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Best Opera Mail Alternative in 2024: Features & Drawbacks

Best Opera Mail Alternative in 2024: Features & Drawbacks
Best Opera Mail Alternative in 2024: Features & Drawbacks

Opera Mail was discontinued in 2024, so anyone still using the email client is bound to feel the lack of support. If you're running into way more technical issues than you initially anticipated, things have to change.

You need a solid, reliable, and dependable alternative to opera mail client that will provide ease of use and powerful features.

Here, you'll find three top opera mail alternatives that are far better in performance. We'll get into the details and show you why they offer a better value proposition than Opera Mail. Additionally, we will walk you through our selection criteria, one that you can use later when shopping around for an email client.

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What Is Opera Mail?

Opera Mail is a free email client developed by the team behind the well-known Opera web browser. It's similar to what Thunderbird is to Mozilla Firefox.

The email client was initially offered as an integrated component of the Opera browser until 2013. From there onwards, it functioned as a stand-alone tool. Although it is not actively supported anymore, you can still download Opera Mail Client from a few locations. But is there a point?

Since it was discontinued in 2016, the Opera Software development team doesn't work on fixing any issues or offer any updates to the platform. This leaves the software vulnerable to attacks, data breaches, and other similar problems.

In light of this, the best course of action is to switch to a more modern email client. But which one should you choose? Ultimately, it's the software that satisfies all or most of your requirements. And there are certain criteria that can help you make the choice.

Criteria to Consider When Choosing an Alternative to Opera Mail

We've devised a list of criteria that help describe any email client and find its good and bad sides. There are eight key aspects that we consider most telling.


A good way to gauge how helpful, efficient, and reliable a product or service is, is by assessing the experience of previous users. Public ratings have made it easy and convenient to identify this, mainly since you can find reviews for anything and everything online nowadays.

Built-In Features

A good email client has a set of features that helps manage emails effectively and navigate your inbox seamlessly. If an email client satisfies most of your requirements, it'll help you improve time management, optimize your inbox, and meet your daily objectives.

User Interface

An email client is a tool that should assist in your daily activities, not make them more complicated. Therefore, It must have an advanced customization feature that allows users to customize their experience based on their preferences. Furthermore, its design should be modern and sleek while remaining user-friendly with easy navigation.

A recent study found that when users had easier access to specific functions, their productivity increased by 25%. Therefore, having a well-designed user interface that is both attractive and functional is key for any successful email client in 2023.


An easy-to-install app is a given. But, with an email client, you then need to add accounts and check or set server settings. You can pinpoint good email software by how simple and straightforward that process is.

Multiple-Email Account Management

Many people have more than one account, so a good email client should allow you to manage all your accounts. It should enable you to clearly label and sort out your emails from different accounts as well as provide a seamless experience switching between accounts.


Hackers and people with ill intent are constantly devising new ways to get ahold of your data. As such, your email client should be safe, and its developers should offer regular updates to address emerging issues that may threaten the security of your data.

To ensure a secure experience that meets the highest security standards, every email client should include:

  1. End-to-end encryption protocols for data protection
  2. Two-Factor Authentication for increased account security
  3. Anti-phishing measures to protect against malicious emails
  4. Multi-layered security solutions to prevent unauthorized access


Even if a piece of software is optimized, tried, and tested, sometimes issues might arise. Having a way to troubleshoot the issues and find solutions can make all the difference between a great piece of software and a terrible one. A good email client, in this case, offers human assistance or, at the very least, sufficient support articles that can help you find a solution.


A paid tool is usually a better option because the fees allow the developers to maintain stability of the software, provide timely bug fixes, and release new features. They also go into providing live support.

Of course, going above your budget may not be wise. But if you can spare a few dollars a month for an email client, you are likely to have fewer issues in the long run.With our criteria out of the way, let's get to the three leading picks you can go with instead of Opera email software.


Mailbird is a top pick for several reasons, bias not included.

For starters, its key strengths include how easy it is to configure the software, the overall user experience, seamless app integration, and advanced customization.

Mailbird is also constantly improving its platform and overall service, which sets it apart from other competitors in the industry, making it our first pick for Opera Mail alternatives currently available on the market. Also it is the best choice for outlook alternative as well.

It is currently available on all Windows systems from XP to 11, and the Mac version is in the making.


G2 - 4/5 | Capterra - 4.4/5


Mailbird sports some elegant features, such as:

  • A unified inbox that allows you to manage several accounts simultaneously;
  • Advanced search that can be applied to all accounts in the unified inbox, or separately;
  • A native calendar that allows you to manage your events easily;
  • A contact manager where you can merge or drag and drop contacts; and
  • Productivity features, including speed reader, email snooze, scheduling emails, and email tracking.

Aside from built-in features, Mailbird also supports integration with third-party applications, such as Evernote, Google Workspace, Asana, and Messengers. You can find the full list of integrations on our support page.

User interface

Mailbird's architecture and overall layout improve your email management and online communication. Its user interface is uncluttered, easy to navigate, and provides the right amount of contrast so you can find the account or feature you need in no time.

You can customize Mailbird's look with themes, colors, and even notification sounds. For example, you can set your favorite photo as the background image.


