Why Is Mailbird Windows-Only?

In the beginning, there was Sparrow. A shining example of clean & minimalist email perfection.

The design induced a state of zen. The simplicity found us speeding through our inboxes. The learning curve was measured in mere minutes.

In Sparrow, Mac had found a paradise for those of us seeking to improve the beauty and productivity in our inboxes.


The only problem….we’re Windows users.

And on Windows, that email paradise was…non-existent.

We’ve searched. We’ve tried Thunderbird, Outlook, Opera, Postbox, Dreammail, i.Scribe, eM, even just plain old Gmail with Offline sync.

But, though many of them were quite cool, none of them felt anything like Sparrow. They were either too cluttered, too slow, missing features we needed, or had too much of a learning curve.

And not one could compare in aesthetics.


It was time to make a choice: Either accept the mediocre email clients on Windows, and bemoan our fate…or create a new Windows email client that would equal – nay exceed! – the minimalistic beauty & productivity boosting ability of Sparrow.

I think we made the right choice. Mailbird would become Windows’ email paradise as Sparrow had become Macs.


Then…Sparrow stopped.

Google bought Sparrow and, all of a sudden, Mac users were asking us when we would come over to their OS.

And they weren’t alone. We’ve been chatting with our users and getting requests to go on Mobile & Linux ever since we began developing.

It happens at least once a day. We get an email or tweet or Facebook message from you guys asking when we’ll go Linux or Mac or Mobile. Why aren’t we already there?


I think it’s about time we answered that question…


Reason 1: Windows is Under-served

When we began building Mailbird, there was no reason to go Mac. Mac already had Sparrow, while Windows could boast nothing of that caliber.

So, in the beginning, our goal was simply to solve that problem. To bring something at least as awesome as Sparrow to the world of Windows.

That reality may have changed since we started, and (I talk a bit more about this later in the post) there is a good chance that we will come over to Mac in the future, though we’re not sure. Yet, for the time being, we began Windows only and we’re committed.


Reason 2: Speed

Developing an app for multiple platforms is hard. And time consuming. And expensive. Had we chosen to go that route, Mailbird would be improving and updating a lot less frequently.

Instead, we chose the route of fast movement and frequent updates and re-iterations. Developing only on one platform allows us to quickly build Mailbird into the best email app in the world, and it helps us respond as speedily and often as possible to your suggestions, ideas, and feedback.

This reason and the next are also why we were Gmail only in the beginning (and worry not non-gmail users, Multi-account is on the way).


Reason 3: Integration

There’s another big advantage to developing only on one platform: we get to fully integrate with it for a better user interface and more efficient performance.

For Windows, this means that we are able to integrate with the Windows taskbar better than most apps can, able to have universal keyboard shortcuts, and able to optimize Mailbird’s speed and performance on Windows so that it moves as quickly and as resource-light as possible (though all the different hardware Windows uses presents some of it’s own challenges here).


“Are you ever planning to bring Mailbird to mobile? Mac? Linux?”

In a word: Yes. Probably.


But it’s not going to be for quite a while, and it will definitely be after we release Mailbird 1.0 out-of-beta and ensure that it is the most beautiful, easily useable, and productivity boosting email app that Windows has yet seen.

If enough people want it & we have capital to make it happen, we will definitely make Mailbird Mobile, Mailbird Mac, and Mailbird Linux versions.

If you’re waiting for Mailbird to come to your OS, it may take a while. But we’ve not forgotten about you.

If you’ve been wondering why we’re Windows only, it’s so that we can build Mailbird into the best email app in the world, before tackling the challenges of bringing it to new platforms.

And if you’re a Windows user searching for a way to take back some of the time you spend in your inbox while enjoying the rest of it more…well, that’s what Mailbird is made to help you do.

  • Alexandru Nastase

    When Multi Account is functional I’m buying this !! Till than PostBox does the job.

    • EddyAzar

      We’ll put up another blog post when Multi-Account is live

  • Rob

    Good article re: Windows. I agree that Multi Account is needed before I can use this. I thought a prior post said we’d have it by now. As soon as that goes live, you should send out emails 🙂

    • EddyAzar

      Hey Rob, we’re definitely sending out emails when MA goes live. I’ll send you a personal one if you want, just email me at [email protected]

  • As a designer, I must admit that I can’t bear the ugly, old-fashioned interface of other mail software like thunderbird, i.Scribe.

    Go dribbble and search “email”, then you can find a truckload of excellent email app designs.

    Outlook 2013 and Opera mail are not bad, but Mailbird looks better, except the windows’ border destroyed the design…

    btw, I really love Mailbird’s logo:)
    It’s really, REALLY very nice!

    • EddyAzar

      Thanks CodinCat! Yeah, our designer is pretty awesome.

  • Robert Buckmaster

    Please come to Mac, please please

  • bigfoz

    I look forward to the release on Mac I use it all the time on Windows and would definitely purchase it if you release it…

  • mike

    Go to Ubuntu please!

