The Best Way to Unsend Email in 2019

Posted by Jason Ephraim on January 8, 2019

Ever wish you could Unsend that last Email?

Have you ever sent an email only to realize you sent it to the wrong person?

Or, maybe you’ve sent an email referencing an attachment you forgot to include?

Spelling errors. Grammar mistakes. Wrong name. Wrong attachments…

unsend email hagrid

It’s easy to feel a little anxious about clicking that send button. Especially, if you have ever experienced that sinking, dreadful feeling of seeing an error in an email you just sent- and knowing you are powerless to do anything about it.


Potential for Disaster

email depression


Now, most of the time it’s not a big deal if a bad email goes out the door:

  • • Most people won’t notice that misplaced apostrophe.
  • • You can quickly follow up with another email with the correct attachment.
  • • You can send a message telling them to disregard your previous email.
  • • And so on…

But, every so often, there are situations where sending an email with what may seem like a small error on it or even clicking on something you shouldn’t have, can have huge and far reaching repercussions.

This can have an impact on:

  • Your career – if this happens to you regularly or if the mistake is a big one, it can tarnish your reputation within your workplace
  • Your personal relationships – while friends and family are more forgiving than work can be, emails with incorrect information can still make you look bad or untrustworthy
  • Your financial security – Clicking on viruses or malware can put your financial security at risk and open up the potential for hacking. Banking information and other sensitive information such as passwords should never be shared over email, too.
  • Your personal information – Again, viruses, malware or sending sensitive personal information over email can jeopardize the safety of our valuable personal information

And the scary thing is; no matter how many times you re-read, check, and test emails before sending them along – there is always the chance some tiny mistake will make it past you.


Worry No More! Introducing: Undo Send


To make sure you never have to worry about problems like these again, Mailbird is now equipped with a new “unsend email” option.

Gmail, Yahoo mail, Windows Live mail; no matter what accounts you use, you can now quickly prevent any email from sending up to 30 seconds after clicking “send”.

undo send button
What you will see when sending a message with “undo send” active

To enable this new feature, all you need to do is open your options menu inside Mailbird, go to the “composing” tab, and use the slider under the “sending” section to indicate the amount of time you would like to allow for any sent email to be recalled.

undo send settings
You can activate and adjust “undo send” in the option menu, under “composing”

By dragging the slider, you can indicate the period of time you would like to be able to unsend any message. Indicating an undo send period of anything greater than 0 seconds means your Undo Send is activated.

When an Undo Send period is set, every email you send from your accounts in mailbird will show up as “sending” at the bottom of the interface – along with an option to quicklyundo” the action. If you click “unsend”, that email then reverts to a draft and appears in your drafts folder – so you can correct it before re-sending. That’s it! Easy, right?

Something to note about the maximum duration is the message will currently send if and when another notification takes its place, so the only way to get the full 2 minutes of delay would be to avoid performing stuff like archiving and deleting while you’re seeing that undo send notification.

What other features does Mailbird have to reduce mistakes in emails?

  1. Use Spellchecker! Click on the function for every email you draft to ensure that grammar and spelling is kept in check. (Pun intended)
  2. Use the Speed-reader function to go over your emails quickly to catch any mistakes that pop up. This is a quick and efficient way to read over emails without having to spend as much time!
  3. Use the Quick Preview of Attachments functions to quickly look at what you’ve attached to an email to ensure it’s the right stuff. All it takes is a quick view.

Emails as First Impressions

Email lacks the ‘human touch’ so-to-speak, so every word counts to build the right tone. No matter what type of email you’re sending, how you position your messages is very important. It can really play in favour or against your first impression to clients, customers, colleagues, future employers etc. Email marketers will be the first to tell you that. Writing a compelling email is only truly effective if it’s written in a clear and concise manner. Whether you’re sending a request for a raise or you’re applying for a new position, emails need to be as professional as possible with little to no noticeable errors.

Delaying emails with the undo email function with Mailbird will save you a hassle and it will let you catch your mistakes immediately. Send that final dissertation in with the correct version and title, send that mass work email with details about the upcoming Christmas party with the right date and time (wouldn’t that be a mess?), catch spelling errors and mistakes that go beyond spellchecker and feel confident that the email you sent about a job inquiry is nothing short of professional.

Of course, everyone makes mistakes but avoiding these hiccups makes sure you don’t mess up in the grander scheme of things. Undo send will keep you on top of your A-game so you can focus on your abilities and move forward from any errors you’ve made!


Email client worth downloading -end of blogpost

Have You Ever Sent An Email & Immediately Wished You Could Delete It?

