Why is Mailbird the best alternative to Outlook in 2018?

Posted by Christin on January 15, 2018

Change is good, even for your Email. Many users are trying to avoid finding an alternative to Outlook because they remember the long and complicated path to actually mastering the App with all of its features. And even then, the majority of people use Outlook to “only” manage their Emails and maybe their tasks or calendar and ignore all the rather “complicated” features and functionalities. Well, we have good news for you. There is light at the end of the tunnel with a new era of the modern email client, that is Mailbird. With Mailbird, you experience a clean, sharp interaction with managing your online communication. It’s super easy to use. We promise that you will master the application within 5 minutes. Mailbird enables users of any age, as well as non-tech savvy people to learn how to use it fast, and to do so with ease and enjoyment. Mailbird is the best alternative to Outlook and an all-around great email experience. “I’ve purchased Mailbird for my old mother as well, as it’s easy to use. She’s not in anyway computer savvy, but last weekend I actually got an email from her – the first ever, imagine my (very pleasant) surprise! 🙂 For me Mailbird is a keeper – easy to use and most importantly easy to configure!! My 80 year old mom is a testament to that.” Lars – May 12, 2015 We will be looking at the following areas and to see if Mailbird is the best alternative to Outlook for you too: Layout and…