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The Long Awaited Launch of Mailbird with Multi-Account

The Long Awaited Launch of Mailbird with Multi-Account
The Long Awaited Launch of Mailbird with Multi-Account

FINALLY…the moment we've all been waiting for.

Version 1 of Multi-Account support now live in Mailbird and ready for testing in the beta! Why this rocks? It is what separates webmail from desktop email clients. No more multi-tabs in your browser, no more logging in and out of different web email accounts. It comes down to the convenience factor of just managing your email all from one place and finally feeling more in control. It is as simple as that (yet not so simple to build!), and the #1 Mailbird request for thousands of you around the world. This is a huge milestone for the Mailbird vision as we bring you to a new level of productivity to your inbox.

We've been spending a lot of time developing and testing Multi-Account.

We would like to take this opportunity to send a big thank you to our internal alpha testers who have been incredible in providing solid feedback and reports to our team so that we could deliver Multi-Account support to the world in Mailbird. Thanks to these rock star alpha testers, without a doubt, you will not be disappointed.

You Could Be A Lucky Mailbird Pro Winner!

Many of you who were so eager to try Mailbird could not fully commit until Multi-Account was available. The question is, why do we have so many email accounts? In our world of information overload with spam, news, subscriptions, privacy and the need to separate your work from your personal life, you must have the best email client ever to help manage and organize all of your communication and to do's - that is why today we are giving away the "juiced up" version, the best of email clients, Mailbird Pro free for 1 year. This is for a limited time, so don't wait, Mailbird Pro is free to you now until the time runs out. Enter to win below and you may be one of 1,000 lucky winners get Mailbird Pro free for 1 year. The more active you are on our website the higher the chances are to win.

Why so many damn email accounts?

So you may have one email account fully designated to personal emails, one for work-related matters, one used for when you fill out forms online that end up sending you a lot of spam. You may have many different accounts in order to separate emails for personal or business use. Some like to have their own personal domain for branding or building their online identity. It is now easy to switch between accounts in one hub for all IMAP supported email accounts. Get email done in the Mailbird nest, now with Multi-Account support. Mailbird is where you can keep productive while managing all your email communication in the most efficient way possible. Multi-Account support in Mailbird allows you to get more done in your day, so you can start feeling good about where your time is prioritized.

Unified Inbox On the Way

This is only the beginning for Version 1 of Multi-Account support in Mailbird, which means Version 2 is going to be so much more awesome with beta feedback you send our way. The more you use Mailbird and the more feedback and bug reports you send, the better your email experience becomes. We will be optimizing the speed, structure and design for Multi-Account support throughout the beta which will bring a complete unified inbox experience to you in Version 2 of the most highly requested and anticipated Mailbird feature to date. We know that you are going to love it. Now is the time to try Mailbird if you haven't already. We are also introducing some great rewards for Mailbird users like a referral program that unlocks Mailbird Pro free or at a discount when you invite friends to the best email client on Windows ever.

We love our users!

We will always remain loyal to our really active Mailbird power users. So in addition to Multi-Account going live and a great referral program with rewards, we're also introducing a fun loyalty exchange program for our supporters. Simply visit our website and click on the Rewards banner at the bottom, connect and start earning points with the Mailbird loyalty program. Earn points for things like sharing, posting, tweeting, liking, commenting, blogging and more in exchange for super cool rewards which you can view in the loyalty program catalog. Start earning points by commenting, liking, and sharing this Multi Account blog post now.

Tons of Updates = Fast Progress

In case you were wondering, here are the key updates that continue to improve since the public beta launch of Mailbird 8 months ago on April 2nd, 2013:
  1. Spell check
  2. Our new website
  3. Mailbird Loyalty Program with rewards
  4. Mailbird Referral Program with rewards
  5. Full IMAP support
  6. A new and improved installer and updater
  7. Having a search function for labels/folders
  8. Better keyboard management for labeling
  9. Improved editor for drafts
  10. A Notification Center that tells you when and what Mailbird is working on
  11. Collapse/expand feature of all messages in long email conversations
  12. Message previews
  13. Printing capabilities
  14. An in-app Tutorial to show you the basics of Mailbird
  15. Zoom feature
  16. Send & Archive
  17. Nested Labels
  18. New support partnership with Zendesk
  19. Back End improvement for Speed and Stability
  20. HTML support for Signatures which can also be customized for different email identities
  21. Improved quick preview for PDF file attachments
  22. Lifetime license for both Pro and Business plans
  23. We fixed 900+ bugs very fast in the last 8 months, and we aren't slowing down!

Take the Mailbird Challenge

We propose that you take the 1-week Mailbird challenge: Learn and use all the supercharged keyboard shortcuts in Mailbird. You can see all of them try directly from the Mailbird drop-down menu in the app. After completing a full week using all the keyboard shortcuts, use them for another week and watch yourself become ridiculously awesome at managing your email. Even better, you can now be an Inbox Zero Ninja for not just one email account….but as many as you want! This is why Multi-Account support kicks ass.
Join us in innovating productivity and communication on the most beautiful email client ever. Take advantage of the loyalty rewards when you share, like, comment, develop, report, blog about Mailbird today. We know there are tons of people just like you out there who will love the Mailbird experience with Version 1 of Multi-Account live in the beta, so be sure to share the love of Mailbird with people you know. Click Here to see what some of you are saying about Multi-Account support in Mailbird. How is Multi-Account support going to make your email experience more awesome? Tell us in the comments below, like this post, share it and remember to claim your points for some cool Mailbird rewards!