Mailbird Security: How We Protect Your Privacy

Posted by Christin on August 19, 2020

Mailbird security and privacy information

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Published on August 19, 2020

With rising security and privacy concerns worldwide, we thought it would be a good idea to share more info about Mailbird and security with our users. So, we have summarized everything about Mailbird security in the form of FAQs that will help you understand how and why things work the way they do.

1. Is my data being encrypted?

The data sent from Mailbird to our license server and vice versa is done over a secure HTTPS connection. HTTPS is one of the most secure communication channels widely used over the internet by various organizations, especially financial institutions like banks.

If you have ever seen a website address like this, it is using a secure HTTPS connection.

Secure HTTPS connection

Mailbird’s security features will protect your data from eavesdropping or snooping by unauthorized entities.

2. Can the Mailbird team read my emails?

We guarantee you that Mailbird cannot ever read any of your emails nor see your attachments, account passwords, or any other personal information.

Mailbird works as a local client on your computer, and all sensitive data (such as emails, folders, contacts, attachments, account details etc.) is stored only on your computer — it is never shared with Mailbird or anyone else.

3. What type of data on users is collected by Mailbird and how is it used?

Some people have pointed out Mailbird’s security issues, such as data collection. However, only feature usage data is collected. Mailbird receives the following info from its users:

  1. Name
  2. Email address
  3. Data on Mailbird feature usage

This info is sent to Mixpanel and our License Management System.

Why Mixpanel?

Mixpanel is an analytics software that helps us understand how Mailbird is being used, which includes all the new features we’ve added over time. This information allows us to understand and improve the experience people have with Mailbird, and it is how we can keep you happy with email and information management.

The data sent to Mixpanel is mostly added as an incremental property, which means that the counter of a particular feature increases by one when you use that feature in Mailbird.

For example, if you use the Email Speed Reader feature, the counter in Mixpanel goes up by one without telling us who exactly used it. This helps us collect anonymized information on Mailbird usage, allowing us to also set the right priorities and focus for new software developments in Mailbird. Here’s a cool example that anonymously shows the number of times the Email Speed Reader feature in Mailbird was used. This tells us that we may need to make improvements to the Speed Reader feature, and that is great for being able to improve Mailbird for people all over the world.

Mixpanel app usage data histogram

What will happen if we don’t track this data? We will not be able to make data-backed decisions on which features to improve or develop, and it is in our best interest to continuously and consistently deliver the best experience of Mailbird in this way.

Why the License Management System? 

As the name implies, the purpose of using a secure License Management System is to check the status of Mailbird licenses. It allows us to manage whether your license is still valid/active or not.

The computer specifications are also included here to streamline bug reporting, so we don’t always have to ask for the version of Windows you are using when reporting a bug. The user sessions are also included here, which allows us to understand the frequency of Mailbird use.

It’s easy and basic feedback that allows us to improve the learning curve and on-boarding process for new Mailbird users. The info allows us to ensure that your Mailbird license works the way it’s supposed to. Without the License Management System we wouldn’t be able to differentiate between Lite, Pro, and Lifetime users.

4. Do I have the option to opt out from data collection?

Yes, as a part of the excellent Mailbird security, all users have the option to opt out from data collection. You can decide whether you would like to be involved in improving Mailbird or prefer not to.

In general, we want to resolve all your Mailbird security issues, so we would like to emphasize the fact that any data collected by us has never been and never will be used for any commercial purpose outside of using it to improve Mailbird. 

At Mailbird, we hold ourselves to strong ethical standards in respecting user privacy and security. We hope that is clear and that Mailbird is seen as a company that respects user privacy, so we can also continue building the best communication hub ever for Windows. That is pretty cool, and we thank all of you for being a part of this big journey.

We are fully dedicated to improving our user experience, so you can continue to enjoy Mailbird more with every new improvement and development we make with your help and feedback. A big “thank you” for that! 

It is our full intention as a company to serve all our users well, as you are the reason we can continue to make a positive impact on our ever-changing interaction with online communication and the technologies we use today. You are the reason Mailbird can continue to be a great email company with every intention to put users first.

Wrap Up

Having an email client installed on your computer or laptop might have you wondering how safe your data is. Thanks to Mailbird’s security features, we have made sure that none of your personal data can be accessed by anyone else. All of your data is stored on your computer only. 

If you have questions, Mailbird security issues, or ever feel that we can improve something, we are all ears and ready to take action based on your feedback. Please feel free to leave your comment below, and again, thank you for giving Mailbird your vote of confidence. You are awesome!

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All points mentioned below have been addressed, and every user is given the option to opt out of Mailbird’s usage reporting. Mailbird also no longer sends names and email addresses to the License Management System.

Please note that any data collected by us has never and never will be used for any commercial purpose outside of improving Mailbird.

Is Mailbird really free?

At the moment, a free Mailbird version doesn’t exist. However, you can sign up for a free trial. To continue using the email client and enjoy all of its features, you need to purchase a license.

