How To Supercharge Microsoft Exchange [2019 Guide]

Publicado por Alexis Dollé em maio 28, 2019

Are you a Microsoft Exchange user? Or thinking of using it? Smart choice! Microsoft Exchange is a core component of Office 365 that’s constantly improving. With features like OWA and Exchange Activesync for your Android and iOS mobile device, Exchange 2019 is a great email service. But what if there was a way to make it even more powerful? By connecting your Exchange account with Mailbird, you can supercharge your email productivity! You get valuable features like: Unsend Emails. Integration with multiple tools like Skype, Dropbox, Google Docs, Slack, Whatsapp and more. Snooze Emails and declutter your inbox. View emails from Gmail, Yahoo and any other email account of your choice in the same unified inbox as your MS Exchange emails. And much more! Contents In this article, we’ll show you why you should add your Exchange account to Mailbird. We’ll also show you how convenient the Exchange setup is in Mailbird! Here’s what we’ll cover. Click on the links below to jump to each section. What Is Mailbird? Why You Should Connect Microsoft Exchange With Mailbird Desktop Access Unified Space For All Your Accounts Loads of Features Multiple Integrations Tons of Customizability How To Set Up Microsoft Exchange In Mailbird Let’s get started. What Is Mailbird? Mailbird is a desktop email client. It allows you to access emails from multiple email accounts on your desktop. As Mailbird can support all POP3 and IMAP accounts, you won’t have any trouble adding a Gmail, Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange email account…

Inky Mail Review and 3 Great Alternatives (2019)

Publicado por Alexis Dollé em maio 28, 2019

Is Inky Mail the right email client for you? In this article, we’ll give you a detailed review of it to help you determine whether it suits your needs or not. We’ll also give you three great Inky Mail alternatives to try out in case Inky Mail isn’t the perfect fit for your needs. Here’s what this article covers. You can click on the links below to jump to a particular section. An Inky Mail review covering: What is Inky Mail? What Does It Do? It’s features It’s drawbacks Three Great Inky Mail Alternatives (including pros, cons and G2Crowd and Capterra ratings) Mailbird Claws Mail eM Client What Is Inky Mail? Inky Mail is a desktop email app for Windows and Mac. Inky’s main calling card is its state-of-the-art security features to handle your emails. It’s got in-built encryption and anti-spam filters to make it one of the safest desktop email clients out there. What Does Inky Mail Do? Inky Mail allows you to access emails from multiple email accounts in one unified space. With Inky, you won’t be juggling between Gmail Yahoo Mail and Outlook anymore! You can integrate all your email accounts into Inky and access every account in a unified inbox. Also, as Inky works as a desktop email client, you’ll be able to access these emails from your desktop itself. You won’t be juggling multiple email tabs on web applications like Chrome either! The Key Features Of Inky Mail Inky Mail is one of the best…

Opera Mail Review and 3 Great Alternatives (2019)

Publicado por Alexis Dollé em maio 28, 2019

Is Opera Mail the right email client for you? We’ll try and help you answer that question in this article. You’ll get an in-depth review of Opera Mail. Additionally, we will also share three great alternatives that you could explore instead. Here’s what’s in store. You can click on the links below to jump to a particular section. An Opera Mail Review Covering: What Is Opera Mail? What Does It Do? It’s Features It’s Drawbacks Three Great Opera Mail Alternatives  (including pros, cons and G2Crowd and Capterra ratings) Mailbird eM Client Claws Mail Let’s get rolling. What Is Opera Mail? Opera Mail is a free email client developed by the team behind the well-known Opera web browser. It’s similar to what Thunderbird is to Mozilla Firefox. In fact, Opera Mail was initially offered as an integrated component of the Opera browser until 2013. From 2013 onwards, it’s no longer integrated with the web browser and functions as a stand-alone Opera software tool. What Does Opera Mail Do? Opera Mail has come a long way since it was associated with the Opera Internet browser. Like many other email clients, Opera Mail tries to give you a common space for all your email accounts. You’ll be able to access emails from multiple email accounts and mailing lists in a single inbox- without having to log into each account individually. This can save you a lot of time and effort when you’re dealing with a lot of emails on a daily basis! The…

Claws Mail Review and 3 Great Alternatives (2019)