    • nesoor

      Mailbird for Ubuntu would be great! 🙂

    • Rafael Martines

      This need more likes 🙂

    • Linux users should check out Geary and RainLoop while we wait for Mailbird to build a GNU version.

  • Gautam Prakash

    Love the way it automatically inserts my name when I respond inline. And the speed once the mailbox’s loaded. Really wish you were on Linux 🙂

    You have single handedly held me back from going linux many times!!

    Go Mailbird!!

  • rykermorgan

    Mac app would be awesome! I want the speed reading feature!

  • GregJG

    After seeing your ad I was like I need this. Then I saw not for Mac yet :(. Well I like what I see and I’ll be patient :). Keep doing what you’re doing guys.

  • Sauraab

    Yes I have Ubuntu and Mac, I want MAILBIRD on both. Its the best email client I’ve ever used.

  • TOM G

    Sparrow Mac is no longer, instead Google swallowed the developers. I don’t even know if Sparrow app is still downloadable.

    Unibox has a Sparrow-like look but a unique way to organize emails to view.

    If y’all were to decide to develop a Mailbird app for Mac, it damn well better have a stunning Mac-centric appearance and state of the art mail handling organization etc., otherwise it will languish and you would wish you’d never decided to develop in the first place. There are already too many excellent to superb mail clients, including Apple’s own Mail app for Yosemite.

    If you do decide I want to be among the first to know and try out.

  • Waiting for the Mailbird for Linux…When you’re a Linux user, you definitly have to be patient…

  • larrymcj

    It’s been awhile since anyone posted here. Let me add my vote for bringing Mailbird to the Mac OS X. Thanks.

  • Work very well on Windows, Ubuntu please :'(

  • Frank

    anything new regarding the topic?

  • Chris

    After seeing and testing Windows 10 I have given up on Windows and switched to Ubuntu, so I would love to see a version for Ubuntu and would be willing to pay for Mailbird. The two mediorce options on Ubuntu is Thunderbird which I can’t stand and Evolution which is just kinda funky.

    • Shieldfire

      If you think there are only two alternatives for mail on Ubuntu you are doing it wrong.
      That said, Mailbird looks promising and I’d prolly give it a serious try on Linux.

      • Veronica K. Berglyd Olsen

        But pretty much all email clients available for Ubuntu are shitty and buggy. Thunderbird, and to an extent Evolution, are the only decent options.

  • Worst

    Don ever try using this shit, trust me. I uninstall after taking some time using this crap.

    1) It take over 2 minute to appear my Gmail after 2 or 3 configure IMAP sever from Gmail ( WTF). It is not as fast as they talk.

    2) It does not even support Exchange sever ( What the hell )

    3) They talk bad about other company, especially on “Em Client app”

    Link : hhttp://www.getmailbird.com/dont-let-em-client-slow-you-down/

    Why do they use those dirty methods ???

    Honestly, after reading “Don’t let Em client slow you down. I try using Em Client .

    Even though EM client just support 2 email account , but this ok.

    Em client just take few second to recognize my IMAP account. and Obviously just few second to recognize my Exchange Mail from my work. ( i just want to talk about their speed when configure my email , it is really super fast )

    And one more thing, the email transfer fast or slow base on your Internet cable and your Email Sever.

    Those Mailbird is really crap when using to much marketing methods.

  • Mark Pauls

    Another solution for porting the Windows version, to both Linux and Mac, until the native clients are available, would be to work with codeweavers.com to create an ideal Windows emulator enviroment, for it to work on, and they support both Linux and Mac currently. Once a workable Windows Install bottle is created, it would potentially be as easy to install and operate, under Linux and Mac, as what it would be under Windows.

  • Anna Lauren

    I love Mailbird, but I have both Windows and Mac computers. Please can you develop Mailbird for Mac too…pretty please.

  • Jeff

    Ubuntu will definitely be great

  • Radu Bogdan

    “Reason 1: Windows is Under-served”

    You should check out ubuntu 😀

  • brian patrick Cork

    I use both Windows and Mac. So, I need an email solution that works great for both for the sake of continuity. Office 365 is awful. I use Apple Mail which is clean and Windows 10 Mail, which is okay.

    I really like MailBird on my Surface Pro 3. However, until it works on both Mac and windows I won’t use it.

    Here is a thought… Why not offer webmail? That would work for everyone.

    – Brian

  • Brett Callaghan

    Please make Mailbird for Ubuntu….?!

  • Lucas

    I would love mailbird for OSX

  • Micah

    Come back to Mac again, please!

  • Sweet Cooze

    Here is a simple truth: The mac user base keeps growing. College aged adults (read: the ones who use email the most) are buying macs at ever growing numbers. You are leaving money on the table and missing a big oppertunity by dragging your feet about this.

    Since sparrow left, there has been NO comparable quality email program. The built in one with mac has constant issues when handling too many email addresses at once. Do your company and the internet community a service and make the investment needed to get this on mac. Soon. You will quickly come to see it was worth it.

    • Rich

      That’s a tediously self centred review. Unless you can offer proper statistics all you’re really saying is:

      “This is what I want and I’m willing to be a dick about it”

      Are college aged adults really the guys that use email the most? and are they really in the majority?

