The New Mailbird Installers – Harder Better Faster Stronger

The new Mailbird Installers are out, and man are they cool.

Installers you say? Why plural?

Ah, I’ll get to that little bit of genius in just a sec (it’s tweak no. 4 if you’re in a rush). Let’s start at the top though.

What’s new and awesome with the new installer?


Tweak no. 1: Faster

14% faster to be exact. The new installer moves blisteringly fast, getting Mailbird installed, up, and running live within a few minutes (how many, exactly, depends on your internet connection…unless you use the Offline Installer).

With this faster tweak, we’re saving you time before you’ve even begun using Mailbird.

Tweak no. 2: Bug Free

Ah bugs. The bane of every software program, especially the betas.

The old Mailbird installer had a fair few of them. Sometimes, you wouldn’t notice them at all, and Mailbird would install perfectly. Other times….well, Mailbird wouldn’t install at all.

Not anymore, though. The new installer works seamlessly on any Windows computer, running on any hardware. No more problems, just a quick and clean install.

Tweak no. 3: Customizable

Our old installer was very hands off. It took care of the location of the files by itself, without bothering you about it.

The new installer still does…if you want it to. And now, if you’re more hands on, you have the option to tell it to save all Mailbird files wherever you want them saved, instead of the default.

Tweak no. 4: Offline Installation

Most of what the Mailbird Installer spends it’s time doing is downloading the Mailbird files from our server. This makes it easier to download the installer itself, since it’s so small.

But what if you’re internet connection isn’t so hot/is non-existant? Usually, that would mean no installation for you, sucker. It’ll just crash halfway through, if it even manages to start.

We’ve solved that problem too, though, with two installers. The regular installer you already know about. And now there’s the offline installer, which comes with all of Mailbird’s building materials already inside of it’s 26MB body.

Installing from the Mailbird Offline Installer will work no matter what your internet connection looks like.


So how do you go about installing it?

It’s a pretty simple set up. Just download the regular installer here, or the offline installer here, and you’re good to go.

If you want a step by step walk-through while you install Mailbird, here you go:

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