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Published on December 16, 2019

You may not believe it, but 2018 is almost over and 2019 will be here before we realize it. As the years come and go, one thing is ever changing: the trends in social media. You may have just become a top social media by using memes and adding videos to your social media channels, but it’s time to learn over and over again a whole new set of rules.

What were the hottest social media trends of 2017?

  • Live Streaming Video
  • Chatbots
  • Expired social content
  • Merging Social Media Platforms
  • Greater difficulty in acquiring organic social traffic
  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
  • Custom Content Increase
  • Increased use of social influencers

And now, what’s on the horizon for 2019? Keep reading, do not leave here, please. So, this write-up will try to show you a bit about the trends to follow and that we can familiarize ourselves with how you can start planning your new year strategy.Staying on top of social media trends and understanding them is important to increase user engagement. Creating and engaging your content for them is important to your business. Here’s what you need to keep your strategy aligned with your audience:

1 – Increase relevant content

Irrelevant social media content is a waste of everyone’s time. It can be disappointing for customers when they want to read the latest news from you and see an update that has nothing to do with your brand. In fact, nearly three in four users get frustrated when content is not relevant to their interests.Customizing content targeted to your audience is a big trend in content marketing, and extends to other media. As social media platforms change, their analytics tools and business-specific features will become increasingly detailed and valuable to brands.

2 – The video will continue to grow

Everyone already knows that video content is popular and therefore is very important for social media marketing. As social algorithms continue to evolve, video will only grow and will become increasingly valuable in engaging and building your brand and generating more and more results. Instagram and Snapchat stories gave brands the opportunity to create video content and share it immediately with their followers. Apart from using recorded video content, businesses are also increasing engagement through live video streams and creating diverse content on various ott platforms like Vimeo and DacastHaving the ability to create this type of content and strategy to tie you to your content written for your blog and publications outbound will be key to the brands in 2019.

Social Media Trends

3 – Chatbots continue to grow

Instant connection and generalized Internet access have conditioned us to want things for yesterday or, if that is not possible, in the next five minutes. Unfortunately, this leads to a lot of companies doing one of two things. First, responding so quickly that mistakes are made and the quality of service suffers. Or second, freezing on their tracks because they are not sure how to meet this demand for speed. This is part of what makes chatbots, especially through Facebook Messenger. Chatbots will give businesses the opportunity to interact quickly with their audience in a way that makes them feel personal; you can customize your voice tag and send personalized content directly to users.

4 – Focus on Generation Z

A recent study by Goldman Sachs concluded that Generation Z is more valuable to most organizations than the generation of millennial. They are just beginning to enter the workforce, and will have increased purchasing power in some time.Each company should begin to recognize this, and re-evaluateits social media strategies with its social media marketing agency, accordingly to this generation.

5 – Marketing Purposes

Marketing by social media is turning more to connect with the audiences of your emotions than formerly and erroneously about launching a new product or just sharing news. brands can and should use goal-oriented marketing to reach an audience based on their common needs and interests particularly in supporting a worthy cause.Customers are loyal to brands that have a purpose, with 91% of millennial saying they will switch brands to a company with a cause. Partnering with non-profit organizations and charities, or establishing a “give something value for something” program, can mark a stronger presence by aligning its purpose with the values ​​and priorities of consumers.

Social Media Trends

Let’s embark for 2019

Are any of these social media trends for 2019 surprising? Hope so. This is why it is important to learn and adopt every trend in your social media marketing campaign.

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Social Media TrendsSarah Feldman is a Marketing Manager and is currently working with Digital Express, a social media marketing agency in Dubai. She loves to learn and share about latest digital marketing updates and trends.


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Published on December 16, 2019