Our New Slack App Integration

Posted by Jason Ephraim on May 18, 2016


Jason Ephraim
Former Vice President of Growth

Former Vice President of Growth at Mailbird

Published on May 18, 2016

Mailbird’s new Slack app integration brings chat to your inbox

2.3 Million, that’s how many people use slack every day. That’s why we are super excited to announce the release of our Slack integration that available for Mailbird Business users.

slack app integration
The new Slack app integration sidebar in Mailbird

Activating the Slack app in Mailbird is easy.

  • Click the “…” menu at the bottom of the Mailbird sidebar.
  • Next, click the slider in the Slack widget to turn it “on”.
  • You will see the Slack icon show up in the bottom of your sidebar along with any other apps you’ve activated.
  • Click it, and you will find instructions on how to sign in to your Slack account.

slack app widgetUsing the Slack app sidebar

To activate the Slack sidebar in your Mailbird client:

  • Open any inbox by clicking on the account icon in the sidebar.
  • If your sidebar is not expanded already, click the “<” symbol at the top right of the Mailbird client:
  • expand app sidebar
  • To open Slack in your sidebar, hover over the “…” symbol to see all the activated apps with sidebars:
  • slack app selection
  • Click the Slack symbol slack app icon and you are all set.

Why we chose to add the Slack app to Mailbird

Slack is a great tool for teams. It allows channel members to communicate more quickly, share documents, and has dozens of amazing bots to automate a score of things that email just can’t.

The Mailbird team has been using slack for awhile now, and we realized two important things in the process:

  • Although it can cut down on email between team members, Slack cannot completely replace it.
  • Using Slack required yet another app or window that we had to juggle.

For these reasons, it made perfect sense to bring this team communication app into the Mailbird interface. Now, we can have both tools open on the same platform!

Are you a Slack app user?

We’d love to hear your experience with the new app integration. We are continuing to work on improving it, but we’d appreciate any feedback you have on this awesome new feature.



Jason Ephraim
Former Vice President of Growth

Former Vice President of Growth at Mailbird

Published on May 18, 2016


24 thoughts on "Our New Slack App Integration"

  • Avatar
    Fredrik Nilsson says:

    Looking good!
    However, I don’t get any notification when I get a new messages in the mailbird/slack app. Am I the only one with this problem? Any solution?

  • Avatar
    A Real Mail User says:

    The way you guys integrate stuff is an insult to the word integrate.
    Why don’t you just say “We’re showing it within an iframe and claiming we do integrate it since our current software is not capable of anything at all.”

  • Avatar
    David Herrera says:

    I noticed this post was in May, we are now in July almost August. Has Slack notifications been figured out yet?

    • Avatar
      Leonardo Ariadi Santoso says:

      Hi Guys, slack app notifications is currently not being worked on by our developers. We are focusing on bigger features. I can’t say anything specific yet but you can expect something in the ball park of exchange support, multiplatform, and a native calendar for our future updates.

  • Avatar
    This sucks says:

    Terrible. No notification support whatsoever. What’s the use of chat if you don’t know people are sending messages?

  • As of yesterday I am not able to use Slack on Mailbird. Would an update be coming out soon?

  • I get an error message saying “Please update your browser or use the Slack app” how can I fix this?

  • You still don’t have notifications for Slack. This is very infuriating. Slack itself is for productivity. If we don’t get notified, I don’t see any productivity.
    Also, I still see update the browser update request in Slack. Though it gives me an option of Skip for now, its just frustrating that I have to click it every time I open Slack.

  • I would 2nd, 3rd and 4th the Slack notifications comments. Absolutely pointless without it. I’m on a trial just now for a business account and what turned me on to Mailbird was integrations, but not having those push notifications or counters for when you receive a message makes them just pointless tabs and I won’t be taking out a subscription.

  • Slack inside Mailbird is still not sending any sounds or notification or even counter badge to visually see are there any new messages.

    Do you plan to fix this?
    Thank you

  • I just downloaded Mailbird and it’s awesome…

    EXCEPT that the whole reason I love it is because you can integrate Slack, Hangouts, Asana, etc, but there’s NO NOTIFICATIONS!! What the heck is the point of adding those “integrations”? lol It’s literally just a browser window that’s logged into the website for each “app”. It’s a joke.

    No way I’m buying any subscription with this.

    • Hi Jack

      There are notifications but not for all of them. We support notifications in whatsapp more will be coming in the future.

  • and another request for the same, this is now over 4 years old, I wonder how many original user requesting this are still with Mailbird? Bought the Business version to have Slack, didn’t expect it to be missing the vital part of notification. This is not an integration, it’s a quick fix that lastet over 4 years……. unimpressed and not expecting any specific response such as a timeline when this will eventually be done.

    • Andrew @ Mailbird
      Andrew @ Mailbird says:

      Hello Peter! We would love to add notifications to the apps integrated in Mailbird but currently this is not possible for us I am afraid, apologies.

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