What is the safest email service?

Here is a list of the safest email clients currently available:
1. Mailbird
2. ProtonMail
3. Tutanota
4. Hushmail
5. Mailfence
6. CounterMail
7. Librem Mail

What are email security issues?

There are plenty of email security issues that present a large threat, ranging from malware and viruses to more serious threats such as email phishing. Email security issues can lead to breaches that can cost money or even damage your reputation.The best way to avoid email security issues is to use a reliable email client that comes with advanced security features, such as Mailbird.

What are the dangers of using email?

Everyone receives spam emails. However, some people are not aware of how dangerous these emails can be. There are many email scams nowadays that will try to get your personal information from you and use it to steal your money or even your identity.The good news is, a reliable email client such as Mailbird comes with security features that will keep you protected at all times.

Is Mailbird any good?

Mailbird is an innovative, thoughtfully designed email client that is constantly getting improvements. The developers are always working on developing new features, add-ons, and security options. Mailbird is especially popular among those who use multiple email accounts, and it completely transforms their emailing experience.

Marketing Manager

PR & Media Relations Supporting the team by communicating Mailbird and its great features to existing and potential users and media.

Published on August 19, 2020


163 thoughts on "Mailbird Security: How We Protect Your Privacy"

  • Sreekanth PM says:

    Are you planning to implement master password for the application?

  • Hamish MacColl says:

    I live way out in the country – my internet connection is slow. It’s a real hassle that so many of my messages are not kept on my hard disk but somewhere in the cloud as when I want them to review a delivery or something I’ve bought they’re not there and I have to wait five minutes or so and I don’t have time for that – I’m switching back to MS mail – it’s reliable.

    • Bagik Setiawan says:

      Hi Hamish, maybe you can try to set your account as a POP3 in Mailbird. Switching from IMAP I’m afraid it’s not possible right now, so you need to remove the account first and add it again.

      Here’s an article with more detail on how to set your account as a POP3 in Mailbird.

      Make sure to enable the ‘Leave a copy of messages on the server’ if you still want to access the email from other clients that using IMAP.

  • Robert Brown says:

    Is there a sent mail folder.I just loaded it and can not find it.
    Also is there a Save mail file. Sorry if these are silly questions from a new person in Blue Bird I am a refugee from Incredimail . Any help would be very much appreciated Rob.

    • Hi Robert, you can find the sent folder at the left pane of your Mailbird. If you just see icons, please expand it first to see the full view.

      Mailbird not yet support saving email locally for now. Have a nice day and stay safe.

  • Jean-Pierre BUISSON says:

    I have two points that I cannot resolve:
    1) emails from the same sender or receiver are grouped on a single line with an indication of the number of emails. Wouldn’t it be possible to have a line by email in the reception page and in the sending page?
    2) could we clearly indicate the date and time of arrival or departure of the email in clear without being obliged to pass the mouse over it.
    Thank you in advance for your answers.
    JP Buisson

    • Andrew @ Mailbird says:

      Hello Jean-Pierre, thanks for sharing your suggestions with us! I have forwarded this to our teams for further consideration. Thanks!

  • Michel Barker says:

    Hi, I am new to mailbird as I was previously using Incredimail. So far I like what I see but does mailbird (non-free version) give the user ability to place a watermark on the email being sent or small logo/picture in the bottom right hand corner of the email being sent? Was one of the things I liked about Incredimail.

  • How can I stop Mailbird from automatically downloading emails? I want to be the one to decide when to download messages, not some arbitrarily assigned time frame programmed into Mailbird.

  • I do NOT like it that now when you ‘reply’ to an email… and send it… the original email you are replying to goes away into never~never land. (It wasn’t like that before.) Please let it be MY CHOICE whether or not the message I answered stays in the Inbox or not!!

    • Hi Esther, the email that you are replying to is not in the inbox anymore is probably because you send and archive instead of just sent. To disable this feature go to settings>composing and disable “show send and archive button”.

  • Messages put into drafts after a failed send.

    Occasionally Mailbird will put outgoing messages into the drafts folder because it failed to send. The warning that it has done so is not obvious. There should, IMHO be an option for Mailbird to place a message into the inbox (like a failed to deliver message) instead of quieetly putting the item into the drafts folder and setting the alert icon.

  • Esther Dodson says:

    When I choose “mark as spam,” any email from that sender should be BLOCKED and/or directed to a SPAM folder. As it is now, I mark a LOT of email advertisements & mark them as SPAM, but I keep receiving messages from that same sender in my Inbox. Annoying & inconvenient. I hope this feature will soon be added.

    • Mailbird does not have a native spam filter right now. Instead it use the spam filter of your email provider. So if your email provider does not think an email as a spam, so will Mailbird.
      If you want to block an email address, you need to login to your webmail and block the email address from there. After that Mailbird will also block the email address.

      Is there something else I can help you with?

