The Top 10 Holiday Internet Security Tips You Need To Know

Posted by Jason Ephraim on November 26, 2015

With the holiday season, and some of the world’s biggest online shopping days, fast approaching, we wanted to take a minute to help you better protect yourself online. It’s an unfortunate fact that as you email friends and family, or buy gifts from online retailers, you can also unintentionally expose your sensitive information and  devices to hackers and scammers. That is why we collected this list of the top 10 internet security tips that you can use to ensure you have a happy holiday season, free from things like: Viruses Identity Theft Fraud And more 1. Always Check For a Secure Connection Before Entering Payment You should never enter details like your credit card, social security number, or anything beyond your name or email if the connection is not secured. If you are ever prompted for sensitive details including credit card numbers or your address, simply check the address of the page. If it is secure, you will see the URL preceded by “HTTPS://” with the “S” indicating “Secure”. Your browser may also use a shield or lock symbol in the same address bar. If the page does not appear to be a secured connection, do not enter your information. 2. Never Enter Information In A Popup This can be confusing, given that many sites use what are called “modal windows” for prompting users. For instance, you may come across sites that activate a modal window asking you to log in. These are not popups. Why? because they are a…

Hillary Clinton’s Email Mistake And What You Can Do To Avoid It

Posted by Jason Ephraim on October 30, 2015

The chances are good that if you have even the slightest interest in the 2016 United States Presidential race, you are familiar with the controversy surrounding Senator Hillary Clinton and her alleged use of personal email accounts on a private server to conduct government business. For months now, a flurry of accusations, testimony, and new information continues to hover over Senator Clinton’s campaign as she campaigns across the nation in the hopes of securing the Democratic nomination, and eventually, the presidency. Even if it turns out that not all the accusations laid against her are, in fact, true; it cannot be denied that it has greatly hindered her campaign, and Senator Clinton’s chances at reaching the white house.   It’s not just Hillary Clinton’s problem Hillary Clinton’s email woes make for big headlines, but it’s amazing how many people make the same mistake of using personal email accounts for things like saving contacts, or rely on our business email account for things like shopping on Amazon. Even if you aren’t a high-level government official, using a business email account for personal reasons, or using a personal one for business is something that can result in:   Termination Identity Theft Increase in Spam Email Confusion Embarrassment Even prosecution!   If for no other reason, it’s important to keep things separate because situations change. After all, the chances are good that you will change jobs in the next five years. When you lose access to your business email account during a job…

Mailbird takes your privacy very seriously

Posted by Christin on March 19, 2015

UPDATED: All points mentioned below have been addressed and every user is given the option to opt out of Mailbird’s usage reporting. Mailbird also no longer sends name and email address to the License Management System.   Please note, that any data collected by us has never and never will be used for any commercial purpose, outside of using it to improve Mailbird.   With the rising security and privacy concerns worldwide we thought it would be a good idea for us to share with our users what are we doing about it at Mailbird. We have summarised everything in the form of FAQs which will help you understand how and why things work the way it is.   1. Is my data being encrypted? The data sent from Mailbird to our license server and vice versa is done over a secure HTTPS connection. ‘HTTPS’ is one of the most secure communication channel widely used over the internet by various organizations specially finanical institutions like banks. If you have ever seen a website address like this it is using a secure https connection. This is done to protect your data from eavesdropping or snooping from unauthorized entities.     2. Can the Mailbird team read my mails? We guarantee you that Mailbird can not ever read any of your emails, nor see your attachments, account passwords or anything else. Mailbird works as a local client on your computer, and all sensitive data, such as emails, folders, contacts, attachments, account details etc. is…