Mailbird’s Improved Compose Window With Tagging Feature

With many exciting updates to come, we have just released our improved compose window including a brand new tagging feature.

Let’s have a closer look at what improvements came with the launch.

New Mailbird Compose Window

1. The formatting bar icons are redesigned for you to make each tab and feature more accessible.  
We have moved the ‘attach’ button, ‘add image’ button, and ‘add link’ button to the primary line, so they are visible even when the formatting bar is collapsed.



2. We added a new drag/drop attachment placeholder for both inline and ‘normal’ attachments. You will be able to choose where to place the image while dragging it into the email.


3. With the update you will also find, that we added thumbnail preview for attachments when composing an email. Previously it was only available for incoming emails.


Tagging Feature

Our brand new tagging feature is out!

The auto tag feature will open a list of contacts when you type ‘@’ in the compose window. Choosing a contact will automatically add it to the list of recipient which is ‘to’ or ‘cc’. This is based on whether there has already been a recipient in the draft or not.

How is this a great feature? It enables you to quickly add a new recipient to an existing or new conversation.


The feature can be disabled at any time by simply going into the Mailbird menu-> settings->compose-> disable ‘Auto-add recipients when @ tagging’.


That’s it. You are ready to go.

Check it out and let us know what you think. You can leave your comments, suggestions and/or questions in the comment section below or shoot us an email.

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  • KSH

    Hi, the minute you have Exchange support I am purchasing. I’m just waiting for the announcement… any idea when it will be? I’ve already read Q4 2017…

  • J T

    Need exchange support
    Able to file emails into folders of another email account.
    Also shortcut to search by subjects. There is a search button to search mail from certain user when u mouse over the sender, just need the same when mouse over the subject perhaps?

    • AndyBlaser

      This should definitely be top priority! It is quite bothersome having to use another e-mail client to move mails to other accounts.
      Also, searching could be drastically improved – i.e. not being able to search all e-mails in all folders seems to be very much backward in development!

  • Julián Rodriguez

    It would be great add Linkedin Integration in the mailbird sidebar

  • Tessa Bell

    I tried to drag an image into the inline box on my composed mail from Windows photos and it didn’t work. When I manually copied and pasted there was no option to resize the image to suitable for email and I had to alter the original image first – very laborious and 2005.