How to Send Emails to Undisclosed Recipients

email to undisclosed recipients

Mailbird aims to make your professional endeavours easier by integrating a variety of intuitive functions into one friendly email interface – organize, search and find information with a click of a button. One important feature we have integrated is the undisclosed recipients email feature.

Sending mass email requires a few points of etiquette one being to keep email addresses private. There are a number of reasons why employees prefer to keep their email IDs private. Sending emails to undisclosed recipients ensures that you can do so in a professional manner.

The Benefits

The best way to do send an email to multiple people is to use an undisclosed recipients feature that can be integrated into Gmail or Outlook with Mailbird.

Some main benefits of sending email to undisclosed recipients are:


Concealing email addresses is a thoughtful and professional way of sending mass emails. This protects the privacy of your recipients’ responses too and ensures that other people don’t get a build up of email responses stemmed from replies to your mass email that does not concern anyone but the original sender.

Reduce junk email

Sending email to undisclosed recipients helps to ensure that people actually get your email and that it isn’t filtered out as chain emails to the junk folder.

Spam protection

Truthfully, when you send mass emails with exposed email addresses, it subjects other people to spammers, malware and viruses. Furthermore, it makes it easier for spammers get a hold of information, in extreme cases cause a breach in security through hacking.

Send personalized email 

Instead of seeing a list of emails, names can show up in place or a general title can be given such as “To the Content Department.” This allows you to send email to multiple parties with none of them knowing the other recipients.

Send out emails in a professional manner.

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How to send undisclosed emails using Mailbird

Make sure you have an address book entry that is set up for undisclosed recipients. Here are the following steps to set up your contact list to send an email to undisclosed recipients:

  1. Make sure the contacts app is enabled in Mailbird
  2. Go to Apps in the left sidebar and select ON under contacts
  3. Hit the add contacts buttonemail to undisclosed recipients
  4. Type “Undisclosed” in the first name field
  5. Type “Recipients” in the last name field
  6. Click Add email and type in your email address

Next, send an email by completing the following steps:

  1. Formulate a new message and type “undisclosed” in the To: field to select undisclosed recipients (with a contact email) from the auto-complete list.
  2. Click the pointed triangle in front of To: () to add all the recipients to Bcc
  3. Separate each recipients’ email with a comma
  4. Compose your message and send it off!


Send out emails to undisclosed recipients using Mailbird.

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Privacy protection

After sending an email to undisclosed recipients’ only you, the sender, has access to the recipients’ list and their responses. This is a much cleaner and effective way of sending mail to mass groups – especially ones who may not know each other and may not want to have their information exposed.

Save undisclosed recipients lists

Do you send out weekly meeting minutes? Order lunch on Fridays at the office? Are you a professor who sends out weekly emails to students? Do you rely on email marketing? No matter the case, creating a regular list of undisclosed email recipients is a far more convenient way to manage and execute mass emails. You can also create and save your undisclosed recipients for recurring email lists with Mailbird.

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