• BartZimny

    Glad You did it! What about native gliphs support?

    • Michael Olsen

      Hi Bart,

      Native glyphs support, right? If you mean when typing, Mailbird has fully supported that since the beginning – unless I’m forgetting us fixing that at some point 🙂

      • BartZimny

        yep, glyphs. ive checkd it and everything works great after update. Both – glyphs and the realy missed feature – system spell checking

        • Michael Olsen

          Great! Happy to hear it 🙂

  • Inten Tirkasari

    Awesome …..

  • Anton Ignatenko

    Still waing for this feature to buy pro – Wingman

  • Sylvain Martel

    Now, implement s/mime to encrypt and/or sign emails 🙂 (That’s the feature I’m waiting for to buy the soft. Until then, I’ll have to use another client)

  • tropicaltech

    Language Update! Mailbird adds another language to multi-language support..Catalan! Thanks to loyal supporter SeRGi Culubret for helping us make Mailbird available in Catalan.

  • Okkes

    What happened to Turkish ? I can’t see in the app or transifex

  • belkacem mohammed


    We are looking to translate Mailbird into Kabyle as we did for Thunderbird. Could you please guide us to start our locale?

    M. Belkacem
    Kabyle localizer

  • Асен

    Изтеглих mailbird, но не виждам български език в него. Искам mailbird да е на български език за да закупя mailbird pro.
    I downloaded mailbird, but I see no Bulgarian language in it. It mailbird be in Bulgarian language to buy mailbird pro.