  • Arthur Lewis says:

    there should be a capability to able to mark emails as not junk or spam or as Junk or spam.

  • Herman Davis says:

    I receive emails daily from certain merchants that I would like to put in spam permanetly. How can I do this? I move them to spam every day but they are back the next.

    • Hello Herman, I am afraid Mailbird does not have a spam filter at the moment, you need to mark emails as spam in your mail server.

  • I am looking forward with much anticipation to seeing how well Mailbird performs. It was not easy to move from my default email I’ve used for three years. But I have faith that this will be the right decision.

  • Mailbird not really 21st Century.
    1. Unable to add gif as a signature
    2. No explanation of how to use folders
    3.No able(that I have found) to have common folders to email accounts – so if a client sends email to one address then next time to another cannot read in sequence

    • Bagik Rachmawan says:

      Hello there, thanks for the feedback.

      1. When composing or reading emails in most email clients, there is currently no support for animated GIF files, meaning the animation will not play. Instead, either the first frame of the animation will appear or the image will ‘break’, showing a red cross instead. In some cases, only the first frame of the GIF will show, and to see the animation you will have to open the email in a web browser.

      Animated GIFs in email signatures will not render. Animated GIFs do not work in Outlook for example due to the functionality of the email editor. Outlook uses Microsoft Word to edit and display emails, and when emails are sent out, Word’s processor will render all animated GIFs as static images.

      Email clients such as Gmail and Apple Mail do display animated GIFs; however, it is still best to avoid using animated GIFs in email signatures as it is not always guaranteed the animation will play. 🙂

      2. Please visit this article for how you can organize folder in Mailbird.

      3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. We really appreciate it! We’ll use your feedback to make Mailbird better. Although we can’t implement it right away, I have gone ahead and shared it with our product and development team for further consideration.

      Have a nice day. 🙂

  • Priyankar Bhowmik says:

    How to add S/MIME to gmail account in mailbird

  • Judy Linklater says:

    Any chance we can use our own photos / avatars without logging in to Facebook et al?

  • I downloaded this to see if I could move my contacts from outlook 2007 to mailbird and so far I see no way to do this. If I cant I won’t be buying it. Do you have a way for me to do this?

  • Roger Marchant says:

    How can I block unwanted senders?

  • so annoying moving from inbox to folder, can’t do in group from search ,, give me livemail 2012 back

    • Christin Baumgarten says:

      Thanks for your feedback David. Advanced search is on our roadmap for sure. Let me know if there are any questions you may have.

  • Dear Sir or Madam,

    I would like to know, whether all e-mail traffic either incoming and outgoing will be scanned by desktop antivirus such as AVAST?


  • lostjohn says:

    My sent items never show up, haven’t for months, what gives ?

  • Luis Martins says:

    confirmation of receipt and read of sent mail using mailbird

  • As i can see there is no answer to any question .what a terrible customer service!!!i was ready to go pro!pity shame

  • Satyaki Mukherjee says:

    Is it possible to apply spam filter in Mailbird ?

  • David Roshwald says:

    How do you request a read receipt and delivery like in outlook?

  • Henk Hwi van Kempen says:

    i payed for pro how can i activated my account

  • I would like to password protect the opening of mailbird as my computer is used by more than I. Is there a way to do that. My computer has to be available for others to use with one common log in.

  • Marion Holdstock says:

    Morning how do you turn spam filter off thanks, Barry

  • Is there a setting to ALWAYS show ALL images in ALL e-mails?

  • Thomas Platts says:

    Mailbird has been caught stealing my identity. They took a sum of money from my bank account without informing me. I am taking further action, and I will update this matter

  • I need a way to archive and backup old emails off line. It would be nice if I could access those backed up emails on my pc.

  • Greg Edwards says:

    Is there a way to get Mailbird to delete the trash folder after so long, hours/days/etc?

  • hola por favor me confirman si puedo adjuntar conversaciones de correo

  • I’m sorry, but the latest version of this software STILL phones – though through an apparently encrypted connection – to a remote server, even when you opt out. Developers: WHY? Why do you do this? You could completely dominate the email client market, but you insist on not taking people’s privacy seriously. It’s so discouraging.

    I think it’s a beautifully designed client, but you need to take people’s right to privacy more seriously.

  • The ONE HUGE MAJOR detraction from this is the inability to sort anything.

    They have been working on that capability for over three years at last count and still have no answer to the community.

    How hard is it to include sorting? I mean really…dBase III back in the 1980s on DOS had that capability…

    THAT is pathetic!

  • William H. Gould says:

    I have been using Mailbird for several months now and in most cases it fulfills my needs. When I first installed it I could click on a link in a Twitter email for instance and it would open a vertical window on the right side and display the Twitter page. Lately it still does that but the Twitter page only displays for a few seconds then goes blank. Not sure if it’s a problem with Mailbird or something I’m doing wrong.

  • Billdroid says:

    Why can I not sync my windows contacts?

