• NickRichardi

    When might we be seeing this upgrade? I have a new Surface Pro 3 and would love to see tighter windows 8/10 integration as well as touch enabled design.

  • Martin Zůbek

    Your blog here really miss RSS support, are you planning to add this feature to your blog?

  • Fouad

    We used to be able to swipe using mouse in Mailbird 1.x. I kinda miss that now, I wonder why this feature was removed.

    • Jake

      Click an email and type the letter ‘e’. That’s the archive shortcut without touchscreen.

  • Paul Beck

    There must be a bug in my Mailbird software. Every time I try to open a letter I get a “Loading” note. Well, it never is downloaded so I have to use another service and I have the Pro account! Please help.