The Best App For Your Gmail Account On Windows 10 in 2020

Posted by Jason Ephraim on January 14, 2020


Jason Ephraim
Former Vice President of Growth

Former Vice President of Growth at Mailbird

Published on January 14, 2020

What’s the best way to manage your Gmail account on Windows?

Well, with over 500,000 email accounts (a majority of them being Gmail accounts) Mailbird is growing in popularity as the best email client for Windows users with Gmail accounts:


Why do so many people think Mailbird is perfect for Gmail?

Mailbird is Free

Email client worth downloading -end of blogpost

Every new user gets a free trial of Mailbird Pro, which allows you to manage an unlimited number of email accounts (Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Windows live Mail – all of them). After that, Mailbird is free to use, forever. If you need more than 1 account – and don’t want to purchase Pro – there are tons of ways Mailbird let’s you extend your trial by referring friends, sharing, tweeting, and more.

Mailbird looks amazing


No doubt about it, one of the biggest compliments Mailbird gets from it’s users is that it looks gorgeous. Especially if you are used to the other popular clients out there for managing your email, you will appreciate all the theme customization options that come with Mailbird. Color, layout, font, anything can be changed to suit your preferences. Try doing that with Gmail 🙂

Mailbird Has a Unified Inbox

Unified Inbox Plus - Mailbird

One inbox, all your accounts. Mailbird let’s you stay on top of all your Gmail accounts with a single glance. It’s also customizable, so you can add the ones you want, and keep irrelevant or less-important emails out of your unified inbox for less clutter and distractions.

Mailbird is easy to use

Especially if you are looking for a switch from Outlook, you will appreciate how dead-easy it is to get started with mailbird. We designed it to be intuitive, and include all the features you need – presented in a clear and sensible way.

So, Why not give Mailbird a try?

We can continue telling you about why it’s the best way to manage your Gmail account on Windows, but it is even easier to try it out yourself. In fact, if you are switching from another email client, you can even auto-magically import your accounts and settings when adding your first account.
Email client worth downloading -end of blogpost

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in February 2016 and has been updated for accuracy.


Jason Ephraim
Former Vice President of Growth

Former Vice President of Growth at Mailbird

Published on January 14, 2020


43 thoughts on "The Best App For Your Gmail Account On Windows 10 in 2020"

  • How about support? Whatsapp is so uncool, they are part of Facebook and one can imagine how much data is being sold to marketing companies and governent agencies. Telegram is non-commercial, they have an open API and there’s a web version which you could integrate probably in minutes, Checking their Google play stats, they seem to have more than 100 million users.

  • I use GMail because it is fast, fast fast.

  • I use Gmail because it hasn’t failed me. It’s fast, and it just works.

  • i use gmail because it’s free, easy to use and fast.

  • Avatar
    Jay Alsman says:

    Love the Unified Inbox, with the ability to quickly create a contact based search with one click. Awesome!

  • Wanted to use a unified inbox, but my work account is not Inbox-compatible. Discovered MailBird, and dont have to worry about it anymore. Sure would like to see an IOS app for you guys…currently using Spark, but like to support software that really works (like yours)…

  • Avatar
    Christopher says:

    Gmail is minimal, shortcuts are perfect keeping the software out of the way of getting work done and connecting.

  • I love the Mailbird interface, but need to contact integration to keep my contacts synced between all my devices! So for now I guess I will rely on Gmail.

  • I have used Gmail as my personal (non-university) email client since it was in Beta. I think it’s a great web-based option. However, I’m looking for a desktop solution to integrate my two university email accounts and found Mailbird. Looking forward to learning more about it (and would love to win the current sweepstakes so I can test all the Pro functions!).

  • I use gmail because it looks minimalist/simple and I appreciate that. It also makes dealing with a lot of emails a lot easier 🙂

  • I use gmail for my personal emails because I can access it anywhere, it is reliable, secure, intuative and I’ve had my email address for so long that I’d lose too many nostalgic emails by moving. for life!