  • First thank you for the email client that has most of the options i was looking for..great product..
    2 questions..
    Is there a way to import emails from outlook.
    And is there a way to backup emails in mailbird to off disk.


  • Ranko Lucic says:

    Spam function (or junk) ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT WORK!!!

  • Barry Boyer says:

    How do I integrate my Eudora/Thunderbird files into mailbird?

  • Is anyone having problems in sending email to a group. I select a group name, but it picks up other non group contacts?

  • Tantrik_Indian says:

    Actually I got freaked out by all the social media link-ups. The feeling that there is too much lack of privacy and that this service is not suitable for a serious, business-like use. Also it is not possible to know which email you are using, when you have multiple ones – and it is possible that one can end up sending a mail using the wrong mail address. Spell check is an issue. And having a mailbird link at the end of every mail hanging there, I hope is not there in the paid version. There is too much effort to be viral. I guess it is ok for casual use.

  • David Perrot says:

    Le logiciel serait parfait si je pouvais choisir une disposition supplémentaire : le mélange de la disposition horizontale et verticale. Le logiciel serait en position vertical mais avec la possibilité d’avoir les adresses mail et tous les dossiers “écrits” sur la gauche et non pas réduit comme actuellement. C’est impossible de gérer correctement les dossiers des mails en position verticale actuellement. Et la position horizontale ne permets pas une lecture optimal du message du fait que la fenêtre est réduite en bas de page. Pouvez vous revoir cela ??

  • The problem with these privacy settings and these comments is that mailbird has danced around the real problem here. They have are using confusing language and they are not fully disclosing WHAT the information is being used for. Mailbird is not a US based company and is under no obligation to comply with individual state privacy laws, this is also a problem. The real issue comes from the fact that the company will surrender ALL data to anyone who asks in the correct manner and not all of these requests are going to be honest.

    Some foreign governments are going to force Mailbird to give out information on a person, and they do have it as they admit they use it to improve the product, and it will be a matter of time before this service is being used to spy on people. It is a huge problem with the public for governments to spy on people but it is 100% legal and accepted practice to purchase or acquire this data from a private business.

    It is also a matter of time before mailbird is hacked. They have offices in parts of the world where the laws are dramatically different. This company is not just exposing your private data, they are handing it to those who would steal it on a silver platter. I’m not saying they have done this already but I am saying the first request for a “terrorist” client will be honored and since the company is in Denmark is part of the EU we know for a fact they must comply with the new privacy regulations and laws.

    Why would any one pay for a product that has to collect private usage data to improve its self? Crash errors are one thing but feature specific usage data? Who needs the NSA when we have company’s like this coming out of the wood work rushing in to fill the void of total and complete surveillance.

    Mailbird operated for years in the dark about privacy. They have demonstrated that they can not be trusted and fortunately, they will not have a foot hold in the United States. Also, who would pay for a product OBVIOUSLY based on open source technology? I can go to github and compile a project, too! It’s super easy, way easier than opting out of the mailbird invasive data collection practices.

    • Dancing_Horse says:

      @ David:
      Reuters May 5 2016, 6:31 am ET – The discovery of 272.3 million stolen accounts included a majority of users of, Russia’s most popular email service, and smaller fractions of Google, Yahoo and Microsoft email users, said Alex Holden, founder and chief information security officer of Hold Security…..

      Hmmmm what do you think David ? I don’t see Mailbird here, do you?

      OK so what you say is fine and dandy to a certain point, but where’s the “thanks guys” (Mailbird) for providing me a way to communicate using your email system, for FREE!!! Last time I looked it was a lot faster than the Pony Express and safer? I think so anyway, but if you feel different then you can always get a horse…..
      Or you can always go to the big Three above, for they are huge conglomerates compared to these guys here at Mailbird, and provide great protection as you read above, right? Yeah right!

      Just for the record; I have no stake in Mailbird what-so-ever, I don’t know them, never made contact with them, another words, I could give a hoot – well, other then their use which we are all thankful for they provide, FREE!

      I know its not the best, blah-blah-blah, but the bottom line is, its FREE!! and to this day I have not, thank God, had any problems; none, zippo, nichts! – were for many years, either as normal ding-dong writing emails like you and all rest, or as a big successful manufacturing/wholesaler/retailing business I owned; we used the web, so-called best email servers, etc., etc.,. – with the added so-called best security companies, too which I was paying the big bucks for, so no hack can happen – pssssst hey Dave guess what? I GOT HACKED UP THE WAZOO!!!!

