Best Apps for College Students to Help with Studies in 2020

Posted by Guest on August 22, 2020

Best apps for college students

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Published on August 22, 2020

Most students cannot imagine their lives without their smartphones, and 2020’s unusual circumstances are only increasing that dependence. Students mostly use smartphones for communication and entertainment, but the best apps for college students can also be powerful tools in the areas of productivity and time management. These days, plenty of the best apps for college students are designed to make students’ lives easier. By installing these apps, any student can improve his or her life dramatically.

Of course, because there are so many different apps on the market, it can be hard to choose the right ones for your specific situations. That’s why, in this article, we want to offer you a list of the best apps for college students that can help make your life more productive, organized, and stress-free. If you are wondering if there is an app to help you study more effectively, this article is for you. 

1. Spotify

Spotify app for college students

If you enjoy listening to music, you should definitely install this app. Many students know Spotify as the place where popular music and the latest hits can be found – but that’s not the only reason it’s great.

Spotify has many playlists created by other students that can help you focus on your assignments while studying. Of course, it might take some time to find the right playlists for you – but it’s still much easier than trying to create one yourself.

2. Google Drive

Google Drive app for students

Google Drive is one of the best cloud services to save the data and documents you definitely don’t want to lose. Sure, there are plenty of other good apps as well (like Dropbox, for example), but Google Drive offers not only a large amount of storage space available (15GB for free accounts), but also office apps, such as Docs, Sheets, Notes, and many others.

This means you are able to store not only documents (projects, essays, various files), but other important data can be saved there as well.

3. Feedly

Feedly app for college students

Students spend plenty of time online, whether they’re researching something useful like cause and effect essay topics or simply relaxing while reading Reddit and their favorite blogs. However, not every student is able to keep up with the current news and recent updates as much as they want to – students’ lives are hectic, after all.

Feedly can ease the process for you. It’s an RSS app, where you can add your favorite websites as blogs to view in one feed. You can also turn on notifications to ensure you won’t miss important updates — one of the reasons it is considered a top app for busy college students. 

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4. iHomework

iHomework college app

Wouldn’t it be great to keep track of your college assignments and remember to study for upcoming tests? Do you ever think, “Is there an app to help me study?”

iHomework is the solution you’ve been looking for. This app is essentially a homework organizer, where you can store all the studying-related data you want. You are also able to set notifications that will remind you about deadlines and assignments that need to be finished.

5. Strava

Strava app for students

Many students want to remain fit during their college years. Some, however, struggle in the process. Combining physical activities with a college education can be stressful, especially when you do it on your own. It’s not always easy to  motivate yourself, find time for exercise, and so on.

However, this doesn’t have to be so hard. Strava’s app is designed especially for those who want to work on fitness but feel like they need some company and extra motivation. Basically, it’s a social network for people who run, cycle, jog, or walk. It allows you to set goals and share your progress with others, making the process more enjoyable while holding yourself accountable.

6. Mint

Mint app for college students

Managing personal finances is a constant struggle for many students. However, Mint’s app can ease the process significantly. It allows you to keep track of expenses, set budget goals, and better understand where your money goes.

Moreover, it’s very simple to understand. It doesn’t require much effort to use, and it can strengthen your financial planning skills quickly and effectively.

7. SelfControl

SelfControl college app

These days, even the best students can get distracted easily and often. After all, we have messengers, apps, and notifications that pop up all the time and can turn our attention away from the work that has to be done. Sure, you can discipline yourself and try to ignore these distractions. But if you want to solve the problem quickly and effectively, try the SelfControl app.

It has a desktop version and works very simply: you set the list of apps and websites you want to block and choose the period of time during which they need to remain blocked. After you’re done setting this up, you can focus on work without worrying about a Facebook message distracting you. What’s even more amazing is that you won’t be able to turn off the block, even if you try deleting the app or restarting your device.

8. Disk Drill

Disk Drill college app

Managing a computer’s storage can be a problem for busy students. Downloading documents and content for multiple classes can quickly use up space on your device. Disk Drill provides free tools that can help optimize both your storage and your computer’s performance. Disk Drill also offers powerful data recovery capabilities that can be a lifesaver when dealing with unexpected data loss, like an inadvertently deleted term paper. 

Disk Drill enables you to easily create a map of your device’s storage so you can identify and eliminate duplicate files and those old video downloads you had forgotten about. Protect your data with the Recovery Vault feature and use the S.M.A.R.T. disk monitoring to alert you to potential problems. It’s a great tool for protecting and recovering your precious data.

*BONUS* Mailbird

Mailbird app for college students

College students send and receive a ton of emails. Between personal correspondences from friends and family back home, daily newsletters, Amazon order updates, campus events, and crucial information from your professors, there’s a lot to keep organized. Luckily, Mailbird is the perfect solution. It’s a Windows-based app that consolidates all your email accounts into one unified inbox, so you can easily stay on top of your email game.  

Mailbird also integrates with a lot of other popular apps — like Google Drive, Evernote, WhatsApp, and Dropbox — allowing you to manage all your online communication from one app, without ever leaving Mailbird. This is great for working through your emails and tasks in an efficient and focused manner.

Mailbird helps you stay on top of your mails and projects.

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Wrap Up

As you see, not all of the best apps for college students are related to homework and studying. That’s because this list is designed not only to make you a more productive student but also to improve the quality of your college life in general. We hope you will enjoy these apps!

Why should a college student use certain apps?

A college student should find apps that can help him or her with assignments, research, file storage, problem solving, and time management. Using the best apps for college students is a sure way to make yourself productive.

How long should a college student study?

A college student should study around one to two hours per day. Ideally, you should study for two hours per one hour of class. By using the top apps for college students, you can make your study time even more productive. 

What is the best study method?

The best study method is to find the time when you can study in the most productive way. It is also very important that you take notes, keep a careful record of all your assignments, and use technology — including study apps — to save time and increase your productivity. 

What is the best app for students?

There are many great options for students to make their studies better and more productive. One of the best apps is Mailbird. You can easily integrate it with other apps, including Google Drive, Evernote, and Dropbox. In addition to Mailbird, Spotify, Mint, SelfControl, and Google Drive are other great options.  


Post Contributor

Published on August 22, 2020


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