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Chat with Tech Leader Leonardo Santoso

Chat with Tech Leader Leonardo Santoso
Chat with Tech Leader Leonardo Santoso

You have been working with our users for eight years. Have you noticed if Mailbird's user behavior has changed over time?

The pandemic changed everything last year, workplaces are more open to employees working from home and creating all-remote positions. As a result, the ability to communicate via email or a messaging service has become essential.

Not only that, we've also seen an influx of new users from the older demographic of our communities. It's amazing seeing the diversity of our users expand to people over the age of 60 and knowing that we are their email client of choice.

The trend today seems to have changed from wanting an email client that is sophisticated and can do anything, to an email client that is simple and just works. This is reflected in our audience, who aren't necessarily tech-enthusiasts — but are finding their way.

What does a good support specialist do to face tech challenges head-on?

First and foremost, they should be observant of the changes people are facing. Trying to solve every issue a user faces has become difficult to accomplish and adding more support hours and personnel is not a good solution for this. Instead, we have two approaches to support our users:

We ensure when we release a product that it is as streamlined as possible, so all users can feel comfortable navigating it. This cuts back the need to ask for support by a significant amount.

The next is to ensure that we provide ample knowledge and tools the user can implement to help themselves. We do this by incorporating a responsive chatbot and writing comprehensive articles for our knowledge base.

We also empower the community. That is one of the most important things you can do. If we can cultivate and provide a positive environment for a Mailbird community to thrive, each member can help the other, and the more members that we have, the more effective the community will be.