Email Management

7 Reasons to Have Different Email Accounts in 2020

Are you fed up with your mailbox overflowing with emails? Creating different email accounts is the best solution to your problem. Suppose you have been sick with the flu. Finally, you feel human...

September 1, 2020

Email Management

How to Set Up an Outlook Unified Inbox: A Quick Guide

Managing several mailboxes in Outlook for various purposes gets harder as you add more and more. Sometimes you spend hours clicking through them all, trying to find that one message you need. You...

August 12, 2020


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Email Management

Mailbird Gmail App for Windows: Here’s a Better Way in 2020

You probably have a Gmail account. In fact, according to worldwide statistics there’s a good chance you have more than one of them. Google has announced that Gmail now has more than one billion...

August 1, 2020