      So you see David and anyone squawking all this negative mess, why bother, no others; bigger and so called better, can help in these same issues; simply you choose to use your “putter” online in some form; search engines, emails, etc., and use them long enough, your time is going to come; you WILL Get Hacked! make no mistake about it, you will…

      I have had them all and as mention paid BIG bucks for protection, etc. and for what? Nothing helps. So now I am retired, and I use Mailbird for the last couple of years, in many forms, and for what it cost me here, ziltch, I cant complain. Its not the best, but who/what is? Heck it works! Stop bitching and move on, there are enough liberals bitching about recount and why they lost, burning up our towns, surely we don’t anymore here, give us a break already, move on in your life’s, go chase a car or something – Another words, do something constructive not the other way around, people who use this Mailbird system are not all idiots as you may assume, we do have knowledge, even successful business-men/woman use it I am sure. So please don’t try to make it sound as if you are all the ones to have ALL the answers of life, no matter the issue -(sigh!)

      You complaining Liberals out there, you really want to help the cyber-world? go find us your leader (Clinton) emails, that would be fun right? and give them to Mailbird, they may be able to decrypt them, and sell them to Russia so they could leak them out and we can finally put her lying ass in jail….

  • Thanks designed for sharing such a pleasant thought, post is good, thats why
    i have read it completely

  • When I originally commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a comment is added I gget several emails with the same comment.
    Is there any way you can remove people from that service?

  • What is the difference between the free and the paid for pro version?

  • Shazlan Salam says:

    How do i see my contacts

    • Michael Olsen says:

      Hi Shazlan,

      There’s a ‘Contacts’ app in the Mailbird app center (bottom left icon with the three dots in the left side bar). That’s our contact manager. To get your contacts in it you first have to either import them from an export from Gmail for instance, or via adding them from your collected contacts (from your emails). There’s a menu for that in the contacts app. If you have any trouble, please contact support at

  • Frank Evans says:

    Can I remove the “Sent via Mailbird” link please?

    • Michael Olsen says:

      Hi Frank,

      Yeah you can do that in the options under Identities and then editing your identity. It’s just the default signature but can be changed / removed.

  • it is a wonderful application, but I cannot view unread messages, and I cannot sort by sender/date/receiver/subject. which are good options add more flexibility to the interface, I know it might cause some delay (especially sorting) but at least showing unread messages is easy to implement.
    also, confirmation features of receiving and reading the message are now default in most mail clients.
    Image processing when sending inline image-> receivers get it ruined [X] instead so I have to attach it.
    NB. I am using the free version (till now) with my gmail account.
    PS. my comments are because I like your product and I believe it deserves efforts and feedback from users 🙂

  • It is wonderful application, but it does not support Bidirectional (RTL) languages direction, it is important for the middle east countries.

    • Michael Olsen says:

      Thanks for the feedback – we appreciate it a lot 🙂

      There is an option in the settings to show unread conversations at the top of the list – I don’t know if that’s what you’re looking for? You can also sort by sender/receiver of sorts by clicking on the picture of the person in the conversation or in the list. Anyway, we do plan on adding more flexibility to the interface in the future.

      Confirmation features I assume you mean read receipts? The way they’re implemented in most clients mean you can’t actually trust them all that much, which is why we haven’t implemented it yet. But we will likely add them at some point.

      RTL we’re also looking into implementing.

      I’m not aware of a problem with sending inline images. Could you add it as a ticket at please? Then we can look at it and fix it.

      Also, for the feature requests you mention and any others you might have, please vote for existing ones or create new ones here: – we use them to gauge the demand for each feature to prioritize which to work on next 🙂

      Again – thanks a lot for your feedback 🙂

  • Has mailbird been updated to not send the name and email for licensing purposes yet? Thank you!

  • I’m looking for an email client for Windows and came across Mailbird. I just read several comments from users and wanted to commend you on your responsiveness and politeness. Well done!

  • Hello,

    I tend to have concerns regarding how are stored my account in general. Especially for my email reader, I prefer it not to remember my password but be prompted for it each time I start the application, just in case a sneaky malware tries to stole such information.
    I did a quick analysis and found that my password is currently being stored in an encrypted way in your database. So that’s good, and you should document it.
    However, I would prefer to have the choice to not store it at all. Would it be possible to make that behavior optional ?



    • Michael Olsen says:

      Hi Aurelien,

      Yes the passwords are currently saved using AES encryption in the local database. I understand the concern of course, but it’s probably unlikely that we’ll make it optional, due to no demand for that feature as I’m aware. But go ahead and add it on our feature request page so we can look into it. If the demand is there it’s certainly an option:

  • Really cool that you added the Opt Out options! Nice to see. Now if only I could stop that animated line from constantly crossing the screen. After noticing it, it’s all I can see…… 🙁 Animation settings don’t seem to turn it off.

  • Michael Olsen says:

    Hi guys,

    Just wanted to let you all know that update 2.0.13 was released yesterday and includes the option to opt out. You’ll find it in the advanced tab of the Mailbird options.

  • Thanks for writing a readable privacy policy. Good luck to you all.

  • It’s really a shame that opting out has not been implemented. This is a real deal breaker for me at least, and I really find it alarming that it wasn’t thought through from the very beginning.

    • Michael Olsen says:

      We’re sorry for the delay. It’s still coming, and we expect an update out later this week.

