Email Validation: Why It Matters and How to Pick the Right Service

Geschrieben von Christin am Juli 12, 2019

Are you on the market for an email validation service? Great! Taking care of your email list is the best thing you can do to help your email marketing thrive. But, with so many fish in the pond, making the right choice can be challenging. What’s an email validation system supposed to do? You have to know what you need before you even consider taking out your credit card.  Read on to learn what makes a great email validator and how to spot one when you see it. Why email validation matters According to HubSpot, email marketing generates a return on investment (ROI) of $38 for every $1 spent. Not all businesses get to tap into that potential, and their (lack of) data quality has a lot to do with it.  Email validation helps you prevent this loss and, also, get more out of your email marketing. By removing bad signups and obsolete email addresses, an email validator improves your sender reputation and gives your delivery rates a boost. As a result, you’ll be able to: reach all of the people on your list: isn’t that where email marketing begins? get more accurate metrics: once you remove invalid and dormant addresses, you’ll have a clear idea of how your emails perform. create better content for your audience and adjust it based on your open and click-through rates. increase your conversions without having to resort to any tricks. Chanteuse Marie, experienced launch copywriter and funnel strategist, explains for Mailbird: “It’s crucial…

How To Supercharge Microsoft Exchange [2019 Guide]

Geschrieben von Alexis Dollé am Mai 28, 2019

Are you a Microsoft Exchange user? Or thinking of using it? Smart choice! Microsoft Exchange is a core component of Office 365 that’s constantly improving. With features like OWA and Exchange Activesync for your Android and iOS mobile device, Exchange 2019 is a great email service. But what if there was a way to make it even more powerful? By connecting your Exchange account with Mailbird, you can supercharge your email productivity! You get valuable features like: Unsend Emails. Integration with multiple tools like Skype, Dropbox, Google Docs, Slack, Whatsapp and more. Snooze Emails and declutter your inbox. View emails from Gmail, Yahoo and any other email account of your choice in the same unified inbox as your MS Exchange emails. And much more! Contents In this article, we’ll show you why you should add your Exchange account to Mailbird. We’ll also show you how convenient the Exchange setup is in Mailbird! Here’s what we’ll cover. Click on the links below to jump to each section. What Is Mailbird? Why You Should Connect Microsoft Exchange With Mailbird Desktop Access Unified Space For All Your Accounts Loads of Features Multiple Integrations Tons of Customizability How To Set Up Microsoft Exchange In Mailbird Let’s get started. What Is Mailbird? Mailbird is a desktop email client. It allows you to access emails from multiple email accounts on your desktop. As Mailbird can support all POP3 and IMAP accounts, you won’t have any trouble adding a Gmail, Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange email account…

Inky Mail Review and 3 Great Alternatives (2019)

Geschrieben von Alexis Dollé am Mai 28, 2019

Is Inky Mail the right email client for you? In this article, we’ll give you a detailed review of it to help you determine whether it suits your needs or not. We’ll also give you three great Inky Mail alternatives to try out in case Inky Mail isn’t the perfect fit for your needs. Here’s what this article covers. You can click on the links below to jump to a particular section. An Inky Mail review covering: What is Inky Mail? What Does It Do? It’s features It’s drawbacks Three Great Inky Mail Alternatives (including pros, cons and G2Crowd and Capterra ratings) Mailbird Claws Mail eM Client What Is Inky Mail? Inky Mail is a desktop email app for Windows and Mac. Inky’s main calling card is its state-of-the-art security features to handle your emails. It’s got in-built encryption and anti-spam filters to make it one of the safest desktop email clients out there. What Does Inky Mail Do? Inky Mail allows you to access emails from multiple email accounts in one unified space. With Inky, you won’t be juggling between Gmail Yahoo Mail and Outlook anymore! You can integrate all your email accounts into Inky and access every account in a unified inbox. Also, as Inky works as a desktop email client, you’ll be able to access these emails from your desktop itself. You won’t be juggling multiple email tabs on web applications like Chrome either! The Key Features Of Inky Mail Inky Mail is one of the best…

Opera Mail Review and 3 Great Alternatives (2019)

