The Top 3 Small Businesses Email Providers in 2019

Posted by Viola Eva on December 17, 2018

Viola Eva

Viola Eva

SEO Consultant from Flow SEO

Published on December 17, 2018

As a small business owner, you probably have many tasks and obligations on your plate. Each of these responsibilities can have an impact on your business in one form or another. That is why gathering accurate and crucial information on the proper subject can help you make an informed decision. If you’re thinking about which email provider is the best pick for your company, you came to the right place.


In order to make the selection process more manageable, we have prepared a short analysis of the top three small businesses email providers.


For all free or low-cost business email providers there, Mailbird is also a great low-cost option for desktop email clients as this is one of the main reasons why existing businesses choose Mailbird over the competition!


Choosing the right email provider can be an extremely crucial decision, especially if your business has the potential for scalability or if you’re working in the digital field. Because every small company has different needs, size and end-goals, what might work for one business can be utterly wrong for another. With that in mind, we urge you to make a quick analysis of your own and identify your company’s email requirements before making a choice.


The three highly efficient email providers that filled a spot on our list are:


  1. Google G Suite (Google’s Apps for Work)
  2. Microsoft Office 365 (Outlook)
  3. Zoho


In each of the following sections, you will see that we start out with the price of the email service provider, and then we move on to the offered features and integration options. Let’s begin with the most popular one of them all, the Google G Suite.



The Google G Suite (Google’s Apps for Work) as the best email service for small business


Price: Basic edition with 30GB storage for $5 USD per month

       Business edition with unlimited storage and archiving for $10 USD per month

       Enterprise edition with advanced controls and capabilities for $25 USD per month


The main reasons the Google G Suite is regarded as one of the best email services for small business are his forefront cloud-based tools and fast syncing abilities that allow for smooth remote work. When the working process is shared between multiple individuals, a streamlined process becomes a key to productivity. All your team needs is a computer with an internet connection.


The learning curves are marginal since the most used features of the G Suite for small businesses are the Google Docs, Sheets and Calendar, and they had been introduced by Google a while ago. Editing Google Docs is very simple, and keeping track of revisions and updated versions is a far simpler task than with the regular Office Word document.


You can get access to many web apps that sync with the Google provider. Moreover, the G Suite allows for full integration with most of your business productivity apps, like syncing your Asana project deadline with the Google Calendar. You can also create your business email address when you open a G Suite account.


If you require a streamlined process to do your work effectively, then the G Suite is your safest bet for a small business email provider. Also you can use EmailAnalytics to visualize email activity within G Suite and Gmail.


The Microsoft Office 365 (Outlook) as an email service for small business


Price: Office 365 Business for $8.25 USD per month

       Office 365 Business Premium for $12.50 USD per month

       Office 365 Business Essentials without Office applications for $5.00 per month


The other biggest contender for the “best email service for small business” award is the Microsoft Office 365. MS Outlook is the third most-used email provider worldwide, with only G Suite and Apple’s client ahead.
The most important feature of the Office 365 is the whole variety of desktop applications that it provides, and the G Suite does not. However, if you’re a G Suite user, that is easily solvable with an efficient desktop email client. Another significant advantage of the Office 365 for companies that have to store data is the massive storage space —  1 TB of storage for the entry level business package.


The business email comes with a 50 GB inbox, which is added to the above mentioned 1 TB storage. The interface for the email service is rather simple for users, and you are probably already familiar with the way Microsoft apps work. Moreover, you can set up one unified inbox with multiple email accounts in Microsoft Outlook.


If you process and store a lot of data for your daily business activities, then we would recommend you choose the Microsoft Office 365.


Note of importance: All of the price packages for Office 365 come with an annual commitment.


The Zoho email provider


Price: Basic for €3 EUR per month

       Professional for €6 EUR per month


Your business can benefit from a “smaller” email provider, and even though Zoho is not Microsoft or Google, it does offer excellent features for small companies. What’s more, it’s a bit more affordable than G Suite and Office 365, and if your goal is to get a great provider, which is reasonably priced, then Zoho wins.


The user interface is intuitive, and the manager has extensive administrative controls that might come in handy for spam control, setting mailbox limits and blocking email accounts. You get support on all devices, as with G Suite and Office 365, and Zoho offers calendar and task management features, the same as the others. Zoho has a cloud-based office and document management bundle, called Zoho Docs.


If you’re searching for the best price and similar quality service for your business, then Zoho offers the best deal on the market.


Note of importance: The Zoho price packages are billed annually plus taxes.



Desktop email clients as email solutions for small business


Once you set up your professional email account, it would be prudent to focus on managing it. If you’re searching for an email solution for a small business, we must recommend you to find a proper email management tool. A high-quality desktop email client can be that tool, which will help you with your organisational issues and employee task management.


Besides, almost all of the best email clients today offer the unified inbox option that integrates an unlimited number of email accounts in one place, and that can be quite beneficial for a small company. Mailbird, for example, has a unified inbox with colour indicators to help you differentiate which emails come from which account.


Using a desktop email client can help you enhance the management of your small business email through plenty of integration features and intuitive design. Your inbox can be spotless and well-organised for a quick response! The most popular email clients today are Mailbird, Airmail, Hiri, eM client, Mozilla Thunderbird and others. Airmail is the most elegant Mac email client that you can find on the market, and it is famous for its speedy performance and high-level of user interaction.


Mailbird, on the other hand as a Windows-based desktop client, can offer you options like In-line Reply, Quick Action Bar, Attachment Search and others. Furthermore, you will get full integration of the popular productivity apps from one simple interface, and it’s also a great email client for freelancers because of its high level of customisation.


For all free or low-cost business email providers there, Mailbird is also a great low-cost option for desktop email clients as this is one of the main reasons why existing businesses choose Mailbird over the competition!

Viola Eva

Viola Eva

SEO Consultant from Flow SEO

Published on December 17, 2018


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