Publicado por Alexis Dollé em maio 24, 2019

Thinking about downloading Claws Mail? In this article, we’ll give you a review of Claws Mail to help you decide if its the right solution for you. We’ll also give you three great Claws Mail alternatives to ensure that you find one that suits your needs perfectly! Here’s what to expect. You can click on the links below to jump to a particular section. A Claws Mail Review covering: What Is Claws Mail? What Does It Do? It’s Features It’s Drawbacks Three Great Claws Mail Alternatives (including pros, cons and G2Crowd and Capterra ratings) Mailbird eM Client Inky Mail Let’s get started. What Is Claws Mail? Claws Mail is a free and open-source desktop email client. It was first released back in 2001 – over 18 years ago! However, unlike some other email clients, it undergoes regular updates to keep up with modern needs. As it’s one of the few open-source based email clients out there, it gives users a lot of flexibility when it comes to adding custom integrations and tweaking with the software. In addition to supporting Windows, Claws Mail can also run on Unix-like systems such as Linux distros and Solaris. What Does Claws Mail Do? Claws Mail gives you a unified space to access all your emails from all your accounts. With it, you’ll be able to send and receive emails from multiple accounts without having to log onto each one separately! Additionally, as its desktop-based, you can access all these emails without having to log…

What SPF Resources Are Available Now That Is Gone?

Publicado por Viola Eva em abril 1, 2019

    Out of all emails sent out in December 2018, 57 percent of them were spam. This shows just how big of a challenge spam is and why finding a solution is essential.  From 2003, the website had become the popular starting point for developers and mail server administrators that were implementing SPF rules.  SPF stands for Sender Policy Framework, and it’s a widely used tool to fight spam. The site also served as a resource for those interested in getting involved in the community of SPF developers and maintainers. disappeared from the internet in February 2019. We took some time to try and understand what happened to the website. We also attempt to identify some resources which are still available to fill the void left by the demise of the website. Origins of provided information about SPF and its benefits for users. It also provided users with news, tools for configuring SPF, forums and FAQs.   SPF is a method of informing servers whether a specific mail server is authorized to send an email for a particular domain. Hence, it can detect whether an email address is authentic or fake, before allowing it to pass into an inbox.   An SPF record increases the likelihood that emails sent by valid addresses are delivered. Without it, your email could be categorized as spam. It also protects against malicious emails sent through your domain by spammers.   Meng Weng Wong is widely credited as…

5 Apps That Easily Integrate With Mailbird

Publicado por Viola Eva em março 2, 2019

If you’re interested in some of the numerous features that could be yet another reason to choose Mailbird as your business email client for Windows, the simple integration of some of the most popular business apps should make the top of your list. This infographic will explain five beneficial apps that easily integrate with Mailbird.  

As 3 Melhores Alternativas ao eM Client para Windows em 2019

Publicado por Christin em janeiro 31, 2019

Você é um usuário do eM Client? Você chegou até o fim dos 30 dias de teste e descobriu que agora precisa comprar uma licença? Para alguns, isso é motivo o bastante para abandonar o eM Client por completo. Talvez você tenha mais de duas contas de e-mail e a taxa por dispositivo na versão Pro seja muito pesada. Seja qual for a sua razão para evitar o eM Client, nós reunimos as melhores alternativas a esse cliente de e-mail no Windows para ajudar você a encontrar a melhor opção de acordo com as suas preferências. As Melhores Alternativas ao eM Client para Windows Mailbird Já considerado o Melhor Cliente de E-mail pelo Windows Report em 2017, o Mailbird é um cliente de e-mail unificado que oferece uma interface de usuário mais tranquila e possibilita que os usuários personalizem por completo a sua experiência. Conecte as suas contas, sincronize seus contatos e calendários e importe seus e-mails; o processo de configuração do Mailbird é tão fácil que a maioria das pessoas domina o app em menos de 5 minutos. Além disso, o Mailbird tem integração nativa com uma enorme variedade de aplicativos de terceiros, criando assim uma verdadeira central para atender a todas as suas necessidades corporativas e de comunicação em geral. O Mailbird também oferece um produto para Empresas. Para maiores informações e detalhes sobre os recursos diferentes presentes na versão para Empresas, basta preencher o formulário na página do Mailbird para Empresas. Um recurso notável do Mailbird é…

