The Top 2016 Gadgets For Men

Whether you’re an axe-slinging, moustachioed woodsman – or – a dapper, charming man-about-town: We’ve got the perfect list of gadgets for you in 2016. 2016 tech is all about...

February 2, 2016


Check Out Andrea Loubier’s Take on Growth Hacking Podcast

Laura Moreno has done it again. She has created yet another, awesome Growth Hacking Podcast. After featuring Neil Patel and Ari Meisel, Laura has featured our very own CEO Andrea Loubier. Andrea is...

January 21, 2016


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Productivity Series: How Becky Kane of Todoist Gets Things Done

Here at Mailbird, we are obsessed with productivity. Especially, as it relates to the workplace. That’s why we are excited to open up this new series exploring how people working in successful...

November 19, 2015


Use These 10 Free Image Sources for Your Emails & Newsletter

Finding free images you can use, especially when you are in a hurry, can be difficult. You just don’t always have the time to search for the perfect image only to find that it’s usage...

October 31, 2015


Smartlaunch’s Productivity Success With Mailbird

Mailbird Casestudy from Christin Baumgarten Smartlaunch is a leading provider of management and billing solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of internet cafes and gaming centers....

October 16, 2015


The Meaning of Productivity When Email Is a Big Part of Your Job

The “Get more done, with less work” philosophy To understand what it means to be productive when a major part of your job is email correspondence, we should start with what people do...

August 3, 2015


From Productivity Hole to Productivity Hub: The Data

Last week we released our first blog short titled: The Problem With Email to get our feet wet in one of the most important tools that somehow finds a way to plague our productivity. As a part of our...

July 27, 2015


From Productivity Hole to Productivity Hub: The Problem With Email

Given the growing discussion trends of the overwhelming number of productive communication apps that keep popping up, we thought it’d be necessary to start an awesome series of blog...

July 20, 2015


The only article you need to read about Productivity

Internet is scattered with articles about productivity so why should this be the last and the only one you should read? Because I’m going to try include every piece of advice, tips and...

June 16, 2015


Why You Should Keep Emails Short

“This could change your inbox forever.” To just say “keep your emails short” really isn’t specific enough for you to actually follow this piece of inbox management...

August 20, 2014


How To Improve Your Email Productivity

Workplace productivity is a fundamental cause of concern for many corporations. According to a recent study carried out by research firm Basex; workplace interruptions cost US businesses over $650...

June 10, 2014