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Hyperbolic Email Distress

Hyperbolic Email Distress
Hyperbolic Email Distress

There will always be die-hard fans of a product who will support it no matter what. Then there are those who curse the name of products they find the smallest disappointment in, taking "having a strong opinion" to the next level. With email processes, users have different needs. Some want simple email without tons of "distracting" add-ons, while others like having tons of accessibility and features so they can do more with their email. Marissa Mayer, as the new CEO of Yahoo, is even being called to act upon besting Gmail with improvements to Yahoo mail.

A recent post siding with users who just want to read their email is a perfect example of how extreme email users can be with their preferences. That is why when considering Mailbird as a desktop email client, you can have it as sweet and simple for basic sending and receiving emails, or you can go for the mother load and get all the fancy feature-rich goodness it has to offer. You get to decide, instead of having updated highlights shoved in your face. We can't stress enough how much this digital age will enjoy the simplicity of online communication, and how we are excited to do something new to better serve the needs of basic email users, and those who need a little more from their desktop app.

Email culture has changed. It is rare that we compose properly structured complete letters, as done in the ancient times of snail mail. Since then it has transformed into shorter, to-the-point messaging snippets that is unequivocally due to activities like social networking and text messaging. These simple and quick means of communication are ingrained into the world of Generation Z. Which is why with Mailbird, we've added shortcuts and quick-reply features for both those who have adapted to this form of fast communication and those who will pick up efficiencies when discovering time saved on email correspondence via Mailbird. You can think of emailing as more conversational now as if you were chatting with a buddy or even a potential business partner. Take out the filler email fluff, and get right to the meat and bones of what message you want to get across.

As the number of emails we receive each day increases, between personal, work, and junk sometimes we don't have time to process each and every email. So we either scan over or delete. The busier your inbox gets, the less time we have to get other more important things done. Let Mailbird help you become more efficient with your online communication. We are now inviting others to tell us what they seek, particularly in a Windows desktop email app. We are opening the gates for Mailbird app development via GitHub, so let the social coding games begin! You can even refer Mailbird to your friends and earn rewards, just sign up for the beta first (its right around the corner!), test it when it's ready, then share the love. It's all about building ease, simplicity, and a vibrant and active online community.

For now, tell us what pains you the most when it comes to desktop email. Let's hear your loudest, hyperbolic email distress…Go!