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Posted by Abe on March 26, 2015


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Published on March 26, 2015

Fastest Month Ever

After another amazingly productive week, with long hours and sleepless nights, we are sad that the Mailbird hackathon will be coming to an end this month. These hackathons are amazing for our team as we all really get to sit together, collaborate, share ideas and have fun as we move fast on all the great things that we are planning for Mailbird. Even more innovative things to come, now that Mailbird 2.0 has launched. It’s only the beginning which is super cool, so brace yourselves for more developments you are going to love with Mailbird 2.0 this year. In the spirit of our hackathon last year, here’s a video update from the team.

In case you didn’t catch it all in the video above, get the snapshot below of what we’ve been doing.

What Happened Last Week

  1. Mailbird has been invited for a tech segment on Bloomberg TV in Indonesia.
  2. We have a ton of new followers via Twitter since Mailbird 2.0 launched – so we are working on responding to all the great engagement on Twitter more these days
  3. We published 2 new blogs in the last 7 days:
  4. We’ve been reviewing potential new candidates to work with Mailbird. Interested in joining our awesome team? See if any of the open positions fit you HERE.
  5. We have moved forward with our partnership with Meebox, a Danish internet service provider. So now any Meebox user can start managing all their emails from Mailbird with a super easy set up.
  6. We’ve started working on our first Mailbird case study with a small business called Smartlaunch. Smartlaunch is a Software & Billing Solution for Cyber Cafes and Internet Cafes, and we cannot wait to share their story of their prior chaotic email situation, which took a swift change once they switched to Mailbird 2.0
  7. We’re adding deeper integration to some of the apps that launched with Mailbird 2.0, one we finished this past week is Dropbox integration.
  8. We also included a new Twitter app that works with the side bar, it’s in development and will be published soon. Since many people today are even resorting to Twitter to get a hold of each other and communicate and share information.
  9. Pro users used to only get their license key via email. Today you can now capture your unique license key at the end of the check out process when you go Pro, in addition to getting the license key activation email.
  10. Search has also been improved so that whatever you search for in Mailbird sticks even when switching between accounts. Before, you’d have to retype your search terms when switching to another account.
  11. We are actively seeking companies and small teams that can improve their business when using Mailbird as their all-in-one communication hub. This is a very exciting for Mailbird as we’ve primarily delivered to a consumer market, and reaching out to a larger B2B market brings Mailbird closer to delivering a great product to every single Windows user in the world.
  12. Otherwise, its been business as usual with polishing, fixing and optimizing Mailbird 2.0

Deeper Dropbox Integration

New Twitter App in the side bar

Awesome Hackathon

The Mailbird March 2015 Hackathon is closing, yet it is only the beginning of many more great things to come in your favorite all-in-one communication hub, since we all know that Mailbird is more than just an email client for Windows. Mailbird is so much more, and we cannot wait to bring you guys along for the ride this year.

Just because the hackathon is over, by no means are we slowing down. In fact things are speeding up quiet rapidly, so be sure to stay tuned. From our team to you, a big Thank You again for the support.

Mailbird Out of Office Hackathon

dance off 2
Mailbird team works hard and plays hard! Hackathon Dance Party #1

Go Mailbird!

We leave you with a testimonial from a new Mailbird user since Mailbird 2.0 launched,

“I really like everything about it. The design (Office-like Metro), elegance and functionality bought me in. One intriguingly workable feature was the Whatsapp integration. Finally, I can just sit on the desk and do everything — program, email, WhatsApp and more. I was pretty tired of switching back and forth between five (yes, five) devices from PCs to Macs to Windows Phones to iPads with minimal interoperability. This little feature has brought the ends a lot closer than is apparent at the first look.”

– Prayaas Aggarwal

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Full Stack Engineer

Published on March 26, 2015