Mailbird integrated

We are very proud to share our newest integration with you. allows you to create so-called rooms and start talking to up to 8 participants without having to create an account or having to install a software.

Due to the great efforts of our all-star developer team, you can even use in your Mailbird sidebar and talk to your friends, family, clients and/or colleagues without having to leave your inbox.

Getting Started

Simply activate the App in your Mailbird AppStore. The logo will then appear in the left hand menu panel and in your Mailbird sidebar (accessible from your Inbox).


You are now able to access the web version of the App from the left panel menu and create your first room straight away.

No Login. No Installs.

Once you have created a “room” you can invite participants by sending them the link displayed in the left corner. The participants will then join using video or audio only.

connected is also available in your Mailbird sidebar. Simply expand the sidebar and talk to the people you need to talk to without leaving your Inbox. So simple and awesome. in sidebar



Activate the App now and sort through your Emails while talking to your friends and/or family.