Mailbird Updates you may have missed

Posted by Christin on January 12, 2017

Our developers are working super hard, like, really hard to make email not so bad anymore. Many improvements are made and updates implemented, which usually come unnoticed. Some of these include an improved avatar (aka profile picture) search for all your important contacts. Another is an improved drag and drop email function, performance with 64bit machines are examples of the constant, yet less noticeable, improvements our team is consistently working on.

For the more noticeable Mailbird developments that many of you find super awesome include:

1. Sharing Means Caring

End your friend, family and colleague‘s email struggles by using the ‘Invite Friends‘ option in the Mailbird menu. We mentioned the updated referral system in our last newsletter, so in case you missed it, now its super easy for you to get Mailbird Pro Lifetime for free.

Here’s how it works:

image 1

2. Join The Dark Side

Have sensitive eyes when working on a computer for too long? Did you know that Mailbird has a dark theme mode? Try it by simply going into the Mailbird menu > Settings > Appearance > Select ‘Dark Theme‘

image 2

3. Create New Thread

You can now change the subject of any reply or forwarded message and with that creating a new thread from it. You can create a new email thread now, when replying to any message in an email convo, change the subject line and voila! New email thread created. We call it “I just became awesome at email convo management!” Awesome.

newsletter2-newthread-24. That Special F1 Key Working Wonders Again

We gave the F1 key some life! Today, that special F1 key gives you immediate access to the Mailbird support team. We are here for you! Problems, questions, feedback? Hit that F1 key. Simple.

image 4


…And we have many more great things coming. Check out our New Years Resolutions to get an idea of what we have planned for 2017.

Any questions? Let us know in the comment section or shoot us an email.


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