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Best Windows 10 Email Clients to Manage All Emails in One App

Posted by Christin on July 18, 2020

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Published on July 18, 2020

Windows 10 offers a wide variety of awesome apps that can really increase both productivity and your sanity, especially when it comes to emails. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the cream of the crop – the Best Windows 10 Email Clients that allow you to manage all emails in one app.

Stop banging your head against the keyboard in frustration and install one of these Windows 10 apps that work best for you!

What Are the Best Windows 10 Email Clients to Manage All Emails in One App?


We can’t create a list of the best Windows 10 all-in-one email clients without including Mailbird! Mailbird stands out amongst other email apps in a number of ways.

Productivity is a huge issue for a lot of companies, and email can feel like fuel on an already raging fire. Features such as attachment search, profile picture search, native calendar, and a quick action bar drastically reduce the amount of time you spend finding old documents or emails.

All in one email client with multiple integrations

The Unified Inbox is a favorite feature and an important reason why many email ninjas use the Mailbird app. This is the best way to keep all email accounts in one place and manage them conveniently. This feature is an absolute must for people with multiple email accounts, letting them combine Gmail, Microsoft, Yahoo mail or any other email accounts in the same interface.

The color indicator feature tells you immediately to what email address the message was sent, without having to open the email first.

All in one email client WhatsApp integration

From there, customizing the look of the email client is up to you. You can change the background image, message sound, theme color, and welcome messages, choose a vertical or horizontal layout, and even activate a dark mode!

In order to be fully happy with an app, you need to be able to integrate a variety of other applications. Luckily, the Mailbird email app has no shortage of popular app integrations. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Cal, and Google Drive, as well as communication apps such as WhatsApp and WeChat, are some of the best email integrations available for your convenience. This is only a short list — there are many more to explore!

All in one email client WhatsApp integration

**Update** We launched our new Contacts Manager with Contacts Sync. Not only are you able to sync your contacts from any account, but they are also unified! We have combined the best features and attributes from all Contacts Managers out there and unified them in Mailbird. You can drag and drop your contacts where needed. The edits and details will be applied and synced to ALL your accounts.

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Mozilla’s very own multiple email account app is not only still around, but it’s also alive and well. Thunderbird has been popular and considered one of the best Windows 10 email clients for years because it’s a very functional application. An appealing aspect that many users adore surrounds the fact that it runs so smoothly. In the off chance it’s not functioning well, there are plenty of tips and tricks to fix just about any bug on your own.

Thunderbird all in one email client

Thunderbird offers a few other stand-out features. It’s one of the few email apps that allows you to increase the size of the window, much in the way you would with a web browser — making it ideal for those who enjoy a wide-screen monitor. An extremely powerful spam filter keeps out unnecessary junk mail. If you require an RSS feed, you may integrate that, as well. More than likely, if you’ve thought of an extension, it probably exists in Thunderbird. 

Unfortunately, Thunderbird is not being developed and updated anymore. Therefore, the UI is perceived as rather cluttered and not very intuitive by many users. 

Microsoft Outlook

The big behemoth that most people know is Microsoft Office Outlook. It’s an all-in-one productivity booster, organizational tool, calendar, and email app. A basic version comes with a whopping seven gigs and doesn’t limit the size of your attachments. Say goodbye to ZIP files!

One of Outlook’s best features is its many integrations, including Exchange support for smartphones and tablets. This allows you to use the app both on your computer and on the go. Since the email app is owned by Microsoft, you can chat directly from your inbox via Skype.

Outlook is just like the other Windows 10 email apps, dedicated to making your entire life easier, including social media. It allows you to link up accounts such as Google Plus, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It will provide you with a feed, without leaving the email app! Outlook is interested in keeping your account safe and boasts a 97% spam-blocking rate. 

All the above-mentioned features still don’t necessarily justify the price for most users. And similar to Thunderbird, Outlook’s UI feels rather cluttered and outdated for many users.

Outlook all in one email client

eM Client

This email client has a lot of the same feel as Outlook without the price tag. It behaves like a typical multi-account email app. eM Client differs from many email apps in that it’s very customizable and offers a variety of color schemes and styles. At its basic level, you have the ability to link two accounts. With the Pro upgrade, you can add as many other accounts as you please!

If you choose to participate in its paid exchange services, you’ll receive a few additional bonuses. Those include phone support and unlimited accounts. This service syncs all emails between your PC, laptop, and any mobile devices.

Popular IMing platforms such as Jabber, Yahoo mail, and Skype fit in very neatly with the built-in chat feature. It also includes many of the awesome productivity features Outlook offers, such as tasks, calendar, contacts, and junk mail filtering. Plus, it boasts additional features, like a bar that opens all previous communications between yourself and your current email contact.

eM client for managing all emails in one place


Much like eM Client, Zimbra has a lot of the same functionality as Outlook. These similarities include a calendar, contact manager, and email client. Zimbra integrates Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo mail, Microsoft Exchange, and both IMAP and POP syncing. Social media is a prominent feature as well, showing various feeds like Twitter.

Similar to Mailbird’s Unified Inbox, you can view your multiple accounts in a single inbox or as individual inboxes. Any email you receive is single or threaded. It gives you the ability to color code, filter, and tag like other email clients. Zimbra, on the other hand, has a more user-friendly feel to it. Moreover, it integrates well with your mobile devices and reflects mobile changes to your contacts on the desktop version.


Bonus: Hiri

While not specifically for managing multiple email accounts, Hiri is a productivity booster worth noting. Email can be a phenomenal tool, but we often abuse it as users. Hiri was created on this premise and is in search of a way to “fix” this behavior.

The vast majority of messages that arrive in your work inbox are thoughtless and seemingly without purpose. With this in mind, you can rate each message, which sets your email analytics. At the end of each week you’ll receive a score based on this feedback. There is an Outlook extension available if you’d like to integrate it with another app. It really sheds light on your email behaviors and can be a base for breaking bad electronic communication habits.

Ultimately, deciding on the best Windows app that allows you to manage multiple email accounts from one place really comes down to personal preference. There are a slew of programs to choose from, which all claim to be the best way to manage multiple email accounts. One way to tackle the big decision is to write up a list of the most important features to you personally. Eliminate any email apps that don’t have these essentials and narrow your search from there. 

Email doesn’t have to be the bane of your existence. Up your productivity and electronic happiness today!

Any apps you would like to add to the list above? Let us know in the comment section below.

The Best Way to Manage All Your Email Accounts in One Place

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4 Email Clients Perfect for Windows

How can I get all my emails in one place?

You can get all your emails in one place by connecting all your accounts in Mailbird. It is designed to manage multiple accounts and has essential functionality that works across all accounts, such as organizing email with filters and folders, moving emails from one account to another, and searching for emails and attachments.

How do I manage multiple email accounts?

You can manage multiple email accounts by downloading Mailbird and adding all your accounts to the app in just a few clicks. Once you’ve done that, use the Unified Inbox to view and manage all your emails in one place.

What’s the best email app?

More and more people rate Mailbird the best email app, and here’s why:
– It provides a convenient way of managing all email in one place.
– Filter and folder features help you achieve Inbox Zero.
– Native features, such as “send later” and a speed reader make reading and replying to emails a breeze.
– Multiple integrations of popular apps, such as WhatsApp and Asana


Marketing Manager

PR & Media Relations Supporting the team by communicating Mailbird and its great features to existing and potential users and media.

Published on July 18, 2020