Behind The Scenes

Mailbird Peeks Inside Our Team’s (Remote) Homes to Learn about Productivity

Working remotely is harder than most people think. Distractions are a constant problem, but so is overworking and the burnout it can lead to, especially recently. Today is Workaholics Day, a day...

July 5, 2021

Behind The Scenes

Finding Balance at Mailbird: A Check-in With Our Working Moms

As a business with several women in leadership, we take pride in offering a remote career to people globally, to families of all shapes and sizes.  We recognize that like motherhood, finding and...

May 22, 2021


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Behind The Scenes

Talking Customer Happiness with Our Tech Support Leader, Leonardo Santoso

You have been working with our users for eight years. Have you noticed if Mailbird’s user behavior has changed over time? The pandemic changed everything last year, workplaces are more open to...

March 31, 2021