New Custom Background Image Feature

Posted by Jason Ephraim on January 30, 2017

Customization: The Way of the Future The future of consumer products is customization. From smartphones to apps to email clients, the possibility to customize products to function exactly how you want them is a trend that has taken off and is here to stay. Why? It’s no secret that customization options increase a sense of ownership and in turn makes users feel loyal to the product. It also increases the value of your product to the individual user who needs to hit specific objectives. It’s easy to see why customization is ranked just as high as design, functionality and ease-of-use. Mailbird recognizes the need for personalization — and we’ve delivered. You asked for more customization and we’ve enabled users with the possibility to personalize their personal email interface. Use Any Image as Your Mailbird Email Client’s Background Image We are excited to announce Mailbird now lets you upload any image on your computer as a background image. We have released this feature for all versions of Mailbird in our latest update.   To use your own background image in Mailbird: 1. Open the Mailbird email client 2. Click on the menu, and select options 3. Select the appearance tab from the options menu 4. In the Background section, click the first box with the “+” symbol (see image)   5. You will then be presented with an explorer window with which to designate the image file you would like to use as your background image. 6. Find the image on your computer, select…