    • You know people like you are morons! don’t like it get out! Why down these guys (Mailbird), no one begged you to use it them.
      Use G-mail, Yahoo or someone else for that mater, I am sure they are “All” perfect – whatever!
      You use a computer, then plan on a possibility of getting hacked in some form of way; the Pentagon, Cia, IRS, etc.., all have and they use the best securities possible that you pay for in millions of tax dollars every year – on top of a possibility in getting your info stolen through them by some underworld bozo(s).
      So in more ways than one your going to really get reamed by some whack job that cracks in to the best security in the world and your bitching about this? Moron!
      I can smell you from here, you must be a Democrat Liberal ? Why don’t you go ask your kind; Hilary Clinton, she knows how to secure her emails…. 🙁

      • What an insanely ignorant comment.

        So, we should just roll over and forget about our privacy? We can potentially get hacked anyway, so we should just forget about security? Are you serious? How about no.

        How about I give the Mailbird team my feedback on their product and hope that they take it into consideration. Mailbird is a nice email client, but it’s not acceptable to me and many others that opting out of this particular feature was overlooked.

        Obviously I wasn’t the only one, as the team was quite quick to rectify this problem.

        • I still say – don’t like what’s here, move one pal! its not so much in what you say but the way you squawk – thank these guys first and then ask them if they could make a fix. No instead your like that whinny little boy that is never pleased and demands all.
          In as far as insane or ignorant comments you claim I made
          , look in the mirror dude, you may not like what you see…Move on…!

          • Michael Olsen says:

            Thanks guys for the passion – we appreciate all comments and do take them into consideration, but let’s keep things civil and about the article 🙂

            Happy holidays!

      • Kathie Mayer-Rose says:

        I love this response since I have had not one issue either. Not to mention your last couple lines crack me up!

        • E-Quip / MY-Qip. 1/9/16……. Dear Sir/ CIR… Shaun My-call-lip / Shunned MaCalipate/ call-it-hate? (Whatever.) ………….I ‘m also, mad as hell, because there are no patriotic-comedians. Shaun, your stuff

  • I like the whatsapp integration. I don’t know much about email encryption, but is that possible withing Mailbird? Does the receiver have to do extra stuff to support email encryption? I’d like to be able to safely email sensitive data.

    • Michael Olsen says:

      Hi Drew,

      Mailbird does not currently support email encryption, but does of course use encrypted connections if your server supports it (all major and most minor do).

      For email encryption to work, the receiver would also need to use an email client or similar, that supports the same encryption protocol you used to encrypt it, to decrypt it for viewing. Depending on the protocol you also need to share a public encryption key that others will need to use to send encrypted messages to you. Similarly, to send encrypted messages to them, you need their public key. So there is a bit of a setup process involved.

      The email client can of course make this either simple or complicated, and we would aim to make it the former 🙂

      Please vote for email encryption here if it’s something you’d like us to implement. The more votes the higher the chance we will implement it:

      • Hey, how did you implement the Whatsapp client? Is it a standalone client or is it bound to the smartphone app like Whatsapp Web?

        Also, could you please make the download link for the offline installed in this fallback window clickable, or at least copiable?

        • All apps of mailbird are web apps… Yes! its is whatsapp for web. Mailbird uses inbult chromium browser for its apps.

          • Uhmm, I was hoping for a native client… that was the killer feature that led me to download Mailbird.

            Also this “Apps” paradigm is like Opera 12.x, but reversed: Mailbird is a mail client that has some simple web functionality, while Opera was a full-fledged browser, with a simple (yet umbelievably great) email client.

          • Well whatsapp develop native clients only for Android, iOS , Windows phone and BlackBerry OS 10..(basically devices with a phone number).. not for Windows desktop as it is not phone number based. Web app works after authentication from your phone. So a native desktop whatsapp – never gonna happen.

          • Did you say Telegram ? 🙂

          • Telegram (, among others, is mobile number based and has native clients for every platform… so “never gotta happen” is relative…

            For Whatsapp, it would be as simple as to use the regular XMPP protocol instead of their own version of it.

          • I meant without phone number authorization like whatsapp for web do.. a native whatsapp wont happen. Or else pc or desktop might need sim cards or such.

          • Yes. I can use Telegram on desktop without having the app installed on my phone, as it sends a verification SMS as Whatsapp does.

            But mostly, I don’t need to have my phone to be remote-controlled from the Wep app.

            Whatsapp web is useless in case your phone dies. This defies the whole point of having a desktop-based client.

          • The topic was whatsapp and “never gonna happen” was about whatsapp methods.. as they dont use usernames and such. I dont use Telegram. 🙂

          • well, one could argue that usernames = phone number…
            anyway i think that too

          • 🙂 i meant kik like messengers.

          • Michael Olsen says:

            Just want to add that not all of the apps are web apps, but for now the vast majority are, yes – including Whatsapp. For that one, and a few of the others, we did modify the web code slightly to also be able to show them properly in a sidebar.

