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Michael Olsen – the New Interim CEO of Mailbird

Michael Olsen – the New Interim CEO of Mailbird
Michael Olsen – the New Interim CEO of Mailbird

A growth plan with a focus on Product Development is the best way to drive innovation for our customers.

We are proud to formally announce that Michael Olsen (co-founder of Mailbird) is the company's new interim CEO.

Technological innovation is critical to the long-term success of all growth companies. We are genuinely excited to have Michael Olsen, as Mailbird's long-time CTO and Founder, step into the CEO role. Olsen will steer Mailbird through the next major technological innovations and milestones on the company's accelerated global growth path. We will work closely with Michael Olsen to further expand the Mailbird team with crucial leadership functions to support in all areas of the organization's growth in the coming months.

Michael Bodekær, Board Chairman

As a seasoned technological business leader, Michael will succeed Andrea Loubier and assume responsibilities on August 1st. Andrea has been a tremendous force behind the development of Mailbird. However, it was an executive decision that Michael Olsen would lead during this transition as Mailbird enters a new season to focus on its scale-up aspirations.

Michael has a boastful career in software and web development that spans over 15 years.

After completing his Computer Science degree (at the world-renowned Niels Brock business school in 2005, Michael took the world of software and web development by storm. He honed his developer skills at Lejebolig.dk (one of the biggest accommodation finder websites in Denmark) and Smartlaunch, the most prominent Internet and gaming center software provider globally.

Before Mailbird, Michael was Chief Architect at Room Service and built the front-end and back-end website. Before that, Michael took on the challenge of creating an entire order system for one of the largest restaurant chains in Copenhagen. The ordering system included unifying the customer experience from placing orders online, over the phone, or on a touch screen in the restaurant, to a delivery coordination system, to big screens in the kitchens to display orders to the chefs.

Michael continues, "all of those parts were custom-developed, including a server infrastructure that would handle it all, no matter the load, and robust enough never to fail."

The project was a big success.

Michael has an exceptional ability to understand the technology profoundly, and the dynamic market." said Alexis Dollé. "His strong attention to detail, and his empathy to put himself in the users' shoes, will help us build a cutting edge product that will serve the needs of millions of email users."

About Mailbird

Mailbird is a multi-award-winning, pegged top 5, desktop email client for Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11, helping to manage business emails , corporate emails and personal emails all in one place.

Their greatest ambition is to transform users' relationships with their inbox, leading them to build a healthy relationship with email.