Mailbird CEO Andrea Loubier on #12MinConvo with Engel Jones


Engel Jones the podcast host of twelve minute convos. I have set a goal to create the most conversations in 3 months, 1509 specifically.  The start date was Monday 5th September 2016 and I have until  Saturday 3rd December.

He has set a goal to create the most conversations in 3 months, 1509 specifically, starting  5th September 2016 until 3rd December.


One of his interviewees is our CEO Andrea Loubier.

Listen to her story of starting her own business and rocking the world of Female Entrepreneurs.

Listen to his full fun podcast interview with our CEO Andrea Loubier here:

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  • Fernand Marcoux

    You charged me on 11/20 $15.77 for Mailbird although I had told you not to renew automatically. I hadn’t used Mailbird for the last 2 years, because I was not satisfied of your service. I had a problem and I wrote for help 3 times and I never received any answer from Mailbird. I will never use it again, so please credit my American express card for $15.77 within the next few days. Thank you

    • Christin Baumgarten

      Hey Fernand, our Customer support has already replied to you and issued the refund. Please make sure to cancel all subscriptions, as you had multiple. Please let us know should you have any other questions.