O Guia Definitivo para Gestão de Múltiplas Contas de E-mail

Publicado por Christin em janeiro 31, 2019

Quantos endereços de e-mail você tem? Uma conta pessoal e uma conta de trabalho? Talvez uma conta de spam para atendentes que insistem em pedir o seu e-mail? Usuários de e-mail de todo o mundo têm 4,4 bilhões de contas de e-mail. E podemos afirmar que a maioria dos usuários tem múltiplos endereços. Considerando a quantidade de tempo que as pessoas passam lendo e respondendo e-mails, ter mais de uma conta pode tornar esse processo ainda mais complexo e demorado. Felizmente, há formas de gerenciar múltiplas contas de e-mail com eficiência. Esse guia dará as principais ideias e dicas para você fazer exatamente isso. 4 Formas de Gerenciar Múltiplas Contas de E-mail Se você tiver mais de uma conta de e-mail, é provável que precise verificar todas elas durante o dia todo. Como é possível melhorar a gestão das suas múltiplas contas? Aqui estão algumas opções. 1. Abra cada conta em um navegador Primeiramente, você pode abrir cada conta de e-mail em uma aba separada do seu navegador. Para que esse método funcione, o seu cliente de e-mail deve ter suporte a webmail. O benefício aqui é que isso mantém os endereços de e-mail separados, o que é ideal para sua privacidade ou se você não quiser misturar assuntos pessoais e de trabalho. O lado ruim é que manter tantas abas abertas pode ser confuso e atrapalhar a sua navegação. Além disso, cada interface é diferente e você terá que clicar em cada aba para verificar seus e-mails. 2. Configurar…

Melhor Alternativa ao Newton Mail para Windows e Mac em 2019

Publicado por Christin em janeiro 31, 2019

O Newton Mail é um software formidável. Há muito tempo é considerado uma das referências para plataformas de e-mail, trazendo uma enorme variedade de recursos com uma interface simples de navegar e fácil de utilizar desde o início. Infelizmente, ele não está mais disponível para nós. O Newton foi descontinuado em 18 de setembro de 2018, o que significa que qualquer um que usava o app, ou estava pensando em adquiri-lo, deverá buscar uma alternativa. Mas não se preocupe se você estiver buscando uma alternativa ao Newton Mail para Mac ou Windows. Há inúmeros programas sofisticados que replicam os principais recursos do Newton Mail e ainda apresentam funcionalidades exclusivas. Aqui estão alguns dos melhores. Alternativas ao Newton Mail para Windows 1. Mailbird Talvez a melhor alternativa ao Newton Mail para Windows seja o Mailbird. Considerado o Melhor Cliente de E-mail pelo Windows Report em 2017, essa plataforma proporciona o equilíbrio perfeito entre design intuitivo e personalização. Esse é o tipo de software que está pronto para oferecer tudo que você precisar dele. Além da sua elegante interface adaptada para mouse e toques, o Mailbird traz por padrão os seus próprios atalhos de teclado e também é compatível com os atalhos do Gmail. Os inúmeros recursos e integrações permitem que você transforme a caixa de entrada do seu e-mail em uma central para todas as suas tarefas, como anotações, gestão de contatos e atualizações de blogs e sites de notícias. A utilidade do Mailbird está relacionada à sua incrível capacidade de…

What Happened to

Publicado por Viola Eva em janeiro 30, 2019

Mailbox was an email app for iPhone, introduced in 2013 by a startup going by the name Orchestra. Prior to its inception, more than one million prospective users had signed up to try it. Judging by the hype, the service stood high chances of becoming tremendously popular, yet the tide turned one short month after Mailbox had been launched. Namely, the app was bought by Dropbox, for a reported $100 million in cash and stock. Back then, Dropbox CEO Drew Houston didn’t hide his excitement.  “Many have promised to help us with our overflowing inboxes, but the Mailbox team actually delivered”, Houston was quoted as saying. For a while, the Dropbox-acquired app appeared to be a success. Mailbox for Android and a public beta version for macOS were released in 2014, but then Mailbox’s development was slowed down and, eventually, abandoned altogether, with Mailbox desktop app for Mac never making it out of the beta phase. New features failed to deliver much-needed breakthroughs and were soon given up on. In July 2015, Mailbox was discontinued. The outcome might have seemed surprising to the users, but was not wholly unexpected for the investors, some of which had tried and failed to warn Dropbox decision makers beforehand. Back then, as well as now, it was common knowledge that most users are content with default mail apps. Although businesses admittedly tend to buy software for the employees, people rarely buy it for private purposes. Not to mention, Mailbox was limited to Gmail and…


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