How to Write Professional Emails in the Messengers Era

Posted by Guest on July 26, 2018

As mobile communication platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangout, GroupMe and others have become preferred methods of keeping in touch with your clients and colleagues, it might seem that emails are irrelevant in today’s business culture. But while the instantaneous nature of these messaging apps offers convenience and accessibility, there is a degree of professionalism in an email correspondence that a brief texting exchange often lacks. So how to write professional emails that don’t come across as obsolete and manage to hold the attention of your recipient? These four strategies are useful and efficient points of reference to consider when sending your next business email. 1. Make the Subject Line Concise One appeal of the messaging trend is how quickly and succinctly information can be delivered. People often don’t have the time or patience for a rambling monologue, so just a couple sentences of text with clear conclusions is adequate to secure their interest and retention. Keep that same approach in mind when choosing the subject line when writing a professional email thread. When a recipient checks their inbox, it’s plausible to assume they’re scanning the first few words—give or take—of the subject line, then deciding whether to open the email and continue reading. So anchor your subject line with the main point you need to communicate and place those keywords right at the beginning. Write and manage your emails like a professional with Mailbird. Get Mailbird Free Avoid language that is too verbose or can be misconstrued as…

Diving into GDPR and What It Means for Cybersecurity

Posted by Guest on June 6, 2018

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably been getting spammed by GDPR emails left and right. There’s been plenty of confusion going around, too – what is the GDPR? Why am I getting these emails? Should I open them or can I just delete them? We’re here to answer your questions. What is the GDPR? Since 1995, data collection and retention in the EU has been governed by the European Data Protection Directive. The GDPR – the General Data Protection Regulation – is an update for the modern age. What will it change? The GDPR is an EU-wide regulation, but it will have implications for companies around the world. Any company that handles the data of EU citizens either itself or through a subsidiary will need to comply. The core principles of the GDPR are: The right to be forgotten: The right to be forgotten allows EU citizens to request that data about them that is no longer relevant be removed from websites or search engines. This right has been on the books in Europe for some time, but it has now been clarified that international companies will have to comply as well. Privacy by design: The GDPR demands that services provided to EU citizens be private by design. This means that privacy and security must be central and fundamental considerations in any service, not afterthoughts that may or may not be left out. Data portability: EU citizens should be allowed to move their data at will from…

12 Things That Decrease Workplace Productivity

Posted by Guest on April 25, 2018

As is so often the case, there are far more ways to get things wrong than to get them right. This is true in love, life and work. The thing is, if you’re not alert to the ways that workplace productivity is being undermined then you might well be pursuing some practices in your company that end up undermining productivity. Similarly, you might simply not be aware that some of the practices that your company has are actually bad for how productive people can be. For that reason, let’s look at 12 things that undermine productivity and some quick-fixes that can quickly turn things around. 1. Lack of meaning You can be forgiven for thinking that meaning shouldn’t matter much to people. I mean, for two centuries during the industrial revolution owners of factories cared little for how meaningful screwing in screws or attaching wires was and yet they led to the greatest productivity boost in history. But of course, now we live in different times. The big gains of automation have already been earned. Now we have to focus on bringing back on making people feel like they are a part of something. There are many ways to do so, but one of the most effective has to be to give them back control. By giving them the feeling that it’s about more than following orders and that their input is respected, you can change them from people who see your company as a daily interruption to their free…

The 5-Ingredient Recipe for Crafting Personalized Cold Emails

Posted by Guest on April 18, 2018

There was a time when mass marketing used to work but it doesn’t anymore. The rules have changed. Personalized cold emails tend to perform better than their counterparts. Personalized emails improve CTR by 14% and conversion rate by 10%. Advanced personalized emails with custom snippets have 17% reply rate as compared to their counterparts that have a mere 7% reply rate. So cold emails aren’t always ignored as long as they’re well-thought and personalized. The 5-ingredient recipe for crafting successful personalized cold emails will help your sales team see a decent reply rate. Here is an overview of the 5-ingredient recipe: Ingredient #1: Collect relevant data Ingredient #2: Create a unique template Ingredient #3: Understand your individual prospect Ingredient #4: Create a ‘hook’ Ingredient #5: Smart follow up Ingredient #1: Collect relevant data It is a core ingredient, use it carefully. You don’t just need data on your prospects but you need relevant data. Personalization relies on the data you collect and if it is irrelevant, your email won’t remain personalized anymore.  For instance, if you happen to refer to your prospect ‘position’ in their organization (CEO, CMO, designer, etc.) in your email. You have to ensure that you’re referring to the prospect’s current position. Referring to an old position or a wrong position means nothing but disaster. So how you collect relevant data on your prospects? It is a 2-step process: 1. Primary data collection 2. Core data collection 1. Primary data collection Primary data involves basic data collection such as: Full…

How to Supercharge Productivity After the Holidays

Posted by Guest on April 2, 2018

Returning back to work after a relaxing vacation? For many, getting back into a regular working routine after the holidays can be a struggle. The change of pace can take a while to get used to. However, there are many great benefits of taking time off work. Taking a vacation allows you to clear your head, de-stress and renew your energy for the next months of work. The best thing you can do is use this restart as an opportunity to supercharge your productivity. Here are a few tips on how to improve productivity at work after the holidays. Organise Your Emails Despite your Out Of Office Message, after returning back to work from a (long) vacation, you are likely to have countless unopened emails waiting for you in your inbox. One of your first tasks, when you return to the office, should be organising and arranging your emails in order of importance. Focus on tackling your most urgent emails first and set aside the others for a later time. Most email clients, like Mailbird have a Snooze Feature that will let you snooze emails and have them come back at a later time of the day, week or month. This is a great feature to get through your emails fast and to gain control over your inbox while working away on the emails relevant to your current focus. Another good tip is to set an automated reply message on these emails, simply explaining why it may take longer to…