Why not share your story. It may be too late to delete that email, but that doesn’t mean we can’t commiserate with you. Leave your story of email woe in the comments.

⇦ Please Help Spread The Word By Sharing The News About Undo Send. Thank You!

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in February 2016 has been revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

Jason Ephraim

Former Vice President of Growth at Mailbird

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33 thoughts on "The Best Way to Unsend Email in 2019"

  • I was so excited to see this feature listed in the latest release. Amazing job, guys! I was missing undo-ing my emails with Gmail. Now I can pursue my undo-ing a(ddi)ction with Mailbird. How great is that 🙂

  • Does this work with personal IMAP email accounts on your own domain name (so not a gmail, yahoomail, windows live mail account but a personal email account such as [email protected])?

  • Nm I just tested it.. It’s not really an undo, just a “delay in sending” feature it seems. Useful though 🙂

  • Regret for only delaying email, not undoing.
    Even this delay all email sending i want fast it.

    • Michael Olsen says:

      Hi Lin,

      Unfortunately it’s not technically possible to undo a sent email. Once that email is sent to a server and it propagates around the Internet there’s nothing that can bring it back 🙂

      For instance Gmail will tell you that they sent the email but that’s not actually true. They just haven’t sent it yet in the background 🙂

  • Please change “undo send” to “delay send” not to confuse all users of mailbird.

    • Hey Lin, thanks for the feedback. I think it would confuse people more to call it “delay send”. We would end up explaining that it works like gmails “Undo Send” feature.:-)

  • Naming this feature “undo send” makes it sound bigger that it really is. Its delayed send. I like it. I like it a lot. Its very useful. My suggestion would be to rename it to “delayed send” so it more accurately describes what it actually does, and allow a longer duration. I would like to be able to set the delay up to 2 minutes. Other people might want an even longer delay.

    • M. SANA ULLAH SAHAR says:

      +1 Ed Nafziger, Totally agree

    • I do not mind seeing it as “undo” as long as I understand what it’s doing but yeah, 30 seconds is not enough.. at least 5min.. Another cool feature I have in my Thunderbird is “send later” so I can prepare emails at evening/night but send them when working day started and so on. Useful.

    • Michael Olsen says:

      Hi Ed,

      We didn’t name it “undo send” to make it sound bigger than it is, but simply to align it with something that people already understand – Gmail’s undo send feature (which just delays the email sending just like we do – albeit in the background so you don’t notice it). We thought about having it show as having been sent as well, but that could lead to someone closing Mailbird thinking it’s sent, when in fact it has not. Gmail if you close the browser will still send the email because it’s already on the server, but we can’t do that as easily as a client on your machine.

      I’ll see what I can do about getting it renamed though – thanks for the comments 🙂

      Something to note about the maximum duration is the message will currently send if and when another notification takes its place, so the only way to get the full 2 minutes would be to not perform stuff like archiving and deleting while you’re seeing that undo send notification. For that reason it’s not currently feasible to lengthen the time, without making other changes – but we’ll take it into consideration.

      • I was not aware that Gmail had a delay send feature, or that they call it “undo send”. Apparently I’m one of the few people that absolutely despise Gmail’s web interface, I don’t use it. If that is what Google calls it, then perhaps it is already obvious to most uses what it does and how its expected to work.


    This is good. Now I can rest easy about sending mails.Have a good day

  • Nice introduction and a much needed one.

  • Good feature. To people who want to rename it to “delay send”, that will just confuse people. Sure it is actually delaying the send, but the button people will click to recall the email will be “undo send”, so it makes perfect sense to call it that.

  • prometheus63x says:

    This feature gives you time for 30 seconds to decide… What about if you realize the mistake after a couple of minutes? Is there any way to unsend?

  • It’s a useful feature but I wish the message wouldn’t disappear out of sight to Drafts. How am I going to see those spelling errors or those social faux pas if I can’t see the message

  • Better than UnSend would be if they fix the glitch where when you use the TAB key in an email, it goes to the SEND button (instead of tabbing 3-5 spaces) and if you then hit ENTER (because you tabbed like you would in a normal doc and are going to next line) it sends a half-finished email.

    I wouldn’t need an Unsend button if this were fixed 🙂

  • Would like a longer delay – up to five minutes. 30 seconds is not enough time in my opinion. I do the same thing with my corporate email using an Outlook rule. But let me say – great feature!

  • Guilherme Aguiar says:

    I would like to ask for some new features!

    1) Android App;
    2) A native spam filter.
    3) Telegram app.

    Are you working on this future updates?


  • Worthy content
    Thanx for this blog

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