The power of Evernote in Mailbird

Posted by Pallav on March 17, 2015

mailbird + evernote

Former Growth Hacker

Former Growth Hacker in Mailbird

Published on March 17, 2015

With the new Mailbird 2.0 release we started early integration with  many new apps and one of the special ones have been Evernote – a workspace to organize your life’s work.

Evernote is present in the Mailbird app store and can easily be activated with a single click.

activate evernote in mailbird


Once you activate Evernote, a small icon will show up in the left pane which can directly take you to Evernote app whenever you want.

Evernote is a powerful app to organize your documents, files, audio, video and everything else.

Here is how you can use Evernote to maximize productivity and increase collaboration:

Write your task list

You can write short lists or lengthy research paper inside Evernote but organizing it using bullet points and other text formatting options makes it simpler for you to check them off when you’re done.

Using email as your to-do list has always been a bad practice so now you can do that with Evernote and best of all you don’t even need to go to your browser window.

meeting notes in evernote in mailbird


Collect, store and share images, videos, articles and more

You can create different notebooks and start collecting images, videos in Evernote which you can then share with others via Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, email or by directly sharing the link of the notebook.

Collect your favorite web links and articles to reference later or to share them with others through Mailbird.

share images in evernote in mailbird

Organize and never forget

You can either use different notebooks to collect similar type of information or you can tag them and segregate by tags. Click on ‘tags’ option at the top in any note as shown below.

tags in evernote

Add reminder to your notes so you don’t forget when you have to come back to them.

reminders in evernote


Ready to take your productivity to next level? Try Evernote in Mailbird and let us know what you think in the comments below.


Former Growth Hacker

Former Growth Hacker in Mailbird

Published on March 17, 2015


8 thoughts on "The power of Evernote in Mailbird"

  • Avatar
    Juan S. Camargo Visbal says:

    It’s basically a way to navigate Evernote inside the app. It’s not integrated or anything. Would actually love to see that.

  • Yea, how do you actually send an email message to evernote? I’m not really seeing the integration aspect aside from it merely being an iframe of the evernote website.

  • Are there moves ahead to fully integrate Evernote and other Apps like Todoist
    within Mailbird ? Having to email each email again to Evernote / ToDoist
    is a huge time waster. Using a mail platform with true integration is
    way faster and task related messages can be group and synched. Please
    let users know if full App integration is on the cards or not.

  • Ya to me this is not truly integration since you can not save email directly to evernote you will still have to send it to evernote. So this is not a plus for this product where postbox does go directly to evernote – back to drawing table boys!

  • Avatar
    Thomas Coffey says:

    This is really a lame “integration” as it doesn’t provide an easy way to get mail from Mailbird to Evernote. If you’re going to add one evernote functionality to an email client, it should be that functionality. If I don’t keep Mailbird it’s because of this missing feature.

  • Avatar
    Kendawg McAwesome says:

    It’s a shame it doesn’t actually integrate with mail, given that I use Evernote to archive old emails.

  • Avatar
    Greg Brown says:

    Please add a send to evernote function. I cannot use mailbird until that exists. I use it continually throughout the day…

    • Hi Greg, thank you for the feedback. Would you mind send a request to So we will able to tag your request and inform you if our engineering team decided to develop the feature and send you a notification when it’s available in the public version. Have a nice day, I hope you are staying healthy and safe!

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