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Infographic: Work Email Trends After Hours

Infographic: Work Email Trends After Hours
Infographic: Work Email Trends After Hours

ReachMail has surveyed a thousand Americans who use email for work to trace some of the email trends and see where we're heading with email use. So, in this post you'll find an infographic that highlights the survey's results.

Have You Crossed a Line?

Email is a staple in many careers and for any business person. However, with so much business going online, the definition of "working overtime" has become a lot fuzzier. Since it's possible for many professionals to get work done anywhere and anytime they have an internet connection, it's no longer unusual for people to be following up on work at all hours of the day.

Imagine you work on an email marketing campaign, and new results have just rolled in. It's after work hours, but you're tempted to check them out because you're just a click away from a graphic — should you click on it?

Email Me After Hours

Email is one of our strongest connections to work. Many of us can not only receive an email from our bosses at 9 p.m. on a Sunday but have come to expect it, too. There are no regular business hours on the internet, which is a big part of why more than 269 billion emails are sent every day — workday or not.

Email has weakened the line between "work" and "home," and there are pros and cons. Email has allowed us to work with more flexibility and get tasks done faster, but it also means many of us are living with the stress of our jobs 24/7. While there are numerous tools and techniques available to professionals to help them manage their email inboxes and decrease the amount of time they have to spend tending to them, email continues to sap a great deal of our attention and energy throughout the course of the workday.

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As the following infographic illustrates, usage of work email after regular business hours tends to follow certain demographic trends.

  1. The number of emails received is increasing.
  2. Some people admit to sending work emails after hours and even after midnight.
  3. Most people check their work inbox on the weekend at least occasionally.
  4. Fewer (but still a lot) of people check their email on vacation at least occasionally.
  5. Receiving more emails makes younger people feel more important.

How workers use emails in their leisure time
How workers use emails in their leisure time

Provided by ReachMail