As for configuration, Mailbird allows you to easily install the app on your computer using the installation wizard.

Setting up accounts is straightforward as the app automatically detects server settings. You can add an IMAP or POP account from Gmail, Outlook, AOL, Yahoo, iCloud, Exchange, or any other email provider. And you can change server settings if needed.

Once you finish adding all the accounts you need, you can tailor the app to suit your preferences.

Multiple-email account management

What makes Mailbird truly dedicated to managing multiple accounts is the unified inbox. Its special functionality carries throughout the application, meaning that you can:

  • Apply email and attachment search to all connected accounts;
  • Filter emails from different accounts into one set of folders; and
  • Navigate all calendars at once, and more.


Mailbird considers your privacy a top priority. All the data is stored on your computer and never shared with third parties or the Mailbird team.

The ability to securely manage multiple email accounts is essential in an age where cyber threats are becoming increasingly prevalent. Many modern mail solutions offer third party security, two factor authentication, and email encryption that can help keep user data safe from malicious activities.

It is important for users to choose Mailbird as an alternative to Opera Mail Client. Mailbird uses these features as part of its services, allowing them to have peace of mind knowing their emails, contacts and other sensitive information are well protected against any potential threats.


Mailbird provides all-round support for customers as well as the software.

Customer support is always available via email. You can chat with real people if you have any questions that aren't covered in the Help Center articles.

Mailbird developers provide consistent updates, guaranteeing that the platform delivers a high-quality tool.


As for pricing, you can try Mailbird for free for a trial period. Once satisfied with your experience, you can pay $27.36/year for the personal plan or $48.36/year for the business plan. Or you can opt for a personal lifetime subscription at $99. And if you're a first-time visitor, you're eligible for a discount starting at 30% off.


Personal - $27.36/Year or Pay Once for a lifetime subscription at $49.50.
Business - $48.36/Year or Pay Once subscription at $99.75.

Free trial



Windows XP/7/8/10/11(Mac version coming soon)


  • Unified inbox
  • Unified calendar
  • Advanced search
  • Attachment search
  • Undo send
  • Email schedule
  • Speed reader
  • In-line reply
  • Quick buttons for handling emails
  • Touchscreen support


  • Collaboration tools: Asana, Trello, Todoist
  • Messengers: Facebook, WhatsApp, Slack
  • Storage: Dropbox, Google Drive, Degoo

Download Mailbird

Mailbird is our number one recommendation and for good reason - it stands out. You can download and try Mailbird for free today, and should you like it, you can go ahead and make a purchase.


We picked Mailspring as our third recommendation for best alternatives to Opera Mail, mainly owing to its user interface, built-in features, and overall security. It is available both for Windows and Mac.

Something worth noting is that you no longer require a Mailspring ID to access any of the app's features. This was an issue for many users.


G2 - 4.5/5 | Capterra - 5/5


As for built-in features, Mailspring has:

  • Read receipts that notify you as soon as contacts read your messages allowing you to follow up appropriately;
  • Individual and company profiles for better contact management;
  • Link tracking to notify you when and by whom a link was clicked; and
  • Mailbox insights to keep a grip on how you use your inbox.

Overall, Mailspring has a good set of features that seem to be working well.

User interface

This platform's user interface is nice, clean, and less cluttered than a lot of other options on the market. However, it could do with brighter colors to distinguish between different email accounts.

Customization is also possible but it's limited to a few layouts and themes.

Overall, the interface could do with more personalizations as well as more contrast for buttons, accounts, and labels to make them more detectable


Mailspring is quick to install. It integrates with Fastmail and Microsoft 365, as well as major email providers, including Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail, Office 365, and iCloud.

What might be a dealbreaker is that Mailspring only supports IMAP accounts. That's not ideal for users who prefer POP and to store their email on the computer rather than the server.

Multiple-email account management

You can add and manage multiple email accounts via the email client. Mailspring also offers a unified inbox that supports email search across accounts.

However, thr unified inbox doesn't offer color-coding, so knowing which account received an email is down to guess work.You'll have to open an email and look up the recipient.


Mailspring doesn't store or even process any user data and complies with the GDPR. However, it also doesn't provide any specific security protocols.


Since this is an open-source app, you can address your issues to the community. However, there's no dedicated live support.


This email client has a free version, though it is quite limited in features and functionality. The pro version unlocks all of the mail client's features for only $8 a month.


Free - limited.
Pro - $8/month.

