window will be brought to the front.

Mailbird email client shortcuts

We understand it would be tough to memorize all of these shortcuts. So we created some best Windows desktop backgrounds to help you remember a wide array of shortcuts.

Quick Action Bar

Don’t like shortcuts? Mailbird’s Quick Action Bar shows a menu on an email next to the sender’s picture that lets you archive, snooze, reply, forward, delete, mark as important, star, or mark as spam, all with a few mouse clicks.

 Mailbird email client Snooze button

Speed Reader

Reading emails takes too long. We spend around 2.5 hours each day reading, processing, and sending emails — losing valuable time in the process. So how do you quicken this process? By speed reading, of course. Increase your reading speed by at least 3x using the Mailbird Email Speed Reader. The Reader displays one word at a time — quickly zipping through the long email. Mailbird is the only email client with a built-in speed reading feature.

Still not sure? Read more about this feature on TechCrunch.

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Communicate Effectively

Let’s face it. There is one thing emails suck at — helping teams brainstorm and collaborate. But that doesn’t mean Mailbird can’t help your team work over email.

Whereby App

To solve the collaboration-over-email problem we teamed with the good folks at Whereby. The app allows you to create rooms and hop on a group call with your team members. You can also browse through your mail and attachments during a video conference call. The best part? You don’t have to install additional software.

Veeting Room App

Veeting room integration in the Mailbird email client

Veeting Rooms is a virtual environment that allows users to have a virtual business meeting right from within Mailbird.

Just like an office meeting, no unauthorized person will be able to listen to your important conversations. All audio and video communication are end-to-end encrypted between the participants.

So what can you do in these virtual meetings?

  • Upload documents — Always be prepared for the meeting. Upload all the necessary documents before the meeting. After the meeting, you receive an email with important documents that were discussed in the meeting.
  • Use the whiteboard — Brainstorm with your participants with the interactive whiteboard. Use shapes or even draw freehand to create flowcharts or diagrams. All slides can be downloaded as PDFs for future reference.
  • Take down private notes — Ensure accurate record-keeping and follow through on important action points during the meeting.
  • Chat with participants — Not everyone can talk at the same time during the brainstorming session. Chat with the less-vocal participants through the text chat feature.

Mailbird is also like a complete communication console for your business, which gives it a clear edge over email clients for WIndows 10 like Postbox, Apple Mail, em Client, or Airmail.

Instant Messaging Integrations

There are times when emails are unnecessary. For example, your boss sends you a list of instructions. You respond to his long, rambling list with a simple “Ok” message. Sounds silly, doesn’t it? For times like these, you need an instant messaging service. Fortunately, Mailbird’s got you covered.

Slack App

Slack is a powerful team communication tool that is utilized by around 2.3 million users each day! It allows team members to communicate more quickly, share documents, and more. It even has dozens of amazing bots that automate tons of things emails can’t. Use Slack when you want a prompt response or want to discuss something fast.

WhatsApp Add-on

Over a billion people — that’s how many use WhatsApp every day on both Android and iOS devices! Mailbird allows you to use this popular mobile application on your PC or laptop, right alongside your email inbox.

Mailbird email client WhatsApp integration

If your email communication gets too long, switch the conversation to WhatsApp mode and get all the information you need in seconds.

Manage Projects on Your Desktop

Chances are, you might be using more than one productivity tool. As a result, you have to switch back and forth between these tools and your email client. Mailbird fuses these tools so you can use them all at the same time.

Asana Integration

Asana is a handy project-management tool that allows you to easily organize and plan workflows, projects, and more. The app also appears in a handy sidebar format so you can see your tasks for the day while browsing your email. Effective multitasking!

Trello App

An alternative to Asana, Trello is a card-based project management tool. Trello mimics real-life project boards to manage the project.

Never Miss a Task

To-do lists and note-taking apps are fantastic. From grocery lists and errands to important tasks, you can keep a checklist for everything!  Mailbird has a few cool to-do list apps in the Mailbird App Store to help you get more organized. App turns your email client into a real to-do list you can organize, prioritize, and schedule right alongside all your projects and tasks. You can also drag and drop emails that are relevant to set tasks.

Mailbird email client integration

Todoist App

An alternative to, Todoist helps you manage your daily tasks. There is one key difference though — Todoist allows you to create tasks via email. That means you can assign tasks to your co-workers by mail. Don’t forget to add a few additional instructions along with the tasks.

Google integrations in Mailbird

Evernote Integration

Let’s say you receive a long email. To make sense of it, you may want to break it down into smaller points or subtasks.  How can you save those points in a note or a memo for easy access? We teamed up with Evernote to create a seamless app that organizes all of your notes, documents, and files.

