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Gmail for Business & Alternatives

Gmail for Business & Alternatives
Gmail for Business & Alternatives

Want to know Gmail for Business pricing? There's that and more in store for you!

The price of the product has always been one of the determining factors for buyers, which is why we decided to create the ultimate business email price list. In this article, you are going to find the price plans per user for most of the popular email providers such as G suite for Business, email hosting companies and email desktop clients on the market today. Our goal is to give you a real-time preview of the services, such as G Suite Basic, available to you today.

Furthermore, in this review of business email prices, you will also find free group email services, which are an excellent option for any startup company. In big or small businesses, owners have to plan your Google Workspace and email management policy according to your budget, and that is why you can find free, affordable and somewhat expensive products and services in this article.

The price is only one aspect of the real-time decision-making process, but it is the most important one. In the words of the famous Warren Buffett: "Price is what you pay. Value is what you get."

A to Z: The Business Email Cost, from Google G Suite to Amazon Work Mail

Gmail for business pricing and other email service costs
Gmail for business pricing and other email service costs

In the following section of this article, we are going to provide you with information about email cost for the most popular email providers today, such as G Suite. However, we will not go into detail about the quality of the group email service, data loss prevention or which of these platforms qualifies as the best work email.

G Suite: Gmail for Business pricing:

  • Starter - Professional G Suite for Business with 30 GB Google cloud storage on Google Drive - $6 USD per user per month
  • Business - Enhanced G Suite for Business with unlimited Google cloud storage on Google Drive and archiving — $12 USD per user per month for Standard and $18 USD for per user per month for Business Plus
  • Enterprise - Premium G Suite for Business with advanced controls and capabilities, docs, sheets, unlimited Google cloud storage on Google Drive — the price per user is calculated upon request

Microsoft Office 365 price plan:

  • Office 365 Business Basic - basic functionality - $5 USD per user / month
  • Office 365 Business Standard - additional business management tools and desktop office suite - $12.50 per user per month
  • Office 365 Business Premium - advanced security and desktop management - $20 USD per user / month

Yahoo Mail Small Business price plan:

    • Personal - $3.19 per one mailbox + tax
    • For teams - $1.59 per mailbox for up to 5 users + tax
  • Best for business - $1.19 per mailbox for up to 10 users + tax

Zoho Workplace price plan:

  • Standard - $3 USD for a user per month / billed annually + tax
  • Professional - $USD 6 per user per month / billed annually + tax

Proton Mail price plan:

  • Proton Professional - €8 EUR per user monthly per user
  • Proton Professional annual - €75 EUR per user

Amazon Work Mail price plan:

  • Amazon Work Mail - 50GB storage - $4 USD for a user per month

Email Hosting Cost

Opening an email account with a generic email address with G Suite is simple and easy, however, most of the time in the G Suite for Business world, that's not enough. You'll have to consider buying a web hosting account such as that with G suite Basic on Google Workspace which would feature your business name in the email address and give you that professional branding among your peers. Be sure to do your research carefully before settling on a Google Workspace or another provider.

Believe it or not, your choice of web host can even affect SEO. Additionally, as you might imagine, you'll want to look carefully at their options, such as security features and data loss prevention, for email address hosting. For that purpose, we are going to provide you with a list of the email hosting costs for some of the most popular hosting services on the market:

Rackspace Email price plan:

  • Rackspace Email - $2.99 per month/user
  • Rackspace Email Plus - $3.99 per month/user
  • Rackspace Archiving - $6.99 per month/user


  • Fasthosts Standard Email - £1.99 per month/user
  • Fasthosts Exchange Email - £4.99 per month/user
  • Fasthosts Office 365 - £12.49 per month/user

Liquid Web

  • Liquid Web Standard - $1 per month/mailbox
  • Liquid Web Plus - $3 per month/mailbox
  • Liquid Web Microsoft exchange - $10 per month/mailbox

Desktop Email Client Prices

Desktop email clients such as Google Workspace are used for better email management, as well as boosting productivity within teams and companies through video conferencing. The best email clients provide you with a unified inbox that integrates all your email addresses in one place, and they have productivity and security features that make your job easier. The most popular email client features are attachment cloud search, video conferencing, in-line reply, quick action bar, and others.

Furthermore, a quality email client should be able to integrate all of the business productivity, cloud search, and video conferencing apps your employees are already using, like Asana and Slack. The price list for the most popular desktop email clients on the market today are:

  • Airmail (Mac/iOS) - $9.99 yearly or $49.99 single purchase
  • Mailbird Business (Windows) - $5.75 per user/month billed annually (Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are accepted payment options)
  • Evolution (Linux) - free (open-source)

Free or Low-Cost Business Email Providers

Desktop email client to manage email aliases
Desktop email client to manage email aliases

All of the email alias providers mentioned above, such as Google Workspace or Zoho feature a free email version. However, we're still going to provide you with more free or low-cost business email options. Here is an additional list of free email services for you to consider:

  • GMX Mail
  • Fastmail
  • Hushmail
  • Yandex Mail

Each of the options we presented in this article, such as G Suite for Business, has strong suits, and flaws, and if you do decide to choose one of them, we recommend you read more about its features. This Gmail for business pricing and alternatives list should be a pointer to help you make a prudent decision for your company and your operating budget.