Free trial



Windows, Mac, and Linux


  • Unified inbox
  • Advanced search
  • Read receipts
  • Link tracking
  • Undo send


  • Google translation API and Google contacts

Top Opera Mail Software Alternatives Compared Side by Side

The following is a breakdown of each email client's features based on the criteria discussed earlier:

Mailbird Mailspring
Rating 4/5 (, 4.4/5 (Capterra) 4.5 (, 5/5 (Capterra)
Price Personal - $27.36/Year or Pay Once for a lifetime subscription at $49.50 /. Business - $48.36/Year Free - limitedPro - $8/month
User Interface User-friendly, intuitive, and uncluttered. Has several layout and personalization options Intuitive design with easily accessible buttons. Customization is limited
Built-In Features - Unified inbox
- Email tracking
- Native calendar
- Merge feature for contacts
- Moving emails between accounts
- Speed reader
- Advanced search
- Integration with third-party apps
- Read receipts
- Contacts and company profiles
- Link tracking
- Mailbox insights
Configuration Easy installation;
IMAP, POP, and SMTP support
Easy installation;
IMAP and SMTP support
Integration - Google Workspace
- Messengers
- Todoist
- Trello, Asana
- Evernote
- Dropbox
- Microsoft 365
- Fastmail
Customization - Layouts
- Notification sounds
- Themes
- Color coding for the unified inbox
- Layouts
- Themes
Multiple-Email Account Management Has a unified inbox for multiple-email account management of accounts from most email providers You can easily add and manage email accounts from Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Office 365, iCloud
Security All data is stored on the user's computer and is never shared with third parties or the Mailbird team Does not store or process user data
Support Dedicated email support Email support

What's the Best Opera Mail Alternative for My Inbox?

Opera Mail is already outdated. Although it's free, and you can still download it from the internet, there are far better, more modern email clients that you can choose from.

These email clients have more functionality and will guarantee your data's security while allowing you to tailor the email client to your preference and specification. You cannot go wrong with any of the three email clients discussed in this article. We are confident that our list of options meetsr core criteria and will fulfill all the needs you may have, either for yourself or your business.

If you need an email client for managing multiple accounts with a wide range of features and integration, get Mailbird on a trial.

Here are reasons why Mailbird might be considered a better alternative to Opera Mail:

  1. Frequent Updates and Bug Fixes: Mailbird is under active development and receives regular updates. This means you can expect not only bug fixes and performance improvements but also new features over time. On the other hand, Opera Mail's updates are infrequent.
  2. Advanced Security Features: Mailbird prioritizes your security and privacy. It ensures your data stays encrypted and uses a licensed SSL protocol to protect your information. Unlike Opera Mail, Mailbird never scans the content of your emails and keeps your data secure.
  3. User Interface and User Experience: Mailbird boasts a clean, customizable, and intuitive user interface. It's designed to streamline your email management and productivity with features like the unified inbox, which can be a big step up from the more traditional interface of Opera Mail.
  4. Customer Support: Mailbird offers responsive customer support. If you encounter a problem or have a question, you can expect a quick and helpful response. In contrast, the support for Opera Mail can be quite limited.
  5. Multi-language Support: Mailbird supports 20 languages, which can be beneficial if English is not your first language. Opera Mail, on the other hand, might not support as many languages.
  6. Snooze Feature for Emails: A unique feature of Mailbird is the ability to snooze emails. This allows you to prioritize your inbox better, a feature Opera Mail does not offer.
  7. In-app Integrations: Mailbird allows the integration of various popular apps like Google Docs, Google Meet, Asana, and Todoist, which can improve your productivity by managing tasks and meetings directly from your inbox.
  8. Email Tracking: Mailbird's Business plan includes a handy feature for tracking when your emails have been read. This is a feature not offered by Opera Mail.

There is much more in Mailbird but these reasons are enough to announce Mailbird a potentially more suitable choice for email management compared to Opera Mail.

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Is Opera Mail still available?

Yes, you can download Opera Mail from a few app store websites on the Internet, even though it is not actively developed or supported anymore. However, there are several great alternatives to Opera Mail, including Mailbird.Mailbird is an awesome email client for Windows. One of its most notable features is the functionality for managing multiple accounts that includes personalization options, advanced search, filters, and a folder system.

What happened to Opera Mail?

Opera Mail received its last update in 2016 and was discontinued after that. This email client can still be downloaded from the Internet; however, it is no longer actively supported. This means that if you encounter any issues, the developer team won't be able to help you out.If you want an email client that is continuously supported and upgraded, try out Mailbird.

How do I open email in Opera? Where can I download it?

We strongly advise you choose an alternative application for your emails, since Opera Mail is severely outdated. However, if you want or need to use it anyway, there are EXE and DMG files available on the internet for Windows and Mac respectively. You can install them with the installation wizard and configure your email account.

What is the best email app?

There are many excellent email clients available. And, according to customer reviews, Mailbird is one of the best currently available. Unlike other email apps, it comes with unique features that make managing emails a breeze, including:- A unified inbox which allows you to merge multiple email accounts into one;- Snooze, which allows you to postpone receiving selected emails for a period of time;- In-line replies, which ensures you respond to every line in the email; and much more!

Does Windows 10 have an email program?

Windows 10 features a built-in email app that can be used to access any email account (such as Gmail,, Yahoo, and many others). However, this built-in email client has limited features. For the ultimate email experience, we recommend downloading Mailbird.

Is Mailbird really free?

The Mailbird email client offers a free trial version. But, in order to continue using the client, it is necessary to purchase a license. Mailbird offers a 14-day money-back guarantee, in case you don't like the client.

Is Mailbird supported on Windows 11?

Of course. Mailbird is ready for the updated operating system, so you won't have trouble using it when you switch to Windows 11.