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Mailbird Gmail App for Windows: Here’s a Better Way in 2021

You probably have a Gmail account. In fact, according to worldwide statistics, there’s a good chance you have more than one of them. Google has reached the 1.5 billion mark back in October...

August 1, 2020

Mailbird Features

Why Mailbird Is One of the Best Email Clients for Windows 10

Are you looking for the best email client for Windows 10? There are dozens of open-source, free or premium email services for Windows on the market — Microsoft Outlook, eM Client, Claws Mail,...

July 19, 2020


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Mailbird Features

Yes, we can all just get along

On the last Mailbird blog post, on the topic of Facebook’s $100 email test, there continues to be this underlying fear for email companies that social networking sites will replace email....

February 26, 2013