Here’s what you can do with our Evernote integration:

  • Collect, store, and share content on social media via Notebooks
  • Organize your notes through tags
  • Create to-do lists and memos

Work with Google App Integrations

The Mailbird app has all your office essentials. Google Drive, Docs, Calendar, and Hangouts are all available in Mailbird. Apps like these, then, function just as they would in a normal web browser.

Mailbird email client Google integrations

Say Goodbye to Your Web Browser (temporarily)!

Taking a break? Read all your favorite blogs, like Lifehacker, Tech Crunch, DailySocial, and many more, right from your email client. Why not create your reading list with the Feedly App? It combines all your favorite blogs and magazines to create a unique new feed — just for you!

Is Mailbird the Best Email Client for Windows 10? Conclusion

Mailbird is one of the best email clients for Windows 10 as it maximizes your productivity by combining all your favorite professional tools into a single easy-to-use email client.

We believe Hubspot sums it up best: “. . . this email client unifies your inbox with your apps like calendar, contacts, etc. by rolling your email and all your calendar, task, and messaging apps into an all-in-one interface. And it’s a simple user interface, which you can customize in different colors and layouts.”

Try It Now

We could tell you why Mailbird is the best email client for Windows 10, but why not just give it a try and decide for yourself? You can trial a free version, no credit card needed to sign up, and installation takes only seconds. It is not available on any app store. You can download the free trial version here!

Declutter Your Email with Mailbird. Give It a Free Try Now!

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What is the best email client for Windows 10?

Mailbird is considered the best email client for Windows 10 by those who manage multiple accounts and work with many different productivity tools. Mailbird has more than just a standard set of features. It has its own calendar, email tracking, and scheduling features, along with many useful app integrations.

What is the best free email client for Windows 10?

The top free email clients for Windows 10 are Outlook 365, Mozilla Thunderbird, and Claws Email. You can also try other top email clients and email services, such as Mailbird, for a free trial period.

What is the best email client to use?

Mailbird is often and the best email client, and here’s why:
– It helps conveniently manage multiple inboxes in the same interface. 
– Replying to emails is very efficient with its in-line reply, “send later” option, and other built-in features.
– Its solid filters and folders help declutter your inbox. 
– It has multiple integrations with top task-management and productivity apps.

Does Windows 10 have an email client?

Windows 10 has an email and calendar app you can get from the Microsoft app store. You can also try other email clients that work on Windows, such as Mailbird.

Marketing Manager

PR & Media Relations Supporting the team by communicating Mailbird and its great features to existing and potential users and media.

Published on July 19, 2020


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  • Just send them to the other account – easy

  • One reason to avoid the Mailbird like a plague: doesn’t support the ability to move messages between accounts.

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  • Hi.
    I’m currently using “Becky!”. Is it possible to grab my old emails which was downloaded and backed up on my PC by Becky?

    • Hi Benny, can you please reach out to our customer support (support(at)getmailbird(dot)com) for that. Thanks so much:-)

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    • Hi Rod, thanks for your message. We have actually replied to your other comment, so we will use the same reply here too:-) One of the main reasons why we don’t have features like ‘send later’ and ‘out of office replies’ is the users emails are not going through our server. In order for messages to be scheduled at a later time, the email will need to be saved on the server and send out whenever the user set it to be sent. Therefore we are still debating whether or not to work on features like that because we would have a lot of users that would not like their emails to be saved on a different server. Nevertheless, we are considering it and might add it to the roadmap at some point. Thanks again for reaching out and have a great rest of the week.

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    • Hi Jerry, thanks for reaching out. Please reach out to our support team for all those questions so you can get back to them in case of any more questions you might have:-) The email is support(@)getmailbird(dot)com. Thanks so much:-)

  • Alex Mooney says:

    Send later feature. Require mailbird and computer to be on to function. Simple feature that MANY people would like. I have had to create some automation to click the send button at a specific time which sucks since mailbird could be doing this for me. I’ve had to send out things over the weekend while I’m supposed to be doing other things so a Send Later feature would be a huge selling point I think 100% secure since it would be done through the client not a third party server.

    • Yes we would love this feature too Alex!! It’s in the pipeline but not this year as we have some pressing developments to get out into the software on our current roadmap.

      I know – this would be an awesome feature to schedule email sends. Thanks for your input and hang in there until we have it. In the meantime some other great features are in the works…and great for business users. Stay tuned ok! 🙂 We love having you as a customer.

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    • Great! hope you are enjoying Nick! thanks for choosing Mailbird. Share with your friends and ask them to share – so they can get the best email client ever for free too! Just use the Invite Friends option in the Mailbird menu.

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