6 Reasons Why People Hate Receiving Your Emails

Posted by Jason Ephraim on June 1, 2016

email habits

Do people really enjoy getting email from you?

Check out the top 6 mistakes that lead to people dreading emails from people.


Do any sound familiar? Don’t worry! We’ve included some tips to help you fix them.


  1. People hate it when they ask you something, only to have them waiting for an answer that may never come. Example: Them: “Do you have the report ready for Friday?” You: “I’ve been out of the office today. Super busy!” The Fix: Even if it’s a quick “okay” answer people directly, or let them know when to expect an answer.
  2.  You sandwich what you actually need from recipients to the point it’s confusing or easily missed. Example: You: “I’ve been really busy gathering the data for the annual report. It’s tough to find the data for index 23. Can you find it? I’ll be working on the rest of the report…..” The Fix: Repeat your request or expand on it in a separate (preferably, close to the beginning or end) part of the message
  3. You constantly use email when it would be faster or more clear to use chat, a phone call, or in person. Example: Any email chain that starts growing beyond a few back and forth, or involves more than a couple people The Fix: Don’t be afraid to ask to move the conversation to a better medium. Ask to schedule a meeting, call, or even a lunch.
  4. Your witty or sarcastic remarks are often taken literally or negatively. Other times, they’re just plain confusing. Example: You: “You know what they say about Women and email…” The Fix: If anything can be ambiguous or taken in a negative way, leave it out. If you have to include it, reword it to be as clear as possible.
  5. You send urgent requests in emails expecting immediate attention. Example: You: “I need this done for the client in 30 minutes.” The Fix: If you expect to need anything from the recipient in the next couple days, switch to a phone call or talk to them in person.
  6. Your emails are one big chunk of words lacking emphasis preventing readers from skimming them. Example: Any paragraph more than 6 lines long, with multiple important points, or lacking lists, headings or bullet points. The Fix: People skim, so make it easy on them with point- separated paragraphs, bullet point lists, clear headings, and requests actions on their own paragraph.


Jason Ephraim

Former Vice President of Growth at Mailbird

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