            Anyway, the goal is to have more native apps – with third party developers able to create their own to share with others, like what you see in Thunderbird and other clients. We already have some developers working on apps – though currently by invitation only. In the future we aim to make the apps framework open source.

          • Good to know.. for now the apps I use in MB.. whatsapp, evernote , wunderlist are webapps.. and I prefer them in MB than in browser even if they are webapps. I have nothing against webapps as long as they work..

            Also one big advantage of web apps being that.. core updates to the app need not be maintained from your side.

          • Talking about webapp bout integeration.. for eg: I could not yet get the degoo mail attachment to from withing the mail compose window. I still copy url from app window.

          • Michael Olsen says:

            I don’t recall how it’s set up exactly, but if you submit a ticket at we’ll be happy to take a look at it 🙂

          • I just issued a ticket. Please check.

        • Michael Olsen says:

          Thanks for the heads-up. I’ll see what we can do about making that clickable (I believe if you hit CTRL-C on your keyboard the entire text might be copied to the clipboard).

          As for Whatsapp, one moment and I’ll reply to one of the other comments 🙂

    • Drew: You should look into 3rd party encryption. Encrypt the message, THEN email it. Like Michael says, there is work to be done by both you and the email recipient when you use encrypted content. The contents CANNOT be secure if there is a third party to the encrypting.

  • Hello the Mailbird team !

    About guaranteeing user’s privacy, what about implementing a PGP encryption/decryption system into Mailbird ? I know some users have already proposed it but when do you think you’ll implement it ? Could be a great feature for Mailbird, especially if you really care about privacy issues.

    • Michael Olsen says:

      Hi Gauvain,

      We have a feature request for PGP encryption here:

      Please cast your vote on it so we can gauge the demand. Currently it’s not terribly high, which is why it hasn’t been our focus to implement it yet.

      • it’ll never be “high” or any service providers list, right. why would it 🙂 it’d go against your marketing “principles”

        • Michael Olsen says:

          Hi Amol, sorry for replying to this late – I wasn’t informed of this comment for some reason.

          I assume you’re referring to the statistical data when you talk about “marketing principles” – but as explained in this article we’re not gathering the data (which does not actually include any email contents, and even if it did we could still get it even with PGP encryption since it would still be decrypted in Mailbird :)) for marketing, but to improve upon Mailbird. It tells us stuff like which buttons, features etc. are being used – so we can remove unused things and keep the Mailbird interface clean for instance. It also tells us if Mailbird isn’t detecting server settings properly when a user first tries Mailbird, so we know to improve upon that to make the first experience better. We’re not gathering any information on the contents of your actual messages or anything like that, unlike – from what I can gather – certain email providers that shall remain nameless 🙂

          Anyway, in short, PGP encryption is not against any kind of principles we have and I would go so far as to say there’s a good chance we’ll add it at some point – more so if the demand is high.

        • Didn’t happen though did it?

      • There is Ooops instead of feature. See you next time

  • anonymous_was_taken says:

    Thanks for informing us about HTTPS, we know what it is. Better tell us when Mailbird will stop sending data to your servers. Is that what we’re paying for?

  • Would be great to sign the installer binaries, so that Windows UAC show as blue, instead of Yellow. It will allow users to trust the binaries easier

    On another note, great job with Mailbird ..

    • Michael Olsen says:

      Thanks for the suggestion Fouad. That’s a good point. I’ll make sure we look into that 🙂

      • Michael Olsen says:

        Just to give an update on this. We did have the installer signed earlier, our certificate just ran out and we’re in the process of getting it renewed 🙂

        • Isn’t there a way that you could use something like a calendar service, and setup an alert which tells you a month in advance when certificates expire? or would such a thing be banned by corporate policy?

          • Michael Olsen says:

            We’re a small startup. There is no “corporate”. But yes, this was an unfortunate mistake that should not happen again.

      • I am impressed, this was added in less than a week after my initial post .. it really gives me confidence to rely on Mailbird as a primary client.

  • Thanks for doing the right thing and making things clear for your users. It’s a bit sad that you needed years to disclose this information and before v2 everything was sent over an unencrypted connection.

    Just a couple of notes:

    “Yes, you will have the option to opt out from it very soon.”

    This is not completely correct. The right answer is: “NO, but we are working on it.”

    “In general, we want to emphasize the fact that any data collected by us has never been, and never will be used for any commercial purpose.”

    This is also not completely true, because you automatically sign up the user to your newsletter, and that is a “commercial purpose”, not to a third party, but still a commercial purpose.

    • Very well..
      I have a question. Assume I have email id A and B. A is my public professional mail id and B i created anonymous say a private domain or email service. If I use bothe mail id’s on Mailbird, the privacy of email id B will be compromised . Am I right?

      • I haven’t checked, but probably they send themselves only the data of the first email address. Anyway Mailbird V2 sends your data over an encrypted connection… So at least it cannot be spoofed.