Geschrieben von Alexis Dollé am Mai 28, 2019

Is Opera Mail the right email client for you? We’ll try and help you answer that question in this article. You’ll get an in-depth review of Opera Mail. Additionally, we will also share three great alternatives that you could explore instead. Here’s what’s in store. You can click on the links below to jump to a particular section. An Opera Mail Review Covering: What Is Opera Mail? What Does It Do? It’s Features It’s Drawbacks Three Great Opera Mail Alternatives  (including pros, cons and G2Crowd and Capterra ratings) Mailbird eM Client Claws Mail Let’s get rolling. What Is Opera Mail? Opera Mail is a free email client developed by the team behind the well-known Opera web browser. It’s similar to what Thunderbird is to Mozilla Firefox. In fact, Opera Mail was initially offered as an integrated component of the Opera browser until 2013. From 2013 onwards, it’s no longer integrated with the web browser and functions as a stand-alone Opera software tool. What Does Opera Mail Do? Opera Mail has come a long way since it was associated with the Opera Internet browser. Like many other email clients, Opera Mail tries to give you a common space for all your email accounts. You’ll be able to access emails from multiple email accounts and mailing lists in a single inbox- without having to log into each account individually. This can save you a lot of time and effort when you’re dealing with a lot of emails on a daily basis! The…

Claws Mail Review and 3 Great Alternatives (2019)

Geschrieben von Alexis Dollé am Mai 24, 2019

Thinking about downloading Claws Mail? In this article, we’ll give you a review of Claws Mail to help you decide if its the right solution for you. We’ll also give you three great Claws Mail alternatives to ensure that you find one that suits your needs perfectly! Here’s what to expect. You can click on the links below to jump to a particular section. A Claws Mail Review covering: What Is Claws Mail? What Does It Do? It’s Features It’s Drawbacks Three Great Claws Mail Alternatives (including pros, cons and G2Crowd and Capterra ratings) Mailbird eM Client Inky Mail Let’s get started. What Is Claws Mail? Claws Mail is a free and open-source desktop email client. It was first released back in 2001 – over 18 years ago! However, unlike some other email clients, it undergoes regular updates to keep up with modern needs. As it’s one of the few open-source based email clients out there, it gives users a lot of flexibility when it comes to adding custom integrations and tweaking with the software. In addition to supporting Windows, Claws Mail can also run on Unix-like systems such as Linux distros and Solaris. What Does Claws Mail Do? Claws Mail gives you a unified space to access all your emails from all your accounts. With it, you’ll be able to send and receive emails from multiple accounts without having to log onto each one separately! Additionally, as its desktop-based, you can access all these emails without having to log…

The Top 6 ways to Increase Productivity in your Business

Geschrieben von Christin am April 10, 2019

When you talk to people all over the world about how they stay productive, the number 1 culprit of productivity issues is with their email. That is why Mailbird is building the most productive email client ever! I have had the pleasure of meeting many inspiring entrepreneurs who are so kind to willingly share their productivity hacks. A good friend of ours Tobias Schelle, Founder of 24slides shares a post about his toolbox for optimal productivity, read the post on Medium. Elaine Heney, CEO of Chocolate Lab Apps is another power house on productivity. She is also the best kind of work-a-holic you’ll ever meet. Below, Elaine shares with us her take on email and productivity. I’ve spent the last month in Bali, co-working with an inspiring group of 25 successful entrepreneurs at Project Getaway. Our businesses are diverse – from cloud hosting solutions, to industrial manufacturing and mobile apps. Regardless of the business type, working in Bali focused our collective minds on one major challenge – how to become more productive while having more free time to enjoy this beautiful island. Here are the top 6 ways I’ve increased my productivity as CEO of my mobile games company. Rescue time Install StayFocusd on your web browser and block the top three non-work related websites you spend the most time. My biggest time waster was facebook. While I was on some work related groups there, it was just eating into my time. Installing the StayFocusd plugin on my PC means that Facebook automatically closes after I…

What SPF Resources Are Available Now That Is Gone?

Geschrieben von Viola Eva am April 1, 2019

    Out of all emails sent out in December 2018, 57 percent of them were spam. This shows just how big of a challenge spam is and why finding a solution is essential.  From 2003, the website had become the popular starting point for developers and mail server administrators that were implementing SPF rules.  SPF stands for Sender Policy Framework, and it’s a widely used tool to fight spam. The site also served as a resource for those interested in getting involved in the community of SPF developers and maintainers. disappeared from the internet in February 2019. We took some time to try and understand what happened to the website. We also attempt to identify some resources which are still available to fill the void left by the demise of the website. Origins of provided information about SPF and its benefits for users. It also provided users with news, tools for configuring SPF, forums and FAQs.   SPF is a method of informing servers whether a specific mail server is authorized to send an email for a particular domain. Hence, it can detect whether an email address is authentic or fake, before allowing it to pass into an inbox.   An SPF record increases the likelihood that emails sent by valid addresses are delivered. Without it, your email could be categorized as spam. It also protects against malicious emails sent through your domain by spammers.   Meng Weng Wong is widely credited as…

5 Apps That Easily Integrate With Mailbird

Geschrieben von Viola Eva am März 2, 2019

If you’re interested in some of the numerous features that could be yet another reason to choose Mailbird as your business email client for Windows, the simple integration of some of the most popular business apps should make the top of your list. This infographic will explain five beneficial apps that easily integrate with Mailbird.  