Is Your Website in Internet Slums? 10 Steps to Get Back on Track

Posted by Guest on February 28, 2018

If your company website is starting to slide down the Google rankings, then it’s time to take action. Ideally, businesses should be aiming to tweak their SEO before their website falls down to the second page of results. That’s because three-quarters of users will never scroll past the first page! The good news is that you can begin to climb back up the ranking ladder again using these 10 simple steps. 1. Address Any Major Issues If your website suddenly seems to have taken a hit, then there’s a good chance that you’ve been given a Google penalty. With Google now incorporating real-time aspects into their algorithms, decreases and increases in rankings can happen almost instantly. Webmaster tools and Google Analytics can highlight any significant issues which may have caused the drop, such as plagiarization or keyword spamming, for example. Before taking any other measure, be sure to address these major issues first and foremost. 2. Sort Out Your Keywords Relevant keywords are the backbone of any good SEO strategy, but there’s a fine line between too much and too little. Density is almost as important as the keywords themselves, and in recent years Google has certainly cracked down on black hat techniques, which it considers to go against its ‘best practices’. With the introduction of the Google Penguin algorithm, the search engine is penalizing websites with too high a keyword density; an SEO method which often makes content unreadable for the average visitor. 3. Give Your Audience What They…

Infographic: 10 Myths about Instagram for Business

Posted by Guest on February 8, 2018

Those who work in social media marketing know that the field can be very stressful. For example, a failure of a single marketing strategy can make or break the business because it may undermine the reputation of the company. Social media game is constantly changing, so if you don’t follow the latest trends, you could be outperformed by your competitors very quickly. In some cases, panic is another important factor. For example, if the number of likes and followers is reducing, it is easy to believe all those myths floating around how the developers of Instagram changed algorithms and how it will reduce the effectiveness of your social media strategy. Sure, a change in the algorithm may slightly affect your performance, but that doesn’t mean that the sky is falling. Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths out there, and some of them may seem legit. For example, one of them suggests that you should use the “follow for follow” strategy on Instagram. That is, you should follow others to be followed by them and build your audience this way. However, as described in the infographic created by Proessaywriting below, not a lot of Instagram users tend to return the favor and ignore follow requests. The reason is very simple: the amount of these requests can be overwhelming, so who wants to deal with every business trying to become your follower? Besides, this strategy, even if effective, will not create a quality audience. Those who agree to follow a business…

Boost Web Traffic and Consumer Count with Affiliate Marketing

Posted by Guest on February 1, 2018

Every business in the world is a brainchild of people who once had dreamt of making it big in the domain of corporate communication, sales and client acquisition. Well, talking of digital marketing or online businesses in today’s world where various marketing strategies and innovative approaches towards businesses play a crucial role, affiliate marketing is certainly a tool that can prove to be beneficial in driving traffic and target consumers to website, thus making the entire idea of online business more productive and efficient. Here’s what you need to know. To begin with, the concept of affiliate marketing is really simple. It is a process in which the online retailer pays to another website for sales and traffic that are produced from the references generated. Now in order to start with the technicalities of affiliate marketing, the one who is about to implement this strategy must know his/her consumer well. Without confirming the fact and knowing for whom is the service being served or the product designed, you can’t expect to get the desired affiliate revenue end of the day. What is the deal for precious and semi-precious Antiques? Secondly, if your business deals with products such as handcrafted items and antiques, then aligning your website with relevant portals can help you get the best of affiliate marketing outcomes. If you want to utilize the real benefits of affiliate marketing, then look for partners to collaborate with, which means they will serve as an extension for your already existing business…

MAILBIRD–精致、好用的WINDOWS邮件客户端 2019

Posted by Guest on January 3, 2018

好久没推荐软件了,最近真的忙得快喘不过气了T_T……. 难得十一长假,在此推荐一款好用精致的邮件客户端—Mailbird 其实这款软件吧,之前也有不少媒体有过推荐,所以我打算写一些我自己的感受,不求全面,只求真实。

32 Insane Facts About Email 2019

Posted by Guest on January 2, 2018

Emails are the most used means of communication today. It is literally one of the greatest inventions that came with the internet. Formal requests, informal invitations, business communication, file sharing and overviews of your conversations are all possible because of email. Email offers the world many opportunities for communication asynchronously. Email as a medium of communication is today still the #1 activity done online. 32 Insane Email Facts As a compliment to online communication, email has evolved as a great channel for many people and businesses to conduct online marketing. Great email apps like Mailbird (Windows) or Airmail (Mac) work alongside many advancements in technology. The use of the internet has made communication via email even more accessible from computers, tablets, smart devices and mobile. Apps like Mailbird take the next step and unify all online communication and productivity channels that are built on top of the framework of email communication. Declutter your email with Mailbird. Give it a free try now. Get Mailbird Free Mobile access to email communication is a must today, which has also led to a rise to spam or junk mail as well as the difficulty of managing all the information that comes through our inbox.  That’s where email clients like Mailbird come for the rescue. Mailbird reduces the stress of email overload, whilst increasing inbox productivity. There are 3.7 billion email accounts worldwide, and of that 3.7 billion, 86% of professionals prefer emails for communication. This infographic below by Webeeky shares astonishing facts about email which are…