How to Supercharge Productivity After the Holidays

Posted by Guest on April 2, 2018

Returning back to work after a relaxing vacation? For many, getting back into a regular working routine after the holidays can be a struggle. The change of pace can take a while to get used to. However, there are many great benefits of taking time off work. Taking a vacation allows you to clear your head, de-stress and renew your energy for the next months of work. The best thing you can do is use this restart as an opportunity to supercharge your productivity. Here are a few tips on how to improve productivity at work after the holidays.

Organise Your Emails

Despite your Out Of Office Message, after returning back to work from a (long) vacation, you are likely to have countless unopened emails waiting for you in your inbox. One of your first tasks, when you return to the office, should be organising and arranging your emails in order of importance. Focus on tackling your most urgent emails first and set aside the others for a later time. Most email clients, like Mailbird have a Snooze Feature that will let you snooze emails and have them come back at a later time of the day, week or month.

This is a great feature to get through your emails fast and to gain control over your inbox while working away on the emails relevant to your current focus. Another good tip is to set an automated reply message on these emails, simply explaining why it may take longer to hear back from you. This will allow you to focus on more pressing work tasks that need to be completed.

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Write a To Do List

One of the best ways to stay productive at work after the holidays is to create or update your  to-do list. Each day, write down a list of tasks that need to be completed by the end of the day. Break down any larger projects into smaller, executable tasks so that it feels less daunting. Setting a clear plan for your day will allow you to manage your time better and stay on top of all your various tasks. There are loads of great and helpful task management apps like Asana, Todoist or Wunderlist. Best to try out a few of them to see which suits your needs and workflow best. 

If you are working with an email client, you can use their integrations or native task management apps. Mailbird for example has integrations with Moo.Do, Asana, Todoist and Wunderlist. All of them work different but follow the same goal – your stress-free Inbox.

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Exercise at Work

Doing regular exercise throughout the workday can do wonders for productivity. More and more companies are incorporating fitness opportunities in the workplace to encourage employees to stay physically fit, healthy, energised and happy. Even if there aren’t any fitness facilities in your office, you can still find ways to get your exercise throughout the day. During your lunch break, go for a walk outside or around the office. Opt for the staircase instead of the elevator as often as you can. If you’re in a smaller office, why not have a quick jog on the spot? Exercise is one of the best ways to reduce stress. You will be a more productive employee if you feel healthy in your body and mind.

Plan Your Next Holiday

It’s never too early to plan your next holiday. As you return back to work, take a look at the next 12 months and think about when to book your next vacation. Booking a holiday will give you something to look forward to throughout the year. Instead of feeling down that your break is over, you can feel excited about your next one. This will help you feel motivated during the next months of work. Plus, if you book a holiday far in advance, this will ensure you don’t waste your time off.

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Take Regular Breaks

It may seem counter-productive to take regular breaks throughout the workday, but sitting at your desk all day long is not good for your productivity and health. It can leave you feeling restless and unmotivated, which will only decrease your motivation and productive work flow. Taking regular intervals gives you the much-needed opportunity to recharge and refocus. You’ll be much more efficient with your time if you feel energised throughout the day.

There is a nice variety of  apps available that will help remind you to take breaks. Stretchly, for example, will encourage you to take micro-breaks to get you productive again. The open source app will show a friendly pop-up encouraging you to rest your eyes or step a way from the PC for a set duration of time.


What do you do to supercharge your productivity after returning from your vacation? Let us know in the comments section below.

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