      Globally Mac market share is still not considered the majority, ignoring the fact that not all of those sales are to individuals of college age. Are you saying that a minority of a minority are more important than the majority?

      Assuming that you are: Thats exactly what’s wrong with the world right now. Get off you high horse and stop being so entitled.

      • Sweet Cooze

        What the hell are you even ranting about? “more important than” “really in the majority”

        Its not a zero sum game. I am not arguing to ONLY make it for mac and stop for windows. I VERY CLEARLY stated that they are leaving money on the table by not supporting the growing mac numbers. Your simplistic fanboyism is showing. Your argument is bacially

        “I dont like mac and don’t want mac users to also be able to use this! wahhhh’

        Listen, I am sorry you don’t like mac. Personally, I am not willing to invest enough of my personality into a consumer product to irrationally hate one brand or another.

        I will happily continue to use all platforms that are useful to me, and continue to urge companies that I like to support both platforms and point out why it will be beneficial for them to do so. If that causes you to go into a frenzy, what of it? Maybe you will find a hobby one day and stop thinking that you are the product you choose to use.

  • Diego

    go to mac please…i have PC and MACs…and really wuold be usefull in both systems!

  • janci

    This post is from july 2013. today is february 2016. What is the status of MAC or Linux version?
    thank you

  • Starcross

    Another Linux vote please

  • Rocklviv

    Cmon guys!
    U definitely should make a version for Linux at least for Ubuntu!

  • Tibi

    another user that vote for OSX

  • Adiman423

    I am on mac and would love to see Mailbird available on Mac.

  • Guilherme Gomes

    Ubuntu/Linux pelase!

  • WuTheLotus

    Totally need this for Mac and iPhone!

  • kcorax

    Please just stay on Windows. Don’t make the shitty performance compromises that made me ditch other mail clients and switch to mailbird.

    Unless the other platforms can be served using .net core or mono somehow. But please please please don’t compile maibird for windows on mono.

    • I COMPLETELY AGREE with you. I work every single day with Windows and macOS and ocasionally with Debian. macOS have a lot developers already. We actually have AirMail overthere, which is quite cool. MailBird should definitely stay only for Windows. You guys say you’re commited, so please STAY COMMITED then.

  • Lyndon Jonez

    Linux please. Any form not bothered. To be honest most people using mailbird love tech shit, love the intergrations.
    It’s a little too complex for the older users. So cater for the main target audience.

    ProtonMail extension would make this a dream come true too. and XMPP

  • Anis

    please come to mac. definitely will subscribe every month

  • Nonoy M. Marte

    any update on mailbird on Ubuntu?

  • Trevor Barton

    Ubuntu/Debian based would be amazing.

  • Kelley Chambers

    This post was FOUR FREAKIN’ YEARS AGO!!! Please tell us there’s an update… I mean really????? This is a PAID app; not free. You have the resources and have grown a huge following. There’s really no reason why this hasn’t already been accomplished! Pissing off a solid segment of your future clientele is never a smart business decision.

  • Lyndon Jonez

    MailBird for Arch Linux would rock. I would pay for sure

  • i just bought pro license, but didnt check the site completely. I am a mac user, and since the features are pretty good, i just bought with out checking it properly, and I also see that this article was about 4 years back and its been a while however there is no mac app even now. If it is still going to take more time then i would request for refund. If it is a matter of few months then i would like to wait so that i can enjoy this on my mac.

  • Reas Fort

    Mac/Linux pelase!

  • Mike Cleveland

    NOT Ubuntu/Linux, those are not mainstream; focus on mainstream where all the users are: Windows, IOS and Droid.

  • Hector :)

    still wait 🙁 we need also email client for linux and mac 😀 users in linux clients for mail is are very bad, with bad managements of memory and cpu, adding to this very ugly

    Need Mailbird in other plataforms 😀


  • Daz

    What a load of rubbish.
    Reason 1: Fair enough
    Reason 2: The market share of Mac/Linux/mobile (mac especially) is huge, and pro subs in this market would easily provide the funds required to hire a dedicated mac/linux developers to keep updates and maintenance speeds ups.
    Reason 3: Covered above.

    The real reason here: Lack of ambition. And that’s sad, I’ve grown quite fond of Mailbird at home and would like a version of it on my work’s Mac

  • Neil Feltham

    Mailbird for linux would really shake things up within the community. I have been looking for months for low cost/no cost alternatives to MS Office which I have pretty much achieved other than an alternative to Outlook. Well that was up until now as I have found the solution and more with mailbird.

    But I am also a Linux user in the process of migrating solely to Linux at home and for work to have mailbird in a Linux platform would be awsome! However I can live with using a windows VM on Solus Budgie……

  • Andrew

    Thunderbird was great…like 10 years ago. It’s been deprecated forever. Outlook is only good for a corp/exchange environment. Mailbird fits that Windows niche. Would like a Linux version, but hey Linux you make do. Mac ….whine, whine whine….sorry, your OS is so great except when it isn’t.