Mailbird’s Unified Inbox: Manage All Email Accounts from One Place

Posted by Christin on October 6, 2020

Mailbird’s unified inbox for all your email accounts

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Published on October 6, 2020

How nice would it be to be able to say, “I am on top of my emails and in total control of my inbox?” Well, that might just happen with Mailbird’s Unified Inbox Plus — another great time-saving feature to help you get through your emails like a productivity machine.

Mailbird’s inbox feature is about more than just combining messages from all your different email accounts into one beautifully simple, well-managed inbox.

So let’s say you have multiple email accounts, like a Gmail account for your work email, a Hotmail account for your personal email, and maybe one more email account for miscellaneous correspondence. The Unified Inbox makes it possible for you to view emails delivered to multiple email accounts in one place.

Inbox Zero Is Even Closer Now

Reach the bottom of your inbox folder

Say hello to the hexagon icon — this is Mailbird’s Unified Inbox folder. This shows up if you have more than one email account added to Mailbird.

Unified inbox folder icon

The emails in that one inbox are shown by the order in which they are delivered, regardless of which account they are from. They are not separated or labeled.

One place for all your email account

The Unified Inbox feature contains all of your known system folders (archived, sent, trash, etc.), but the folders themselves contain all messages from all your email accounts. To keep it clean and uncluttered, your “unified archived” folder will now have your archived emails and your “All” emails combined in that folder. This only concerns your inbox if you have a Gmail account.

Gmail standard folders inside your email client

You prefer accessing the emails in their own inbox or would only like three out of your four inboxes unified?

No problem at all. You can easily disable the feature or just remove a single email account from it.

Enable Unified Inbox Plus

Simply go to your Mailbird Options -> Accounts and uncheck the “Enable unified account” box.

Enable the unified inbox in your Mailbird app

Remove a single email account from Unified Inbox Plus

Go to your Mailbird menu in the top left corner. Then choose Options -> Accounts and click the account you would like to add or exclude in Unified Inbox Plus.

Manage email accounts in Mailbird’s unified inbox

Unified Inbox Plus works when you have at least two email accounts. If you only use one email account in Mailbird, then Unified Inbox Plus removes itself and goes back to the original layout with one single account.

Is there any feature you would like us to add to your favorite email client? Please up-vote or add it in our Feature Request Forum here.

What is a unified inbox?

A unified inbox is a folder that contains all your email accounts in one place. You can apply features such as email or attachment search, filtering, or folders to all email accounts at the same time.

Does Thunderbird have a unified inbox?

No, Thunderbird doesn’t have a specialized inbox for unifying accounts. 

Does Outlook have a unified inbox?

No, there is no Outlook feature that resembles Mailbird’s inbox feature. Though you can set up filters for pulling emails from different accounts into one folder.

Why are my emails disappearing from my Outlook inbox?

The issue could be that some of the emails are accidentally flagged as spam. It could also be that your account is configured as POP, so if you open your email app from another device, emails will load on that device and disappear from the server.

Marketing Manager

PR & Media Relations Supporting the team by communicating Mailbird and its great features to existing and potential users and media.

Published on October 6, 2020


23 thoughts on "Mailbird’s Unified Inbox: Manage All Email Accounts from One Place"

  • How can I see my emails on my ipad? I bought mailbird for my computer but can not get my emails on the Ipad. Do not want to have to buy another mailbird for the ipad.

    • Hi Sylvia, you need to set/add the account in the email client on your iPad. Mailbird does not yet support iOS right now.

  • I am trying to find a suitable replacement for Windows Mail and Outlook. In both of these email programs I can have all accounts attached to one master file or *.pst if you will. I then can make a “rule” that if email in sent area shows a particular email address it goes to this folder and if it is from this email it goes to that folder etc. Is there a way to do this in Mailbird? Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.

  • I beleive the function here is just to see mail from 2 accounts in the same inbox. I have 2 accounts for work in unified but not able to move mail received from account A into a folder in account B. This sux….

    I am a paying customer by the way.

  • Francisco Aladino Abrigo Gutié says:

    I don’t want unified sent email folder

  • Florian Stangl says:

    sill only one unified. comepletley useless if you have more accounts …

  • Rob Sedgwick says:

    Is it possible to have a unified inbox, but filter the messages so they are just from your contacts?

  • Víctor Manuel Sánchez Morales says:

    I’m looking how to send via gmail with an alias, can it be done?

  • Christopher Hurley says:

    I’m looking for a Sort function. Does MailBird sort by sender?

  • richard nolan says:

    the ability to show more than the six mails currently given.important mails can disappear when new mails come

  • Gerard Bolger says:

    I really want to like Mailbird. I am running it in parallel with thunderbird ATM. Nice interface etc but no inbox filtering?

    Can I really keep this? Please replicate/improve on thunderbirds learned filtering and allow me to keep using this app!

  • Fancy Ruff-Wagner says:

    I’m just happy to hear you say “smart filtering.” More than once, even.

  • Jeff Horowitz says:

    I would have like to have virtual folders (as mentioned by Daniel Winter). The ability to organize content that came from multiple addresses in a common folder when applicable would be a huge productivity benefit.

    I appreciate having the platform to advocate for features, and to discuss issues with the software.

    • Pallav Kaushish says:

      We hear you Jeff and will definitely keep your suggestion in mind once we are on the smart filtering feature.

      Mailbird is a result of the continuous feedback from our valued users like you so keep the feedback coming and if you have any questions you can always shoot an email to

  • I wish it was true that this could be an Outlook replacement. Microsoft Exchange has been a planned feature for over two years now:

    Though have seen zero traction in this area.

    • Pallav Kaushish says:

      Hi Louis, we know it has been long but be assured it is among the top priorities for our upcoming feature development. Unfortunately can’t specify the time frame at this point but we are hoping to get it out this year. Thanks for your patience.

  • Daniel Winter says:

    This looks like a patch and glue job, sorry guys. “Unified Inbox” should be a sub-feature of a proper smart filtering mechanism (virtual folders). Not a feature that is hacked together like you guys appear to have done. You guys claim Mailbird is a client for power users but the way you guys add features tells me you cater to casual home users with 2-3 gmail accounts who get 5 emails a day. You should really stop the “Best email client” marketing or the “Outlook replacement” marketing because it makes you look bad.

    • OregonJeff says:

      I disagree. I’m a power user with multiple accounts and hundreds of emails a day. Mailbird *is* an Outlook replacement for me. I’ve yet to find a better email client on Windows than Mailbird.

      You probably shouldn’t tell them how to market their product.

      • how do you read emails from all the accounts in mailbird……doesn’t matter which account i click on i still see the emails from the default email nothing else

    • Pallav Kaushish says:

      Hi Daniel, we appreciate your feedback. As we are yet to develop the smart filtering feature, Unified inbox plus is only limited to system folders for now. But we will consider your advice once we are on it.

    • TOTALLY AGREED! Unified accounts for system folders only is half a solution – users need to be able to move emails to a shared folder system. Having to maintain a separate set of folders by account is ridiculous. Did it ever occur to Mailbird that users have legacy email accounts or alternative email accounts? 2 years ago MB said it was too complex to do this – but MS does it just fine. It does seem like Mailbird has a hacked solution that doesn’t have a clearly defined roadmap for even basic features.

    • sofian hadiwijaya says:

      Have you find good solution for that? I also waiting for that, because in mac I can use smart mailbox to do that, but unfortunately I cant find any mail client in windows. Sad

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