        • you mean the encryption, which is broken/discover vulnerabilities every 6 months? heartbleed, shellshock…. and the list keeps growing.

          • Michael Olsen says:

            We have to check the license somehow, so we have to send the data to our server somehow. Unfortunately carrier pigeons haven’t been trained to do this yet 🙂 So industry standard transport layer security is the next best option for us.

          • sure. but you could do that even without sending names and emails. a hash could be generated locally, from the name and email and you could just transmit that hash value and store that in your database. when you need to check the licence again, a new hash value will be generated and matched against the one in the database.

            is there something technically wrong in this? i’d definitely like to know.

          • Michael Olsen says:

            We’re actually removing the sending of name and email altogether, as it’s no longer necessary with our new license system. So in a few weeks it should no longer be sent at all, encrypted or otherwise.

          • So now with new licensing system you wont be reading what mail ids the users are using with client?

          • Michael Olsen says:

            Yes that’s correct. The new license system identifies you by the key, not the email(s).

      • Joe Addison says:

        Yes. I have the exact same situation, and received an email to ’email id B’ (which I set up on my home computer in MailBird, but never shared with them in any other way) asking if I wanted to buy the business version of MailBird.

    • Michael Olsen says:

      Hi Matteo,

      We just preferred to phrase it a bit more positively. The meaning of the sentence is the same either way. It’s not possible to opt out of the statistics (same as with Gmail, Facebook and plenty of other services), but it’s coming soon.

      The second sentence though I agree was incorrect. The meaning was to say we’re not using the data for any commercial purpose, outside of using it to improve Mailbird (which is of course commercial since Mailbird is a commercial product :)). Newsletter or not. That phrase will be corrected shortly.

      • Oh don’t worry my wrath is against Gmail/Facebook etc as well. The fact the others do wrong doesn’t mean that you should as well. Please have a look at this when you get 10 minutes

        Anyway it’s nice to see that you are listening to your user’s concerns (it’s more than most companies do), and it seems that you are moving fast to do the right thing. Like I always said, it’s a bit sad that privacy and security are not given for understood already.

        • Michael Olsen says:

          Yeah Gmail and Facebook probably weren’t the best examples, they just happened to be the ones that popped into my head 🙂

          Thanks for the video Matteo. It was an interesting watch 🙂 I find it slightly ironic though that the site itself, as well as the site for the guy in the video, uses analytics to track people going to it, though of course not Google Analytics. So they are themselves grabbing data 😉

          • mailbird transmits email/name and session. meaning that the stat data collected is not anonymous. There’s nothing wrong about collecting anonymous data. Chrome, LiveMail, Firefox, etc they offer the option to opt-out from usage statistics right from the installation. So, no, not all silently grab users data.

          • I second this. How exactly, is collecting stats using emails and names anonymous? Michael, could you please explain us this new logic that you’ve come up with?

          • Michael Olsen says:

            We’re not collecting stats using emails or names. Stats are assigned a global unique identifier that is not connected to a user identity, so to speak. The email and name was used for checking the Mailbird license (or no license).

          • ok, let me ask you this. With the scheme that you have implemented, and the data you have collected; if you ever do need to match certain patterns of use with a person’s name and email address, is that possible or no?

          • Michael Olsen says:

            Sorry, I missed this question 🙁 We cannot match any usage with a name or email address, as the identifier for usage is completely random.

      • anonymous_was_taken says:

        «At Mailbird we hold ourselves to strong ethics in respecting user privacy and security.» Ok, what if someone will hack your servers and leak our names, emails etc? Recently JP Morgan bank was hacked. Do you think you have better security than they do?

        • Michael Olsen says:

          There’s really no “etc.”. Name and email is pretty much it. The rest is statistical data such as what is grabbed on almost every website in the world via Google Analytics. But I understand your concern and there will be an option to opt out very soon. See my reply to your other post.

      • What are you, employed by the nsa or bill clinton, that you have to explain the meaning of words “yes” or “no”… the answer to that question is a simple “NO”. please don’t lie by saying saying “yes”. if you lie about such a simple thing, I wonder how much you’re lying about the actual data collection.

        btw, the phrase has still not been “corrected” after 2 months. How long is this “short” period of your exactly? how hard is it to go back to a blog post, click edit and submit? Have your lawyers advised you against it?

        • Michael Olsen says:

          We never said we would change the sentence, because if the entire sentence is read, and not just the first word, it’s clear what it means 🙂

          We did however say that we would offer the option to opt out, and we have. You can do so from the Mailbird options.

          And no I don’t work for the NSA or the politician Bill Clinton. I’m just trying to be very concise in my explanations so they’re not misunderstood 🙂

          • certainly judging by the comments, its clear that you failed since its clearly misunderstood.

            when the answer to something is no, but you start the sentence by saying “yes”, and then try to give a clarification, that is the recipe for a misunderstanding. you don’t want a misunderstanding, change the first word to a “no” as simple as that.

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