Die besten Windows 10 Email Programme in 2019

Geschrieben von Christin am Februar 4, 2019

Windows 10 bietet eine große Auswahl an tollen Anwendungen, die Ihnen nicht nur dabei helfen, besser zu arbeiten, sondern Ihnen auch noch Nerven sparen. Insbesondere, wenn es um Emails geht. Natürlich gibt es Hunderte „Beste Email Clients“, die genau das versprechen. Wir haben eine umfassende Liste der besten zusammengestellt – „Die besten Windows 10 Email-Clients“. Suchen Sie unter den nachfolgend aufgeführten Windows 10-Anwendungen diejenige aus, die für Sie am besten passt! Welche Windows 10 Email Programme sind die besten? Mailbird  Wir können keine Liste der besten Windows 10 Email Clients erstellen, ohne uns selbst einzubeziehen 😉 Mailbird ist in vielerlei Hinsicht anders als die meisten Email Programme. Produktiv zu sein ist für viele Unternehmen eine große Herausforderung und Emails wirken dabei vielfach als ob man damit noch Öl ins Feuer gieße. Sparen Sie sich viel Zeit nach alten Dokumenten oder Emails zu suchen, indem Sie die integrierten Funktionen nutzen, um Anhänge und Profilbilder zu finden oder verwenden Sie die Schnellzugriffsleiste. Unified Inbox ist unser einheitliche Posteingang, eines der beliebtesten Features und der Hauptgrund für viele Email-Nutzer, Mailbird zu nutzen. Wie funktioniert es? Alle Email-Konten werden in einem einzigen, einheitlichen Posteingang eingepflegt. Diese Funktion ist ein absolutes Muss für Personen, die mehrere Email-Konten verwalten. Dank der farblichen Anzeige erkennen Sie sofort, an welches Konto die Email gesendet wurde, ohne dass Sie die Email erst öffnen müssen. Sie können auch das Aussehen des Email Clients individuell anpassen und Hintergrundbild, Nachrichteneingangston, Themenfarbe, Begrüßungsnachrichten ändern, ein vertikales oder horizontales Layout wählen und sogar einen…

Der ultimative Leitfaden für die Verwaltung mehrerer E-Mail-Konten

Geschrieben von Christin am Februar 4, 2019

Wie viele E-Mail-Adressen haben Sie? Ein persönliches Konto und ein Arbeitskonto? Vielleicht ein Spam-Konto, das Sie den Verkäufern geben können, wenn sie darauf bestehen, Ihre E-Mail zu erhalten? E-Mail-Benutzer auf der ganzen Welt haben 4,4 Milliarden E-Mail-Konten. Und die meisten Benutzer haben wahrscheinlich mehrere E-Mail-Adressen. In Anbetracht der Zeit, die die Benutzer mit dem Lesen und Beantworten von E-Mails verbringen, kann die Verwendung mehrerer E-Mail-Konten diesen Prozess noch komplexer und zeitaufwendiger machen. Glücklicherweise gibt es Möglichkeiten, mehrere E-Mail-Konten effektiv zu verwalten. Dieser Leitfaden soll Ihnen alle Einsichten und Tricks vermitteln, die Sie dazu benötigen. 4 Möglichkeiten mehrere E-Mail-Konten zu verwalten Wenn Sie mehr als ein E-Mail-Konto haben, müssen Sie wahrscheinlich alle im Laufe des Tages überprüfen. Wie verwalten Sie Ihre mehreren Konten am besten? Hier sind einige Möglichkeiten. 1. Öffnen Sie jedes Konto in einem Webbrowser Zunächst können Sie jedes E-Mail-Konto in einem eigenen Webbrowser auf einer eigenen Registerkarte öffnen. Damit diese Methode funktioniert, muss Ihr E-Mail-Client Webmail unterstützen. Der Vorteil hierbei ist, dass die E-Mail-Adressen getrennt bleiben. Dies ist ideal für den Datenschutz oder wenn Sie es vorziehen, Arbeit und Privatleben zu trennen. Der Nachteil ist, dass dies verwirrend sein kann und das Surfen durch zahlreiche Tabs verlangsamt. Außerdem ist jede Benutzeroberfläche unterschiedlich und Sie müssen beim Überprüfen von E-Mails zwischen den einzelnen Registerkarten klicken. 2. Richten Sie die E-Mail-Weiterleitung an ein Hauptkonto ein Eine Alternative zur Unübersichtlichkeit mehrerer Browser-Tabs ist die Verwendung einer Master-E-Mail-Adresse, an die eingehende E-Mails von Ihren verschiedenen E-Mail-Konten weitergeleitet werden. Sie können dies tun,…


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