The Best Way to Unsend Email in 2019

Posted by Jason Ephraim on January 8, 2019

Ever wish you could Unsend that last Email? Have you ever sent an email only to realize you sent it to the wrong person? Or, maybe you’ve sent an email referencing an attachment you forgot to include? Spelling errors. Grammar mistakes. Wrong name. Wrong attachments… It’s easy to feel a little anxious about clicking that send button. Especially, if you have ever experienced that sinking, dreadful feeling of seeing an error in an email you just sent- and knowing you are powerless to do anything about it.   Potential for Disaster   Now, most of the time it’s not a big deal if a bad email goes out the door: • Most people won’t notice that misplaced apostrophe. • You can quickly follow up with another email with the correct attachment. • You can send a message telling them to disregard your previous email. • And so on… But, every so often, there are situations where sending an email with what may seem like a small error on it or even clicking on something you shouldn’t have, can have huge and far reaching repercussions. This can have an impact on: Your career – if this happens to you regularly or if the mistake is a big one, it can tarnish your reputation within your workplace Your personal relationships – while friends and family are more forgiving than work can be, emails with incorrect information can still make you look bad or untrustworthy Your financial security – Clicking on viruses or malware can put your financial…