  • Simple and elegant email client. I started loving it especially as it integrates so many other applications like Sunrise, WhatsApp etc other than email apps like Gmail, Outlook etc – Quite an impressive app!

  • Avatar
    Nick Manifis says:

    Gmail gives me access to email anywhere on any device & Mailbird has allowed me integrate all my email accounts which makes life a lot easier!

  • Avatar
    Bintan Siregar says:

    Multiple accounts are great! Gmail still gave experience while using Mailbird! and it gave me 10/10 score mail test on, and also mailbird is the first place of design of mail client 🙂 Thanks mailbird!

  • Avatar
    Salvador Limonez says:

    Gmail is nice and accessible anywhere, but mailbird is a great mail aggregator with simple UI and nice custom design options which is easy to use for those who have multiple accounts (I have 7 :0)! Yay!

  • Mailbird or Zimbra trying both on different computers now

  • I use Gmail because is fast, and works

  • I’m still working with Thunderbird – but will give Mailbird a shot…

  • Замечательный почтовый клиент, я разгреб с его помощью кучу захламленных почтовых ящиков!

  • Avatar
    aleksandra3405 says:

    I have Gmail account since college, 2006. I’m using it as my personal account, for signups like this one.

  • Avatar
    ing.alfano says:

    gmail the best email ever, mailbird the best email client ever. Period.

  • Avatar
    Melissa Cleaver says:

    I love gmail’s integration with every other app I use.

  • It’s safe, however it was blocked by government.

  • Avatar
    Maher Suleiman says:

    its gmail ! what can said more than that LOL

  • Avatar
    Jose Ramon Castelo Pardo says:

    I Like the speed searching messages of gmail

  • Gmail is rock-solid for my basic needs. The Mailbird client application appears as though it would make message management easier!

  • Avatar
    Leonardo Dias says:

    I like de clean interface of Gmail, and the automated social, updates, promotion highlighters.

  • Avatar
    Jorge Alberto Granados Parra says:

    Integration with other Google apps

  • Gmail very comfortable and visually appealing email service. The level of convenience and functionality exceeds all known to me postal services.

  • Avatar
    Rama wayoga says:

    Gmail is simple. And they always make update that make they looks better 😀 I love all about gmail

  • Avatar
    Samuel Gomes says:

    Gmail has revolutionized the e-mail. It’s features were and are still copied by other companies. It’s not hard to decide why to use Gmail.

  • I love Gmail’s spam filtering!

  • Avatar
    usman riaz says:

    Gmail is just a best solution for my problems

  • Gmail is well-organized and I love the layout. But I also love mailbird’s layout so I’m stuck in between

  • Avatar
    Shane Hinchliffe says:

    Gmail is great for the access and convenience , but bolt a fantastic app on top (Mailbird) and the productivity increases are staggering!!! Thanks MB

  • I mostly appreciate multiple account support and well organized interface. On the down side, after two days I couldn’t find how to increase font in email reading pane.

  • Avatar
    Hania Balewicz says:

    Nice is integration with Google apps

  • Compatibility

  • Avatar
    Mieczyslaw Szustakowski says:

    Gmail looks and work great!

  • Avatar
    Tim Tensen says:

    Great with all apps I use for work

  • Avatar
    Adam Davies says:

    I really hope that Mailbird takes a note of how Polymail manages the GMail accounts. It actually enables you to use the updates, social & promotions tabs to keep your inbox clean and only containing direct contact and important emails. Unfortunately it is only for Mac at this time but it shows that it is clearly possible to bring these filters across to a desktop platform. Please Mailbird take note and add this, I installed your application on the laptop I am using now as a simple got to for emails etc on the go and I forgot how much those filters allow me to get through my day I uninstalled your application within about 15 minutes because of constant notifications that I never have to deal with but can always view once my inbox is clear. Hope this is noted.

  • Avatar
    Syed Rehan Ali says:

    Is it just for Gmail, or other email accounts can also be setup ?

  • I hate that you can have only one inbox account @ free version tbh

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